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2PM’s first independent concert slapped with criticisms of inappropriate age rating

2PM’s first independent concert has been slapped with criticisms of showing content which is too sexual.

2PM held their first concert ‘Don’t stop can’t stop’ on 31st July and 1 August at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. A few days after the concert performances, criticisms against the concert had appeared amongst the netizens and fans.

During their performance of ‘Tired Of Waiting’, the 2PM members were seen dancing intimately with female backdancers rest in sexy costumes. Apart from the sexy dance moments with the female back dancers, there was also dance moves which imitates a kiss scene. The concert age rating was set at 8 years old and above.

We have seen similar case last year for Big Bang GDragon’s solo concert.

It seems that criticisms of oversight that young audience and fans are exposed to over-provocative performances will once again fire up with this case.

S: MaeIl KyungJae

142 Responses

  1. JYP is just a cash-grabbing, slave-driver of a manager and 2 PM is just becoming his group of jigalows.

  2. clearly kgov need to do something, . . Or else. . .
    @*#+ !! Biased that much??

  3. All I can is that, woah, that concert should not have a 8+ age rating. 16+ would be the max youngest age rating i think.

    Yeah GD got the same problem too, but since there are 6 guys involved, it’s much worse.

    I really miss the old 2pm. Before Jay left. *sigh* They were heading to stardomthen but now…I don’t know what’s with them.

  4. this is gross ugh, i think this was all jyp’s idea

  5. They rated it 8+ because they were desperate to get people to get their concert tickets…didnt you see how they were bascially gving out free tickets on Gmarket..they are a fail group but they don’t want to face that fact yet. 200,000K in their Daum Fanclub is a misconception they don’t have anywhere near that much fans all those are unused or old accounts. Their numbers decrease every month more than any other group. JYPE willing to do whatever it takes to make it appear 2PM is succeeding when it reality most of the fandom left them. Few stayed so yeah they are lucky to still have fans left.

    • 2PM has lost almost 65,000 fans in their Daum café since Febuary. That’s more than any other group including SS501 who just broke up, DBSK, which is in the midst of a lawsuit, and Big Bang, who hasn’t been seen as a group since 2008. This is probably more than any other group combined. 45k was lost since April which was over a month after Jay was kicked out. Even now they continue to lose the most fans per month of any group. And the concert wasn’t sold out either despite the claim that more than 12k fans showed up, the place can only hold 12k max.

  6. I don’t get why 2PM rated their concert for +8, since they knew that ToW’s choreography would be like THAT. I read the netizens’ comments on another
    site and it said, “I was very embarrassed when I brought my daughter to this concert.” LOL, why would you bring your daughter there at the first place? Sure, she might have gotten the idea from the +8 rate, but does she not know 2PM? Their style, their famous ripping-shirt action, and even their songs; like All Night Long? …I don’t get it. I’ll admit 2PM is at fault too, they could’ve at least rated the concert +14, or something.

    • well, their tickets weren’t sold out so i guess they need the lower age rate to get more to attend their concert

  7. i think GD’s case was BIG because he was the first to get into this sort of trouble
    while with 2pm,well they should have learn their lesson from GD and how even music stations raised their viewers aged to 15+
    so at the end of the day, 2pm is at fault here
    let see what the government going to do about this
    they still have 2 concerts to go right?
    let see if they learn their lesson or not

  8. They should get the same treatment, GD went through hell. I find it so funny how people went batshit crazy over GD concert and now they’re all quiet over 2PM. Hypocrites bitches

  9. As far as i know, JYPE artists are given freedom for their OWN concerts – their ideas and concepts. JYP and co just gives advices and opinions on them.

    Case in point, WG’s concerts (Look at their documented concert series last year), WG’s own ideas for their MTV World Stage, etc.

    Not saying JYPE isn’t responsible, but just a heads up.

    • if what u said is right. then the gov should take action like what they did to gd.

    • I was thinking since this is 2PM’s first concert that JYP has a lot more say in this then say with Wonder Girls. If this is true then I’ve lost what little respect I had for 2PM. I was never a fan, even when Jay was with them, but I disliked all the hate the boys seem to get after Jay left/thrown out.

      I’m a big BB fan so I’m hoping that they do them like they did GD but I don’t really see that happening – mostly because 2PM is on the downhill and no one really cares about them. I’m hoping they at least get an investigation but I doubt that the media will be all up on them like they were with GD. I was told that the concert wasn’t even sold out despite JYP practically giving out tickets. I was suspicious when they said more than 12000 fans since the venue only holds 12000 max.

      • It is true JYP gives their artists most creative control for their own concerts it probably is 2PM’s ideas. I hope JYPE does not bail them out I wanna see at least one of them thrown into jail. Hopefully rabbit teeth.

