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Upcoming ‘model-dol’ girlgroup Nine Muse for debut album release on 12th August

Another team joins the inflood of girlgroups in the Kpop scene.

After the phenomenon of the inflood of girlgroups we witnessed last year in Kpop in 2009, which continued into this year, yet another group will join the phenomenon.

After the comeback of girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, WonderGirls, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA and f(x) together with the debut of new girlgroups like miss A, SISTAR, Girl’s Day, a 9-member group Nine Muse will debut on 12th August.

Known as ‘model-dols’, the group has garnered interests even before their debut after it was known that the members come from modelling background.



29 Responses

  1. they from model background eh.. i bet they scream to each other when they fight.. also they may like to pull each other hair when they fight..

    • I think they should go back to the modelling industry. It suits them more. Lol

  2. I have to say that they copy everything from SNSD (and I’m not a Sone but a WonSoKa’s fan in fact). Just look at the number of members and the style of the members: Start from the right: No.1 and no.2 looks exactly like Hyo Yeon and Jessica, the short hair gal in purple T-shirt looks like Soo Young. And the no.9 girl in yellow T-shirt is a copy 100% of Sunny. Okay, don’t ask me to listen to their song or watch their talent because I’m a big anti of them now !

  3. Just like mushrooms popping out after the rain…

    • lol MTE.

      I’m kinda sick of these actually.
      This is like a product cycle. One type of products making it big in the market, more companies will try their luck by releasing similar ones. The more competition, the more failure to come and maybe after 5 years from now those idol groups that didn’t make it will extinct.

      Girl group was a failure after SES+FINKL and before WonSoKa. See how barely any any girl groups debuting around 2004- early 2007. Poor CSJH n BEG were overshadowed by boybands but after 2007 n the success of WG+SNSD. All companies went crazy debuting girl groups here n there. Oh, well…

  4. lol!!! they dnt even look like snsd…

  5. T-ara will be 9
    After School will be 9
    and then a new nine-member girl group…

    they all want to copy snsd,

    because snsd is the best ! 😛

  6. They might be pretty, but can they really SING?

    • Yes, they can SING:

      • uh, why do their clothes style seem so similar to Soshi?!
        and , i think they’re style seems pretty Soshi-ish too.

      • Their dancing is a bit stiff, don’t you think?
        Compared to SNSD and 2NE1, they still have a long road ahead of them.

  7. Hand over your crown SNSD.

    • They will once your so called precious group’s accomplishments surpasses SNSD.
      Try to pass the other 2315146464 girl groups first before you even think about going up against the big “boys” of the girl groups such as ….SNSD. 2ne1, WG, Kara, ect lol.

  8. Here’s Nine Muses. I personally think that their dancing is a bit stiff compared to other groups like SNSD, Miss A, f(x), 2NE1, etc.
    And wtf, their company only choose those specific girls because their models. :|| What ever happened to talent?

  9. lol are they looking to get scolded by Sones just for having 9 members in the group. of course SNSD doesn’t own that number but you know its coming hahahah don’t bash me just my thought

  10. SNSD wannabe. Is that yoona in the center. pfft..

  11. When will some people realize, that it’s already too many girl groups? This is probably just the beginning…

    • Probably never.

      Although in this myriad of girl groups, unfortunately a select few are pretty talented and would succeed had they joined one of the top 3 entertainment companies, mnet, cube (although I consider this with JYP), pledis, etc. but…… they didn’t and face excessive criticism right from the start…. whatever. Their fault for not becoming a trainee in the correct companies.

      • Sorry to correct you but the top 3 entertainment companies are SM(the biggest), JYP, and YG. Everyone else like Pledis, Cube, Mnet, Core Content, DSP, ect. are at the middle or at the low end of the spectrum,

  12. hi new girl group.

    *waits 5 seconds*


  13. my ONLY thought was
    “DAMN. again?!??? can they SING?? no interest in them.”

  14. oh god another one xD
    please stop! There’s too many!

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by João Alberto and mai, aboutkpop. aboutkpop said: Upcoming ‘model-dol’ girlgroup Nine Music for debut album release on 12th August: Another team joins the inflood o… http://bit.ly/9EgoxM […]

  16. I thought it was a pic of SNSD when I first saw it.

    • lol me too. well anyways I honestly think this group will be just another girl group coming and going just like the rest of the others. Its hard to make it now and days especially for girl groups so if they dont wanna fail they better seriously bring it for real

    • Totally.

      Besides the fact that none of these members have their hair dyed brown or orange or red or whatnot, they look like SNSD >#<;;;;;;;;;

      And the fact that they just… look younger.
      LOL As SNSD makes a point of their actual age these days hehe 🙂

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