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Watch 2PM ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transform as Orange Caramel

2PM members ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transformed as Orange Caramel for their first independent concert.

The photo of the 3 members dressed up as Nana, Raina and Lizzy in After School unique group Orange Caramel during the concert last weekend was posted up on a fan cafe. Fan accounts stated that, “Their costumes and choreography were perfect, but they gave a different feeling as compared to Orange Caramel.”

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Oh gosh cute”, “This is really funny” etc.


74 Responses

  1. When I saw this I thought of Super Junior’s Pardoy of Orange Caramel named Peanut Caramel… CUTE! But I think Peanut Caramel is better ^^ XD

  2. The three people I hate in 2PM all together eurgh.

  3. it just for entertainment guys…chill out…
    i watch the vid and is funny…enjoy it πŸ™‚

  4. 2PM have so many haters.

  5. 2pm is more of the masculine stuff.. that’s why it’s weird seeing them wearing this kind of stuff.. so disturbing.. >_<


  7. That is so wrong lol….. Three Beastly men dancing so sassy-ly lol….

  8. it looks like they really desperate to get some attention. haiz

  9. Wow. Not one comment said it didn’t matter if they were gay or not. WELL, IT DOESN’T. And what is up with people using gay as an insult? Why is it so important and insulting about people’s sexuality? LOVE IS LOVE. Let’s get along and move on.

    • I don’t support homosexuals but I honestly don’t like how people tend to use gay as an insult. When guys looked lame and dressed weird, they called them gay. There r thousands of gays better than straight guys. Some of them r far more manly n gentle.

    • Thank you ^_^

  10. i was on that concert.. and it didn’t seem like “gayish”…u may trust me.. ^^ it was really funny.. =)) 되게 μ›ƒκΈ°λŠ” 말이야~~~! so why not to have a fun?? it was just on of the performances they showed us during 3 hours.. gosh, if you hate them, just leave them along 헀이터듀아!!

  11. lol they are ike the copycats of Suju when they did Gee.
    Suju looks cute and funny but these 2 PEE WHO just look so gay.

  12. i found this cute.. LOL ^^~

  13. i didn’t really like the performance, it was good but not my style.

    but 2pm isn’t the first group to dress like girls… remember of boy generation ? seriously…. haters need to have a life… like the Raymond Funamoto bitch.

    now because it’s 2pm then it’s “gay”.

    • The difference is boy generation, wonder boys n SJ wore pants and more manly clothing for the parody.
      And most of the boys are not muscular as heck.
      Seeing 2 super huge men in colorful dress is downright creepy. Wooyoung is still acceptable but he had to wear at least a wig coz his spiky hair made it look disturbing. lol

  14. LOL.. are they inspired by Super Junior “Gee”???
    damn, the costume is freakin weird and it’s not fit with them..
    I really don’t find it cute.. it’s scary..
    it’s like a bunch of “beast” guy trying to look stupid with dressing up like girls..
    I find it not guy, but purely stupid..
    seriously, why they have to ruined their “beast” and “cool” idol boy group image??

    I feel so pity for them..

  15. OMG…y did they do this on their 1st concert….i don’t mind if they do this on tv or variety shows….but on their 1st concert….thats mess up….I want to see a great performance….not this kind of performance…. 😦

  16. “Mistress [JYP] Mary, Quite Contrary,
    How Does Your Garden Grow?
    With Silver Bells, And Cockle Shells,
    And Pretty SHE-men All In A Row!”

    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  17. This retarded! Not about the video but all the rude comments. Every single group that I know of have at least dressed up as girls for fanservice. It DOES NOT MEAN that they’re gay.

  18. this is just so wrong

  19. ..lol so everyone is saying they’re “gay” just because they’re doing this as fan service during their solo concert?
    many idols before have dressed up as a joke, it in no way means they like men and if you’re not implying that then please use a different word.
    if you don’t like it then just scroll, don’t bother leaving rude and tasteless comments. look into what entertainment and parody means because apparently you have never heard of it before. even in american culture people do this frequently in madtv, snl, etc.

    • lol u mad?

    • yeah but you will never catch Usher doing this kind of stuff in his concert…heck Taeyang wouldn’t do this stuff for his concert…so there you have it

      • Lol srsly. Even GD, the gayest member of BB, didn’t do that at his own concert.

      • the gayest member of BB ?
        because of the way he dress ? then he’s gay ?
        last time i cheked, gay is a sexual orientation.

      • are u stupid??? bigbang also did that in one of their concert before.. they dressed up like S.E.S, even TOP also did that, and also taeyang… -____________-“

      • @Anonymous plzz read more carefully …@ bleh said ” Even GD, the gayest member of BB, didn’t do that at HIS own concert.”…. she/he said at his own concert “Shine A Light” and @…..said “heck Taeyang wouldn’t do this stuff for HIS concert”…..

      • @ my bad i got mixed up by the names…..

