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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Secret reveals jacket album for upcoming 2nd minialbum featuring Han SunHwa

Secret releases an album jacket photo ahead of their 2nd minialbum release set for 12th August.

The photo revealed on 2nd August features member Han SunHwa and adopts the white concept with smokey makeup, showing off SunHwa’s feminine side.

TS Entertainment said, “Secret will be releasing their minialbum on 12th August and currently they are in their last stage of preparation. They will be back with new music and style.”


22 Responses

  1. […] the teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa, Song JiEun and Zinger were […]

  2. […] the teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa, Song JiEun and Zinger were […]

  3. so is that a korean male model in pic?

  4. […] teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa and Song JiEun were also revealed. The girls are set for their new minialbum release on 12th […]

  5. @blasphemy
    there is a kpop wiki but it does not say much

  6. […] member Han SeonHwa‘s album jacket photo was also revealed on 2nd […]

  7. […] member Han SeonHwa‘s album jacket photo was also revealed on 2nd […]

  8. I like this concept already lol.

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  10. They’re coming back already. I didnt really like magic. But wow she looks fierce o.o

  11. I want her shoes. SO bad.
    She’s so pretty. (:

  12. Wow!!! She Looks So pretty. I can’t wait for it

  13. Daaaaamn. She’s hella hot.
    Can’t wait for their comeback.

  14. ooh nice…love the hair

  15. hot damn

  16. sexual appearance doesnt always sell :p
    i hope they wont have an annoying song like “Magic”

    • GASP

      Magic was an awesome song, which not only showcased their vocals but also used no digital sounds (like, you coud actualy hear the insturments in the background rather than just sound) whilst still being catchy. I really loved Magic.

      Anyways, she looks gorgeous, sexy but not trashy. I really can’t wait for Secret to comeback (i wasn’t expecting it soo soon).

    • this is sexual to you? there’s hardly any skin and she’s not even in a provocative pose. lol. and MAGIC was an awesome song. it was jazzy and retro-ish and very enjoyable. and it was different than what anyone else was doing at the moment.

      secret is an awesome group. they’re humble and cool. s’okay if you don’t like em tho. i’m just saying that i do.

    • You’re only annoyed about the “mazic mazic mazic” part, but that was just Magic + Music. Btw, check one of the first perfs, Han Seonhwa pronounced Magic excellently.

      And sexy? Secret can totally go for it. It suits them better honestly. Particularly their main vocalist, she’s even more stunning with smoky makeup. Sheesh.


    • haha funny how about snsd who never wore pants in any of their song except run devil run w/c was only this year. they been wearing very short skirt ever since they debuted

  17. ooooooooh i like secret i can’t wait^^

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