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WGM Khuntoria couple enjoys some sweet skinship on their newly wed vacation

Nich Khun and Victoria enjoy some skinship and show the features of a happy newly wed couple.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 31st July, Nich Khun and Victoria went on their newly wed vacation together. And with the recommendation of the pension owner, the 2 tried pottery.

In the studio while Victoria was looking around, Nich Khun had called out her name by mistake by calling her Krystal and Victoria had seem obviously hurt by that. The 2 then decided to make couple cup with their faces on it. In the midst, Nich Khun works hard on cheering his wife up for calling her a wrong name.

The 2 then began to work on making heart shape cups. Throughout the episode, Nich Khun has shown mannered features despite little hiccups along the way, and the couple also enjoyed some sweet skinship.

S: Asiae

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 2OneDay Philippines, mai. mai said: K Bites: WGM Khuntoria couple enjoys some sweet skinship on their newly wed vacation http://bit.ly/cSawos […]

  2. khun, waiiii? -.- made vic umma think you’re after her youngest daughter …

  3. LOLOL.

    For a second when I saw POTTERY, I thought they were going to edit it and make it look like that pottery scene from the GHOST movie…..the one with demi moore. Lol!

    • Oh gosh, never have thought of this. I know that scene and yeah…don’t you think it’s a little…inappropriate? =)) anyways, love your comment.

  4. WTF ? Why is there a sims 2 music on the last part at 1:00 ?mouahahaha

  5. I love the camping scene. Nickhun and Victoria seem to go well together

  6. omg, I LOVE this show. I LOVE VIctoria! She’s so perfect for NIckhun on WGM ^.^ She’s not a shy girl pretending to be cute. Vic is just being herself :]

  7. lol right after he said Krys twice.. he put his hands together thinking “crap, i effed up ><" don't worry nichkhun, hwaiting!

  8. omg he forgot her name?

    so weird. It just goes to show victoria is never in his mind and her name did not retain at all in his memory.

  9. so in love with this couple from the very first before airing,,,i mean when it announced

    skinshipp everywhere need more air time please!!!,,,so sad when they just cut after the tickling part,,,,,,huukkks

  10. Just get laid already

  11. wow I love how they were like a real couple inside the tent.

  12. I want english subs T_T

  13. I love you victoriaaa! ❤

    Masan, how could he call her Krystal! T^T

  14. khun is really cute and vic’s good at everything kekeke

  15. Just finished watching 😀 Victoria looks like she has prepared a lot for his birthday.

    can’t wait for the next epi.

  16. LOL how can he call her Krystal? xD

  17. awww Victoria’s sooo cute. I love her personality, she’s not scared of showing her dorky side to Khun. She’s really confident to make faces when most girls would possibly act all cute and shy when they’re around Khun.
    KhunToria all the way!!!

  18. Khun said something along the lines

    “It’s like I am a different person when I am with her. It seems I have changed after meeting Victoria. I don’t know why…People always put me on a pedestal and say I do everthing well, but once I met Victoria, everything I do is bad. Also, everyone always pays attention to me, but when it comes to Victoria, she ignores me sometimes” cr:Winnie thread

    • I think what he meant was more like.. people expect him to be good/perfect in everything including with the ladies.. But when he’s with Victoria everything just turn upside down (for me that one is just sweet.. It’s like a lyric of a song ‘you turn my life upside down’.. It’s kind of like you’re the biggest impact of my life) I think I’m too deep in this hahaha..

      Watching them in WGM makes me smile and envious.. How can they be so errrm adorable together..

  19. omona Victoria is so cute! Don’t be shy.. you’re killing me with your innocent laughing sound.

  20. Khuntoria is super cute and I’m falling in love with them already. can’t wait for Eng sub.

  21. the cutest part or most realistic part was the ending where Victoria is speaking with Nich khuns sister..in english..I was impressed..her english is pretty good.
    I find them cute together. They seem very natural and comfortable as a couple.

  22. They’re the cutest couple ever, they seems to be very confident around each other…

  23. i cant help but smile watching this couple 🙂

  24. OMG they are so cute together >w<
    Vic & khun <333

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