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Se7en and SHINee’s new songs deemed inappropriate for broadcast by MBC, why?

Singers Se7en and SHINee’s new songs have been deemed as inappropriate for broadcast by MBC.

MBC evaluation department has announced that Se7en ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’ and SHINee ‘Love Still Goes On’ are inappropriate for broadcast.

The reason for doing so is because in Se7en’s ‘Money Can’t Buy Me Love’, brand names like ‘Prada’, ‘Guess’ and ‘Gucci’ were mentioned. Same goes for SHINee ‘Love Goes On’ where ‘Facebook’ was mentioned in the song. The evaluation department consider this as indirect marketing for the brands.

It is known that the 2 singers will be editing the songs and resubmitting it for reevaluation by MBC.

Similar case happened for Big Bang TOP ‘Turn It Up’ where the brand names ‘Louis Vuitton’ and ‘Dolce’ were mentioned in the song.


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  2. […] Se7en and SHINee’s new songs deemed inappropriate for broadcast by MBC, why? (via K Bites) 08/03/2010 dyehlah Leave a comment Go to comments Singers Se7en and SHINee's new songs have been deemed as inappropriate for broadcast by MBC. MBC evaluation department has announced that Se7en 'Money Can't Buy Me Love' and SHINee 'Love Still Goes On' are inappropriate for broadcast. The reason for doing so is because in Se7en's 'Money Can't Buy Me Love', brand names like 'Prada', 'Guess' and 'Gucci' were mentioned. Same goes for SHINee 'Love Goes On' where 'Facebook' was mentioned in the song. … Read More […]


  4. complete BS!!!

  5. Totally ridiculous~~

  6. Why does it matter if it’s basically advertising Facebook? It’s not like Facebook is gaining anything from it since it’s free already and so many people have it. Also, I didn’t realise until this was pointed out…

    If anything, they should have banned Se7en’s Better Together video (though I’m super glad they didn’t, I’m just saying for an example). Because it’s kinda advertising the Beats By Dr. Dre headphones. And it works, because when I saw them in the shops I really wanted them. Though they’re so expensive. >.>

    • They can advertise Dr. Dre since YG has connections with interscope(they gave it to YG artists as a gift), and they did work with Dr. Dre before.

  7. You cant be serious, i never thought reasons for banning songs off channels could get any more stupid . Whats next ? “This song was removed because the lyrics are too long” ==’

  8. facebook??? no one told me… now I want to go listen..

  9. Wasn’t really surprised about this. I think at this point, everybody is already aware of how broadcasting stations there would ban songs from time to time.

    But they’re still be able to perform the songs that they actually promote at the moment, right?

  10. this is ridiculous

  11. Beep it out it’s not like they said those brand all through out the song. Even curse word can be beep out artist don’t need to go all these shit of re editing because of that lame thing. It’s just lyrics in the song the scenario. It’s not advertising geez

    • have you ever watch those videos where they “beep” out random words?

      theyre so funny. they censor perfectly normal words to make it sound as if the phrase is vulgar. like idk.. i guess my own random example would be

      “pokemon, gotta *beep them all”

  12. lame shit haha

  13. Wow it’s so so so so ridiculous..

  14. bullshit.

  15. oh wow, FOR REAL??!!! ughh, they take these things too seriously

  16. Hmm agree with @alife all the way. But I also don’t get how Korean broadcasting channels pay more attention to these stuff compared to the increasingly shortening fabrics girl groups (not being biased here) wear on shows?

    • i dont have a problem with the attire (:

      at least for the most part. for underage girls, it can be disturbing but im sure because they’re underage, management must consult their parents before making them wear any sort of explicit clothing. then again, explicit is subjective for different societies so idk

  17. I haven’t hear SHINee song’s Loves Goes On, cause I am dissapointed with Lucifer…tsk…
    but it is good if SHINee make a facebook account…LOL

  18. WTH!? This is too much! I just don’t get what MBC thought… They are ridiculous

  19. korea is madd stupid for doing that -_- is not like there is words like f*ck or sh*t. omg like seriously ?

  20. WTF…this is even more ridiculous than the banning of videos due to traffic violations

  21. what a bummer. mbc can go screw themselves. lol it’s not like YG will lose anything if they ban SE7EN and TOP’s songs.

  22. they have ‘facebook’ in their lyrics ? that’s so cute. But I still prefer their old version Love should go on

  23. indirect marketing? HELLO!!! they’re not even getting any form of profit from saying those names! how can it be marketing??? gucci prada etcetc, they aren’t paying these idols to mention their brand in a song. it isn’t as if ppl would immediately walk out and guy buy them. these brands are high end. most ppl can’t even afford them. and like @karate kid said, minihompy and cyworld are used in songs countless times! so just cuz it’s facebook, you don’t allow it?? bullshit, man.

