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BoA for comeback stage on KBS Music Bank after 5 years on 6th August!

BoA will have her singer comeback in Korea after 5 years on 6th August on KBS Music Bank.

Ahead of that, BoA will be releasing her comeback 6th album on 5th August. And on the 2nd, she will be revealing the title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ at 10am on various music sites like Melon, Bugs, Soribada, Dosirak.

The title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ talks about the image of woman in strong love like that of a hurricane, and it features some impressive chorus, powerful sounds and sexy grooves and beats.

BoA has especially gave the song the title of ‘Hurricane Venus’ personally. Will this signal BoA’s hurricane-like comeback to the Kpop scene?

There has been much interests for this long awaited comeback, but at the same time, many have their eyes on the upcoming showdown between BoA and Se7en’s comeback after 3 years with the title song ‘Better Together’.

S: Newsen


10 Responses

  1. This should be the right time for BoA’s return. Enough of the girl groups and boy bands! I WANT BOA!!!!!

  2. Too many idol groups nowadays.its time for solo singers to shine and show them idols what true singers are.BoA hwaiting!

  3. I hope the song is good

    a lot of the solo singers are having a harder time with their comebacks.

    so i hope its good.

  4. hmm im not feeling the song or the MV teaser.. i’ll just have to wait till they release the full verison then i’ll judge….

  5. idk why but im not really that excited over Boa’s comeback something is not catching my eye

    • i agree. but that’s pretty much how i feel for all the comebacks this year. even those from artists i was really looking forward to.

  6. in this year I really did not like any of the title songs that were released by SME idol groups so now Boa is my last hope

    • I loved all of them so I’m expecting a great one from BoA too ! 🙂

    • Me too. SNSD and Suju were disappointing (I wanted morel like “Tell me your wish” from SNSD, and Suju’s didn’t have any evolving from “Sorry Sorry”). The Shinee one, I don’t HATE it, but I don’t love it either. The song’s mediocre, but cuz of Jonghyun’s vocals, I might like it more. And f(x)… yeah, didn’t think much of it. But I look forward to Boa’s comeback a lot! The teaser clip sounded good (but that always seems to be the case, then often, the song can be disapointing) and she’s such a good dancer & singer, so I can at least look forward to her performance!

    • Not just SM, I felt the same with YG. Se7en, Taeyang and Top’s single were all underwhelming for me compare to their past works. Also add Rain, Dambi and Hyori to the list.

      I hope BB, Boa and 2ne1 will bring something awesome.

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