      • @Milo
        You’re being too harsh. Taec (and I’m assuming you’re referring to him with the rabbit comment) is just a young man, he’s still 20-22 I think, and I don’t think just dancing sexually warrants jail time. It didn’t for GD and it doesn’t for 2PM.

        I just want JYP fined like YG was and for all parties to learn from this. And JYP is as to blame for this as the boys if not more so since he’s ultimately the one in charge. No one leaves a group of boys in their early 20s completely in charge of a concert. While the boys had some say, management was the one who decided to run with their ideas.

  10. so what. ITS THE TREND NOW! 😀

  11. I agree. This is worse than GD’s case. At least Gd’s was done artistically and the concept of his choreography was somewhat related with the song’s meaning. So disappointed with 2pm and JYPE. They could do beter than this. 8+ rating for this kind of concert? They must be that desperate to sell the concert tickets.

    Hope they would be punished because of it! GD went thru hell with his concert controversy and the authorities should also do the same with 2PM.

  12. i just saw a video of chansung grinding and air humping the audience like hardcore. o__o
    my eyes

    • where? Share

      • wooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! O_O
        what happened to the 2PM that i used to know?

      • OMFG wtf is that???? ewwwwwwwwwww
        that makes me sick.

      • WOOOAHHH~ wat the hell was dat!

      • DANG!!!! who felt a little uncomfortable watching that?

        although they look hot as hell but a concert like that being rated 8+? something must be wrong…

      • that’s a little over for me.. even though i’m 16 i would never want to go to a concert liek that with my parents… it is just plain WEIRD…

      • omg. i’m from the States, and things like that goes on at concerts all the time (e.g: chris brown – take you down perf). and even i’m uncomfortable with watching this performance. it’s just so inappropriate. especially for the children in the audience.

  13. Okay, one word….YUCK.
    There is nothing sexy about any of those pictures or the performance. It looks disgusting. If you’re going to do something like that, at least make it look good. The dancer’s look like hookers from a red light district and 2PM look like man whores and I’m not saying this as an anti. I used to love these boys and this just doesn’t look right nothing about it was done tastefully.

    This reminds me of the stuff that goes on in JYP’s concerts and to be honest, that’s okay for him because he’s a much older man with much much older fans but 2PM has really young fans and you can’t pull stuff like this on them or their parents. How awkward would it have been to see that with your parents right next to you? -__________-

    I really hope JYP Entertainment and 2PM take responsibility for this. I am a bitter stan because of what happened to GD and so this had so better not slide…..

    I really wish 2PM success but it’s not pleasant watching them resort to what they have become today. I wish they had spent as much time working on and improving their skills as they have improving their bodies. All they’ll ever be known for is male idol strippers with no talent which is a shame because some of them are talented.

  14. why not just doing acrobatic or bboying like they first came out!!!

  15. Gosh, GD’s concert’s better than this
    8years old n’ above lol, funny, huh?

  16. 2PM members not even talk to their manager(s) that this scene is not appropriate to the audience? just simple as that.. are they not that close to say what are the problem if they do that in live audiences?

  17. AGREE! coz famous/popular person are the one they make an issue, they can make money of it!

  18. I knew that this group is gonna end up like this ever since heartbeat promotion. After watching their dance battle perf which was full of hip thrusting, I lost interest in them. No skilled choreo, downright sexual moves.
    JYP himself always gives me this odd pervy aura so I’m not surprised that this happened to his proteges.

    Btw, the comments in AKP seem to blame the parents for bringing their kids to a rated 8+ concert. lol bias much?

  19. Wow.. that is inappropriate. x.x

    Like their music. Dislike their performance scene..

  20. Tiny little bit of respect I had for 2pm, is no more.

  21. why they have to do this O_O ? that not sexy at all
    Tecyon u must shot ur stylist
    and Nickhun god ur little sister was their
    OH GOD I was holding the last hope to not hating u guys
    but now it is official T_T

  22. not only GAY but prostitutes as well tsk tsk

  23. lol. where are all the GD haters now? suddenly so quiet and have nothing to say??? y’all said GD’s having sex on stage. then this must be an ORGY!!

    if 2PM fucking gets away with this i swear VIPs will throw a fit! GD went through hell, damnation and beyond.

    i mean, i like 2PM. but if the government or whatever doesn’t charge them with jail threat or something like they did with GD, imma be pissed.

    y’all kept emphasising that one second grind GD did with aimee. this was the same move repeated SIX times!! in multiple positions. standing? sitting? laying on the chair? head near the crotch?? bare leg wrapped across the shoulder? SRSLY??? compared to ALL that… what GD did looked noble, even.

    yo, I’M PISSED right now. i really am.