    MBC really are idiots. they should really stay away from idol broadcasting. they’re such tight asses.

    • i find it hard to fathom the rationale of their decision to ban the songs on this kind of reason. is it based on a policy? is it the law? i wonder if other countries also have this kind of policy/law. can anyone enlighten me on that?

      • I know that in south korea they’re very technical down to the last point that if the broadcast co. is not sponsoring those brands or being sponsored by them they blur out & in drastic cases ban songs. I know in America it’s willy nilly. No one cares. You hear it in almost every song made and it’s not censored on the radio or wherever u hear the songs. Some brands are openly broadcasted on tv shows (sponsored or not) or sometimes they put tape or a sticker over the brand (like they do for macbooks! It’s so ez to spot a macbook on tv nowadays lol).

        I’m not sure what’s it like in Europe, Australia or other Asian countries cuz I account for all of them. Some countries are stricter than others. There are a lot of things in the Korean industry banned to which I still can’t wrap my brain around lol.

      • “cuz i CAN’T account for all of them…”

        i typed in CAN and not CAN’T oops

      • thanks rockpinkslip for the explanation. yes, i’ve also noticed the blurring of brand names on shirts and other goods and also during the credit roll of dramas and all. i would understand it if the use of those names are defamatory in nature or intended to smear the reputation of the brands. and it’s not like those who use them in the songs or dramas are passing the brand names off as theirs or anything like that. just like you, some of the things that the Korean government did in relation to their entertainment industry do not make sense at all to me.

  24. well screw you MBC

  25. idk, it sounds ridiculous at first but with every story, there are reasons unforeseen with the common public.

    idk why, but i presume its because of inappropriate advertisement. if ‘Prada’, ‘Guess’ and ‘Gucci’ were mentioned, then other brands like Louis Vuitton, Versace or something are the inferior, meaning they’ll lose business because celebrities didnt promote their brand.

    MBC wants to avoid all legal trouble and i guess they saw this as a way to avoid such trouble.

    its the same thing as programs blurring out brands on certain shows. they didnt buy rights to promote it and shouldnt when not necessary

    • agree with u

    • I agree. They dont’ want to seem like they’re promoting certain brands, or that they agree to songs that seem to promote certain things. So this is their way of appearing neutral and avoiding any future conflicts. Silly it seems, but it’s probably all legal issues.

    • uhhh, yes, I do think girls would be more likely to buy those brands… I refuse to drink chamisul soju, only chum-churum, for hyori.

      I think MBC is totally justified in what they are doing, but they could just blank out the words rather than forbid the whole song. In the US, a lot of songs have a radio version and uncut version, although it’s not usually about branding

  26. lol i understand that their basically promoting different things through the song (not through endorsments), but come on.. its not like little fangirls are going to go buy Prada’, ‘Guess’ and ‘Gucci because se7en/top/other k-pop artists say the names. its unlikely they can even afford to look at such brands..

    as for facebook.. how many different songs have i heard cyworld/minihompy’s being used? you can use those, but not facebook? okay mbc.

    • lol i think they meant non-korean brands. lol
      I also heard minihompy many times like in 8eight’s song.

    • well, minihompy isn’t a brand. it just stands for mini-homepage. it”s basically saying the blog or something in english. though it’s commonly associated with cyworld, it still isn’t a “brand” so it can be used. now if it directly said cyworld, that would be different. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song directly having the word “cyworld” in it.

  27. MBC being ridiculous at its best.

  28. ………. seriously????

  29. The way to remedy this? Get rid of all proper nouns! It’s a brilliant plan!


  30. seriously ?—__— “Same goes for SHINee ‘Love Goes On’ where ‘Facebook’ was mentioned in the song. The evaluation department consider this as indirect marketing for the brands..”…

  31. YG should boycott MBC again. That’s their 2nd ban now. wtf?

  32. …………………….
    that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard
    i suppose korea is stricter with their broadcast versus in america you can pretty almost say anything

    i would understand if it’s about sex and all but name brands??

    oh well

    • it sounds really ridiculous, but that’s Korea. They are really strict in this kind of thing (and other things that we may find ridiculous). It’s not really shocking, because if you mention the brand on their news/interview/show they will mute it out, or blur out the logo. I guess because of the stagnant opportunity in Korea, everything is competitive. Everything mean competition.

  33. OMG! This is getting ridiculous! Seriously, it’s so stupid… u_u

  34. =____= Really…. really now.

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  36. i am going to murder someone XDDDDDD
    those 2 songs are awesome how can they do this

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