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miss A up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 4th consecutive week

Newcomer girlgroup miss A comes up strong on music charts.

The group’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 on music site Monkey3 weekly chart for the 5th week of July. This is the song’s 4th consecutive week up #1 on the chart.

At #2 is SHINee with their comeback song ‘Lucifer’ and #3 ‘Eat Well’ by 2AM ChangMin and 8eight Lee Hyun.Monday Kiz and V.O.S collaboration ‘Going Crazy’ climbed up 16 rankings to be at #4 on the chart this week.

While 4Minute’s theme song for SuperStar K2 ‘Super Star’ and ChaeYeon’s new song ‘Look Look Look’ is up #6 and #9 on the chart respectively. And Son DamBi’s song ‘queen’ had fallen 5 rankings to be at #7 on the chart.

There are also a few OST songs up on the chart this week – Road Number 1 OST song ‘Because I’m A Woman’ by IU is up #5 and ‘Kim TakGoo’ OST song ‘That Person’ by Lee SeungChul is up #8 on the chart.

Some upcoming strong contenders on the chart this week includes the song ‘I’m that kind of person’ by DJ DOC which entered the chart strong at #10 and BoA with ‘Game’ which entered the chart at #13.


27 Responses

  1. SHINee should be #1!!!!! they worked so hard and they’re whole album is AMAZING. Miss A is okay, but I feel like they are feeding off of JYPE’s publicity, and not really selling because of their talents. Like having veteran groups like 2AM and 2PM promote them through their twitters and such, it puts them in an advantage.

    • Bleh like Shinee never feeding off of DBSK’s popularity during their early debut

  2. congrats Miss A ^_^

  3. it’s because they’re talented, they can sing and dance well at the same time. kpop standard is so low right now. so koreans are amazed by a group who can sing and dance at the same time.. btw the song is addictive u gotta agree

    • That, plus the fact that they’re from JYPE. I think BGGG is a cool song but I think a group like Secret is better than them. Unpopular opinion, iknow lol.

      • i think Secret is better than them too. i mean, Secret might not be able to pull off an intense choreography like MissA can, but i think Secret is more balanced in terms of dancing and singing while MissA leans more towards dancing.

        but both of them are great groups tho.

      • Agree. JYP itself is a guarantee to spotlight. XP
        Miss A isn’t a trial like WG being the first girl group produced by JYP. After WG’s success, things will be a lot easier for girl groups under JYPE.

        I agree that Secret is a better singer. They were very stable vocally and their songs are harder to sing in my opinion. BGGG is easy to sing, the notes are low. But MIss A is the only rookie group that caught my attention this year. They’re good. ^^

    • agree.

    • I disagree.

  4. I don’t get why Miss A got so popular there was nothing eyecatching for me about their song or performances…is it because their from JYPE?? Maybe if you have a big company backing you anything is possible

  5. I don’t get why this song is popular, it doesn’t have that IT factor. I mean, nobody, gee, sorry sorry, fire, heartbreaker, genie, wedding dress are all memorable songs but this song, concept and basically everything seems such a lackluster to me.

    • This song is mediocre at best but I do understand why it’s number one because BGGG is much better song than all the songs that being release.

      • wow…way to put down Shinee, Son Dam Bi, Se7en, Taeyang, Narsh, BoA….and every other artist currently promoting in Korea. You basically surggested that all these artist are releasing songs which are less than mediocres.

        Just like sometimes, slow pased songs are no.1 In the weat, why is it such a shock when a not soo cheesy pop song is no.1 in Korea. BGGG also has really strong meaniong behind the lyrics which could explain it’s popularity. It’s also subtly catchy.

      • Basically yeah, all the songs this year do suck. Seeing how Oh and BGGG are the top runners for the song of the year pretty much say it all.

  6. I honestly think they have better songs. well, next week princess BOA will be Number 1.

  7. DJ DOC >>>>>>>>> BoA

  8. omo SHINee should be #1 TT_____TT
    Lucifer is an awesome song.

    Shinee Fighting !!!!

  9. what they wore looked like their second skins……..might as well just strip down and be naked…ugly

    • a lot of idols wear clothes like that o_o;
      lol it’s also kind of the point of the song…

  10. I really like Miss A and I think all the members are talented, but this song is seriously nothing impressive. Apart from the live stages, I’ve barely played it 4-5 times. Break it is way better.

    • Just preferences

    • Different strokes for different folks i guess. Me on the other hand, i haven’t stopped having this song on replay since i first saw their comeback stage. I can honestly listen to it 10 times in a row without getting bored and it’s already in the top 10 of my itunes. I can’t believe how hard i’ve fallen for BGGG.

      Glad Korea likes them too.

    • True, I like this, yet it’s not my go-to choice of song.

      Although I am such an avid SM & YG Entertainment fan, I give props to these girls when they are on their knees/on the floor that quickly because thats GOTTA hurt without the bandages if they ever try that without any padding on their knees ….

  11. Wow! I’m so happy for them 🙂

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  13. GOO MISS A

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