    • I think nobody is interested in 2pm anymore. Like no feeling, either love or hate. GD’s case is different. GD is BIG so the case is even BIGGER than what it should be. I am still surprise that not many people(even in kpop fansites like akp,kbites) are not bashing 2PM like they did to GD. Poor jiyong T_____T

    • lol i know right.

      ppl were actually getting batsh1t crazy over that 2 minute video and that less than a minute scene gd did with aimee, it’s bizarre and a bit irritating how ppl yakked about that back then and then be zipped lips on this one.

      anyhoo, srsly. 8 years old?

    • GD was wrong. That was inappropriate for the age group 2PM was wrong. That was inappropriate for the age group. Get that in your head.
      If GD can get away with it. So should 2PM. Otherwise it would be a double standard.

      As far as I am concerned both are wronged. Both should be fined.

      GD doing that in front was kids was far from noble. It’s not by comparison. Both deeds by themselves are wrong.

      • I still find nobody is wrong. Only if the government never charge 2PM like they did to GD, it is wrong. The law should be fair to everybody.

      • GD did NOT get away with it. he was summoned by court and charged with a possible jail sentence. i would hardly call that “getting away with it” please educate yourself more on the issue before trying to argue with me, mmkay?

        GD’s case was only then dropped after fans who went to the concert set up a petition saying that, “an artist can only be summoned for inappropriate behaviour in front of audience if said audience themselves feel violated.” but GD’s fans did not feel violated therefore the case was dropped after the petition was submitted.

        and btw, nowhere in my statement was i trying to deny that what GD did was inappropriate for that age group. but the fact that everyone went batshit crazy over GD’s 30second hip grind and went anti all over his ass yet everyone’s so quiet abt this, which is WORSE than what GD did AND not to mention this was for an even younger audience…. i say bullshit.

        and why not by comparison??? both deeds are wrong therefore by comparison, THIS is an even worse issue yet nothing is done abt it. but yet GD’s case took action not even a day after he wrapped up the concert. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD.

      • Hear hear! well said!!!

  24. lip sync

  25. People need to stop saying this isnt 2PM fault get a freakin clue its their concert take some damn responsibility for once instead of always blaming others for your misfortune. And I highly doubt that they didnt know that their concert was rated for 8 yr olds come on give me a break they know everything and did it anyways so dont give me that crap as if somehow 2PM is just clueless in everything when its their own damn concert

    • i agree. and how can you practice this routine for months in preparation and not think it fucking inappropriate. idols aren’t as clueless as some fan girls would like them to be so they’d remain nonpunishable and blameless. when things like this happens, they are just as much at fault as the rest of the crew involved.

      • yes … i so agree with the two of you. those people who are defending what these guys did, they are in a way saying that these 2PM guys are brainless or merely gutless to stand up to something that is obviously inappropriate.

      • i meant to say … gutless to stand up AGAINST something that is obviously inappropriate.


    why is that dancer girl so UGHHHH?! the 5th picture in the photo strip and 6th overall, ))): i dont mean to be mean but … well, guess they cant all be pretty.

    … sucks for underage fantasy dreamin` fangirls. none of this bothers me because lol. im too old i guess

  27. The 6th photo disgusts me.

  28. WOW!!! I find it funny that 2pm is more known for their scandals and bodies than their actual talent.Anyways, if 2pm doesnt get treated the same way gd was with his concert then i know that jype pays the media.

  29. from gay to prostitution in one Concert!!!!
    The concert age rating was set at 8 years old ??!!
    WTF are they thinking about O_o
    well all about money .. =__=”

  30. randomly tot of suju’s concert, they had kyu singing a lullaby while the rest of suju dressed in insects and animals costume, wad a great family show! fun for both fangals and kids! lol!

  31. lol i don’t think 8 year olds even knew what was going on. LOOLL

    • R u sure they dunno what’s going on? Have u heard of 4 year old kid smoking one pack a day? Have u heard a disabled elementary couples doing blowjobs at the staircase of their flats? Those things happened.
      Kids pick things up faster than adults can ever do.
      That’s the reason why ratings exist in the first place. If kids are that oblivious, then just let them watch porn as they won’t understand right?

  32. When i saw the pics in AKP.
    i knew that this will be slammed. lol
    It wasn’t that bad but quite disturbing to see their faces on the dancers’ crotches. Eww…

    But this kind of thing is expected from JYPE.
    Luckily WG never had something irking like this.
    Honestly i think 2pm is no longer promoted as beastly idols, they’re more like gigolos these days.
    I’m never awed anymore. They used to be very charismatic, tough n interesting to watch with the flips n all.

