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SHINee MuBank #1 photo revealed, “Please show us your face, Onew!”

SHINee Onew reveals the commemorative Music Bank #1 photos proposed by himself.

A set of 5 photos were posted on SHINee’s official homepage on 30th July after they won their first #1 with their comeback title song ‘Lucifer’ on KBS Music Bank on 30th July, just 1 week into their comeback.

In the photo, the boys were seen posing backstage to the music show with their trophy. And Onew was seen crying in MinHo’s arms in 1 of the photos. One of the staff wrote on the homepage, “Onew cried too much he could not take the photos.”

Fans commented, “On-leader don’t cry! SHINee daebak!”, “I want to see Onew’s face, this is such a waste”, “Congratulations on the #1. Don’t cry and hwaiting!” etc.


14 Responses

  1. onew is so cute! haha SHINee hwaiting! they deserve it ! SHINee fighitng. dont cry leader onew! wooo cheers!

  2. i thought taemin was a girl while scrolling down LOL

  3. No wattefall from jong??

  4. awwwwwwww, Well done SHINee!

  5. Love Shinee πŸ˜€ Love LUCIFER!

  6. i can feel that jonghyun keep holding his tears the moment they were announced as winner.
    minho cant hide his feeling anymore.
    onew covered well during the encore but unable to hold the tears at their waiting room.

    this is what shinee has that rarely found on others. they work really hard and sincerely thankful for the love from us.

    SHINEE daebak!!!!!

  7. Minho is totally feeling it LOL

  8. they deserve it! hahah im just surprised jonghyun didn’t burst into a waterfall again =P

  9. Taemin looks totally like a girl here.

  10. Oh~ Onew is so emotional when it comes to SHINee! tears of happiness from a true leader! love him!
    Congratulation to SHINee! they totally deserved it! Lucifer is an amazing song!
    SHINee Hwaiting!!

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