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Upcoming new girlgroup Chocolate signs up with fashion brand Nuzzon before debut!

Rookie 5-member girlgroup Chocolate signs up with fashion town Nuzzon before their debut.

Even though they have yet to debut, Chocolate has been selected by Nuzzon for the upcoming marketing and promotional activities for the fashion brand.

Chocolate consists of members from Korea, China and the States and is said to be a global girlgroup. Their agency H Line Entertainment revealed that the group is set for debut in mid August.

A staff from Nuzzon revealed, “Chocolate has the bright and cute image, which matches that of Nuzzon. As the new faces of fashion town Nuzzon, the girls will also be performing in the performing theatre in front of the fashion town and fans will be able to see them more upclose and personal. ”



32 Responses

  1. What’s with her neck? O.o

  2. Excellent post. Love the women 🙂

  3. lol the girl in the star dress looks like Victoria from f(x), and the tall girl next to her in the very right looks weird…
    Definitely does NOT fit the description of “CUTE”.

  4. It’s really hard for me to keep on updating Kpop news nowadays because there’re just so much things going on =)). Old groups come back with mini albums, singles, and new groups are constantly presented. There will be one day where it’s impossible for me to cover all of Kpop info, but I’ll be happy enough just to stick with the artists I like.

  5. WHY aren’t you guys happy? More groups mean more music and Kpop will Expand. That’s a good thing. At least wait and see what kinda talent they have T_T

    • That’s the problem. Most of these new groups probably have little to no talent. Nine Muses? Full of girls who were picked because they were MODELS. Chocolate? … I don’t even know. Korean talent agencies have discovered that they can cash in on girl groups and they’re doing everything they can to get themselves one. But please… for the life of kpop, STOP ALREADY. I think there’s been at least ten debuts just this year of idol groups. -____- It’s too much.

      • i totally agree!!
        and wtf? chocolate? they could have at least chosen a more inventive band name..

    i swear! MISS A will be the last rookie group that i’ll be supporting! the rest? oh well, i’ll still watch them but just for the sake of curiousity..

  7. Sounds like another batch of wannabes.

  8. Nevermind about a new group but what’s up with the so-called ‘global’ trend? So what if the members are from all over the world? That isn’t what I consider value adding

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  10. if the skirt of the girl second from the left get any skimpy, she can forget about wearing any bottoms.

    All i can do now is…just to sit and see what they will have for us. Honestly, it’s getting out of hand now.

  12. sigh*

  13. No more please! Cant they just wait until other idols start to break up or something???!!! Lol.

  14. So many “global” groups debuting lately. Guess it’s the new it thing to do.

    • probably yes. coz seems like korean agencies sees other oppurtunities outside in korea and expand, plus ‘they know lots of people are hooked into kpop overseas these days, next cast a girl/boy from abroad so another plus.’
      man! they dont know some other fans are tired and sick of these bunch of talentless groups.
      even fanwars of old and new groups are just Insanely sick of whose who is “the best”.

  15. Enough!
    Too many debuts already this year.

  16. Lol, One after another. Seriouly, all this debuts make the idols seems cheap.

  17. i dont mind the influx of groups. i just hope these people went to school and have a backup plan should one fail to achieve stardom

  18. too many girl groups… ehh

  19. another one.

  20. Bye

  21. Too many girl groups.

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  23. :\



      fml fmlmflmflmflfmlmfmlfmlfmflmflmfmlfmlfml
      if these girls aren’t solid sopranos or altos, things will start flying once I’m in Korea. =_____________=

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