  20. How irrelevant.

  21. Thats an embarassment ..no offence but ew…if i were them, it would’ve been my worst nightmare in history of the worst nightmare lol

  22. certain people just have ‘gay’ in their vocabulary.
    sad fact.

    anyway I enjoced this lol.
    that’s entertainment guys.

    • 1 person has ‘enjoced’ in their vocabulary.
      a really sad fact.

      because there is no such word.

    • last time i checked, ‘gay’ is a word, so why wouldn’t it be in your vocabulary?

      i think only half of the people are using it in the wrong way, and the other half are actually saying that they do look, indeed, homosexual, which i will not deny either.

  23. I think there’s nothing wrong with them dressing up as orange caramel..It’s purely entertainment..I must say chansung looked kinda good in a dress..If only nick khun and junsu dressed up like orange caramel instead..I’m sure they will look cute like when they did bo peep bo peep.. =p

  24. haha taec really enjoys this. n chansung is cuteeeee but he looks like he is not really enjoying this. anyway guys, this is their concert, i dont think they would like to do things that they hate. just take this as a delighting performance. πŸ™‚ if you feel like this is gay, than just ignore it, no need to bash them. arent they showing us enough of beast already? let them be gays (like you guys said) once in a while. as for me, im liking the variety that they are showing. not a big fan of them, but truly not A HATER. just a typical kpop lover. peace! πŸ™‚

    • I rewatched the video again, and I suspected the reason why Chansung look not enjoying and confused is because Taecyeon dropped his lollipop in the middle of the song.

      • Please have a look at this version of the performance.

        It’s more Chansung focus, and you will see that Chansung is actually quite enjoying the performance

  25. Ookaaay.. Showing their true nature, nothing wrong with that right? They should just dress up like this everyday.

  26. some boys u can accept thaat from them but 2pm is just bleh…

  27. There are 1500++ readers at 2pm soompi thread every hour. Do any one know the reason? I feel like it is system error coz more than half of soompi readers are at 2pm thread when there are not many people posting. I wonder where this people come from? Ok whatever. This clip is funny πŸ˜€

    • well duh don’t you know khottests browse the forum to make it look like 2PM has alot of fans but none of them post only the english speakers do lol. They trying in fluctuate their numbers. In reality their thread moves a page a day

  28. I remember someone saying “Korea is gay”

  29. Look at these homos, wtf is this a favorite past time of theirs dressing up as girls?? doing girl parodies are played out find something new.

  30. what is wrong with the comments…or it is because 2PM????

  31. It’ not like it’s the first time that an idols groups dress up as a girlgroup u_u it’s just a (stupid) game ~

    • Ya but the thing is these guys look like they’re really gay. It’s like they’re different people that were hired straight from a gay bar. I hope they do not do this again.

  32. I swear these niggas like to act as girls and play dress up wtf is this a favorite pasttime of theirs

  33. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by aboutkpop and JoΓ£o Alberto, mai. mai said: K Bites: Watch 2PM ChanSung, TaecYeon and WooYoung transform as Orange Caramel http://bit.ly/dgeOPo […]

  34. Yeah totally gay..

  35. Sooooooo gay. It’s so weird! Sorry they are hot but it’s weird!!!!

    • wow. i really really dont like this picture.
      where did they get thee cute ?
      its more like….FREAKY or something else. no offense
      Wooyoung’s face is with hellah white with powder or something.
      and his eyes are just terrible.
      and taek. is just something else.
      its soo weird and eww. ?
      i mean i love em. but i really dont enjoy seeing them in this picture.
      and i noe its just entertainment. but really ??

  36. gay.

    • -comment taken down-

    • they’re doing it for entertainment STUPID hahahahaha

    • lol if they look gay, than shinee ARE gay^^ as an international fan i must say that even when they dress “normally” shinee looks soo gay

      • you are gay

      • i so agree. i wish that people would just freakin admit it.


      • shinee really are GAY…they r just bunch of losers, don’t what do ppl see in them, looks based is not enough without any talent to show us. Only wise listeners can differentiate talented artist or not SO TALENTED like shinee themselves..

      • are you blind? opps wrong way of putting it. i should say, YOU ARE BLIND ^^

    • I’m gay. You’re gay. Everyone’s gay! 8DDD

    • agree

    • Well, 2PM did that just for fun, so don’t get too serious about that. Besides, 2PM guys are always quite a fan of After School, so I guess that’s the reason they did an After School’s sub-group Orange Caramel’s song.

      I guess if they do AS’s song “Because of You” might look better?

      • Also, one more thing, it’s not the first time Taecyeon sings and dances “Magic Girl”!

      • i wonder why did korean boybands need to crossdress n imitate girl groups in their concert like suju always did n now it has spread to 2PM. WTH is goin’ on. is there no other talent to show rather than to be n look cheap like that. i think talent shortage syndrome has filled the atmosphere lol

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