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Teen Top #1 searched singer on portal sites over the weekend, why?

Popularity in the rising, idol rookie Teen Top was #1 searched people on online portal sites over the last weekend.

On local portal site Nate on 31st July, Teen Top was #1 searched singer and following that, they were also #1 searched local singer and people.

Not even 1 month into their debut, Teen Top would go up to portal site search charts whenever they had live performances on the weekly music shows on weekends, and search keywords like ‘Teen Top’ and ‘Clap’ together with the members’ names are top searched keywords.

This is especially during the times where other top stars like Se7en and SHINee are having their comeback, and Teen Top still managed to garner so much interests from netizens.

Teen Top’s agency T.O.P Media commented, “Not only are they #1 on search, fans sign up on their twitter and fanclubs are also in thousands, proving the great amount of interests the group is receiving.”



37 Responses

  1. com’on ~ definitely haters ard. As for me i’ll give them support. They’re the youngest k-grp now who really have abilities. while almost everyday have new singers debuting.. i just listen to all kpop songs, Not gonna waste time on fan thingy.

  2. Haters like those comments that were posted before mines should just go and read SHINee’s “amazing achievements” articles instead. Seriously, why are you haters even here when all you leave are negative comments? ANYWAYS, MOVING ON , I’m glad Teen Top are getting well known and recognize! They’re all talented but Clap doesn’t let all the boys show their talents, so I’ll be waiting to listen to their next single! ❤ TEEN TOP HWAITING ❤

  3. whoaaaaaaa… O________O

    new fan here…. omg… they
    are so handsome…

    how come i havent noticed before O__O whaaaa

  4. LMFAO @ the Haters..

    apperently you seem interested in them if you take the time to read an article about them..you guys need to get a life and go be mindless idiots about your own idols instead of “trying” to bash others. Okay? If you say they suck then why are they #1 on most searched and why are they gaining more popularity? I think you should find something valuble to do with your life instead of trying to look all hard online, mkay? So please if you want to try and bash these boys, go ahead but all you’re gonna get is have people laugh at your immature and rude comments. Please grow up haters<3 But then again remember Haters make you famous<3

  5. Are they in primary schools? Gosh, the idols are getting younger and younger!

  6. Teen Top may be rookies now but with more exposure i’m sure they will slowly propel to the top..It might sound crazy to put them in a high pedestal by comparing them to other successful k-pop groups now..But i think 1 day,they will have the experience and maturity to be as good as other k-pop groups..teen top will have a long journey and tough road ahead of them..But,i’m sure they will succeed in overcoming the obstacles.. the guys have my full support.. 🙂

  7. Hmm..WHo?

    I don’t think their song “Clap” is that great, but that’s okay since it’s their debut songs and usually debuts songs aren’t that great.
    They themselves, maybe in a few years of experience they may turn out to be great but right now I don’t see anything special about them.
    I don’t think they are the competition to Shinee because Shinee has way more experience than them

  8. their leader is hot. ;)) i think they have potential.

  9. Theyre cool..
    But only 2 sing..and one raps.
    Other 3 juss dance.

  10. I just knew this group for this news..
    I think they’re just okay..

  11. o.k. good luck to them. I don’t find anything special on them but at least Knetizens are interested on their group.

  12. I’m reading this article to know the reason why they’re top searced singer on portal sites over the weekend.. and the only answer from the agency is ‘alot of people taking interest in them’ it makes me wonder how the hell do they know? hahaha.. i thought some big drama/event was happening to them..

  13. i would rather singing ‘love love love everybody CLAP CLAP CLAP’
    than clap clap clap clap clap
    -_____- i dont get whats the meaning of their song. just weird. (__.__!)”

    duh Kpop have SO many gb/bb debuting, but just SOME of them are really great. =.=

  14. LMAO
    seems like there are more negative comments such as; too young, haven’t hit puperty,one person sing everything, rediculous lyrics, ect….

    So basicly, they are #1 on the charts because they suck?

  15. I found this to be a surprise; I’m not a fan of “Teen Top” and their Clap song wasn’t very catchy to me.. but good luck to them.

  16. uhhh..? big deal

  17. I think they’re great. 🙂

  18. I know they are called teen top but they all looked like they haven’t gone through puberty yet

  19. personally I think it’s great that they’re getting more and more recognized. the boy who sings practically the whole song has a good voice and his live is good as well (:
    sheesh all the haters spamming -_-
    they’re rookies calm down

    • ahahha agree; i mean i think thee song is pretty good. and thee performance is pretty hot too. although im not a big fan of em yet and all over thee dudes. i think they’re young and have a big future ahead of them (: but somewhat its just weird to see that about half of thee other members didnt get to sing . so yups (: and i think the rapping wasnt that strong. it was quiet and yeah, it wouldve been better if he sang it louder, gives him thee charisma somewhat. but im not a hater nor a biggie fan. but im just saying (: so dont hate.

  20. I think they are pretty good as a rookie, more so for being a young group.
    Future rival for Shinee?!

  21. …only two of them sings and one of them raps out of six or seven people in one song. maybe that’s what they’re so interested in. they’re wondering what the other members do the whole entire time.

    • nah.. netizens are wondering their lyrics.. wtf is mad man mad man? clap clap clap? crazy crazy crazy? -__-

  22. i was thinking more of big bangs TOP getting mixed up with Teen TOP. well if ppl are interested then thats great for these kids, they are so young, I would be heartbroken for them if they were an instant flop. im not interested in this group or their music but good luck to them in this idol eat idol world

  23. searching is free Teen Top need is all the people search there name is to buy there music they need it.

  24. i don’t get it. why are people interested in them? it must be old ladies who are happy about fresh meat again.

  25. OK?…….—______________—

  26. Man~ haters up in here! They’re okay. Very young tho.

    “Crap”man haha

  27. SHINee ???? who????

  28. uh huh……

  29. -_____________________-

    • you guys are seriosuly funny as hell
      take this =..= and THIS ~.~

      glad to hear that Teen Top is much well received by the people : )

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