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ShinDong, “I was jealous of Nich Khun because of my girlfriend”

Super Junior ShinDong talks about an episode where he had been jealous of 2PM Nich Khun.

He had said during his appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Birthday aired on 2nd August, “My girlfriend said she like Nich Khun. I didn’t know what kind of response I should give when she said that.”

He added, “But even if I’m jealous, there is nothing I can do,” he continued to show his jealousy throughout the show which had caused laughter in the filming studio.

Meanwhile, on the show, there was also another funny episode where they compared the weight at birth of ShinDong (4.3kg) and Noh SaYeon (4.8kg).


32 Responses

  1. Shindong’s really handsome if he loses weight, his high school pictures can prove this. He’s just proud of his relationship, that’s why he goes talking about it, I think its more disappointing if he hides his girlfriend, as if he’s embarrassed. He’s really smart and funny.

  2. Nichkhunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Love him keke

  3. […] KBite : ชินดง หนึ่งในสมาชิกวง Super Junior ได้พูดในขณะออกรายการ Happy Birthday ของสถานี KBS 2TV ที่ออกอากาศเมื่อวันที่ 2 สิงหาคมที่ผ่านมาว่า “แฟนของผมบอกว่าเธอชอบนิชคุณ ผมก็เลยไม่รู้จะพูดยังไงเวลาที่เธอบอกอย่างนั้น” […]

  4. They say love is blinding… I hope for ShinDong it isn’t like that.

    • believe me, it’s really blind if u fall in love.
      sometimes u even do things that not logic to do coz of love.
      hope the best for their realtionship

      • I’ve never been in love so i hope I’ll never be blind for it esp if the guy isn’t worth it. lol

  5. He is sooooooo ugly ><

  6. Hmm I don’t like his girlfriend
    she makes him lose 20lbs or otherwise she won’t get together with him and she likes another guy?I don’t know ever since I heard him telling that she made him lose pounds or she won’t get back with him I just feel something is off.

    I like him to be with someone who truly loves him. If he likes his gf then I hope she truly loves him

    • But he himself is shallow. He clearly was very disrespectful towards fat women. Remember his offensive comment?
      If his gf gained weight, i think he’ll do the same thing.

  7. and u had to pick the best pic of him…

  8. I feel as though his fiancée is just using Shindong’s popularity to gain attention in the entertainment industry. I think she doesn’t truly care for his well-being. If she did, she wouldn’t tell him to lose weight in order to be with her. It seems like she’s just trying to force him into being someone that he’s not. I don’t think their marriage would be very successful, but I hope I’m wrong.

    • I also feel that way

    • I feel Shindong is just using his girlfriend to gain attention in the entertainment industry.

      he is always talking about her to make new.

      btw, Nich Khun is a perfect man.

      • *news

      • 100% agree
        I have to say I’m sick of this asshole. People always bash his girlfriend but does anyone think about he just use her to gain attention? He absolutely does !! May be he regrets to tell people stop talking about his girlfriend stuff so that’ why he has to start over by himself now. Bleh… Go to hell, pig!

      • ^ and you’re clearly a pig yourself for insulting this much, idiot.
        seriously, we don’t know the real story. i don’t know what to think about this, but we’re not the one who should judge. look at TomCruise/KatieHolmes, remember what they said about her using him for popularity, and she’s now pregnant of their second child.
        so learn to use your brain before judging someone.

    • LOL That’s a karma for Shindong. He clearly was sexist saying how women should not be fat. It was very very offensive.

      Life is freaking unfair if he got a pretty gf who accepts him being fat. He himself will definitely throw his gf away if she gained weight.

      • Totally Agree. The fat comment he made was so random and unnecessary and as if he didn’t get enough “attention” from that comment, he has to always talk about his girlfriend.
        One more thing that I realized thou, almost all the time when he is on music show, you can always see him trying to be in the camera even thou it was somebody else turn.

        It just kinda annoy as how he feels the need to try to get attention all the time.

      • It’s just the thought that diet and losing weight are really more associated with women. Women are the common models for diet pills, diet programs, fat free food, liposuction, etc. Women are also the common guests in programs with topics about diet and losing weight. It’s not really sexist.

        And Shindong is really fluent and smart. It’s not his fault, that some other guests get their tongues tied and could not deliver as good as he is.

      • He’s even nice, cos he laughs at other guests jokes even when no one else appreciates it.

  9. Ok. So first he tells everyone he has a girlfriend. Then a couple weeks ago he tells people to stop asking him questions. Now he goes and says more stuff about his girlfriend. Uhmm. Confused…..

    • He’s in love…he can’t help it xD

      • =P Hope it works out well with the two of them. It’s nice to see idols having a life outside of their usual busy schedules.

      • Hahahahhaha! 😀 Agree with you both! Hope that they get to spend their relationship to the fullest! (At least… the fullest an idol can have :/ )

    • He asked people to stop asking him questions regarding his future marriage.

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