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2nd album jacket photo to Secret’s comeback featuring Song JiEun!

Set for comeback on 12th August, the 2nd album jacket photo for group Secret featuring member Song JiEun has been revealed on 3rd August.

Earlier, member Han SeonHwa‘s album jacket photo was also revealed on 2nd August.

The group’s 2nd minialbum is set for release on 12th August.



27 Responses

  1. seems like Go Ara

  2. […] the teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa, Song JiEun and Zinger were […]

  3. […] the teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa, Song JiEun and Zinger were […]

  4. […] the teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa, Song JiEun and Zinger were […]

  5. […] teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa and Song JiEun were also revealed. The girls are set for their new minialbum release on 12th […]

  6. can’t wait for their comeback.

  7. wow their teaser photos are good! ^^

    and i just LOVE their hair. love the stylist.

  8. she looks amazing I cant wait for their comeback

  9. i bet that guy is totally nervous. hes all “hurry before i get ‘too exciting’ ”

    shes totally attractive btw.

  10. Secret<333333 I for one can't wait for their comeback. I can totally see them taking over kpop while other groups are battling it out in Japan. Smart move by the company in keeping Secret in Korea. And both girls look gorgeous. I like how simple yet elegant their concept is going.

  11. I hope they’ll get more spotlight. These girls are talented n their songs are nice. I still can’t get over how beautiful the 2nd track in their first single. ^^

  12. I love Secret’s music so I hope this new concept will get them the attention that they deserve. They are quite talented but highly underrated.

  13. wow maybe we’ll see Secret rise with their popularity while the other groups are in japan.

  14. @ anon, well, her teeth do x) but I think she looks more like lee hyori here

    NO, what am I kidding, she looks like herself! Silly me!

  15. so pretty!!
    im looking forward to their comeback.

  16. @guest. in no way does she look like goo hara.

  17. she kinda reminds me of goo hara in this picture…

  18. i’m loving their photos!

    they are so beautiful!

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