    Deep inside I’m happy that somebody was kicked out of the group.

  33. i dont think theres anything wrong with this. i mean theres even more worse stuff especially compared to GD’s breathe performance..but i still love GD. its just compared to GD’s incident its not even close as bad..

    • “theres even more worse stuff especially compared to GD’s breathe performance..”

      “it’s just compared to GD’s incident it’s not even close as bad”


    • i suggest you to watch the fancams/pics of 2pm’s concert before judging.. cuz personally i think 2pm’s case was worse than GD’s incident…….

    • then you’re blind…LOL…

    • BLIND !!!!!

    • LIAR!! you don’t love GD. if you did you wouldn’t be so blind as to even say that.

    • how can you say that GD’s was worst? at least GD had an audience older than 8 and a majority of his audience were teen girls. 2PM had children at their concert. tell me which one is more inappropriate.

      and GD’s dancer was fully clothed and her ass wasn’t hanging out all over the place for everyone to see. unlike these dancers. idgaf if u say they’re those stupid underwear-like safety shorts that all the girl groups insist they wear under their minis bcuz these are not safety shorts. they are clearly underpants.

      i agree w/the rest of the replies. u need ur eyes checked.

    • BLIND! or BIAS!

  34. hmm….honestly, i dont see nuthin wrong with it.sure, its a lil too much for kids, but honestly..kids these days seen worst.

  35. Do you all want to know why GD got hit harder? ‘Cause it was GD!

    I’m sure 2PM will get ‘into trouble’ as well. To me, its not even bad, but this is coming from an ‘old’ person. They did their thing, made fans happy, what more can you ask for? (Same for GD as well.)

    • Yes I soo agree. I don’t Love or Hate 2PM. I just want to see how MOH and media will handle this case. When it was GD, people were attacking him left and right, bringing him down like shit. Now why it so quite? Let 2PM visit to jail one time. Sorry, I still feel this is just freedom of expression but I can’t help the fact that GD has always been the target ><

    • I mean exactly, it’s GD! Everyone wants a piece of him but it also shows how DOUBLE STANDARDS are being applied here. it’s no longer a question of whether 8yr olds should have been there, it was inappropriate and GDs case is a precedence. If they put GD through hell then they shouldn’t get a free pass for doing the same thing. I’m pissed if they do… Then again they’re not GD

    • AGREE….!!!!!

  36. I think 8 is a little underage of this..Perhaps 15+ would be better?

    And also…this isn’t 2PM’s fault.
    Whoever Organized this concert clearly was not thinking well. =/

  37. omg….i am shocked….
    i used to love 2pm….
    but idont thing ido after seeing this…
    8 years old thr are little..
    and they have seen thes..
    it should be 18plus..
    i am Disappointed…

  38. eew ugly backup dancer girls especially the one in pic 5

  39. I agree with netizens on this one. Don’t put a routine like this in a concert that has a 8+ rating, it’s common sense. After all they put GD through, they should do the same for 2PM. They set precedent with GD and if they don’t follow through and they let 2PM slide with this one … their antis will increase exponentially. And we all know how much hate they’re getting already. Come on JYPE – get it together.

    • Too bad that gorilla pays off people to keep bad publicity on the down low.
      Seriously after GD was threatened with jail time I am pretty pissed nothing has happened yet with this incident.

  40. somebody be better handing them a police warrant soon. after the flak GD went thru…
    his concert is nothing compared to this. i won’t be happy if they go scot free.
    fairness and equality and all that 😡

  41. ewwww.. it makes me sick.

    they only know how to show their bodies and do sexual dances.

  42. why are 8 y.o’s fans of 2pm in the first place/

    shouldn’t they be memorizing their multiplication tables or something.

  43. […] Link: 2PM’s first independent concert slapped with criticisms of inappropriate age rating […]

  44. you know how people are overprotective of kids when it comes to things like this..

    but honestly, if i watched this when i was 8.. i wouldn’t know anything wrong was going on. all i would see is that they’re singing…

    i think the more people act like there’s something’s wrong, then that’s how children are gonna learn that there’s something wrong going on.

    • i beg to differ. just because an 8 years old wouldn’t know anything wrong with what’s up on that stage, it justifies letting him watch such performances. if that is the case, the same reasoning can then be used to justify not rating adult videos since little boys and girls wouldn’t know anything of what they’re watching from such videos.

      and people act like there’s something wrong with those performances because they are, in the context of having 8 years old children watching them.

      anyways, i believe that children nowadays are not that innocent anymore with so much exposure from the internet and all. some of these children and teenagers are way more ‘learned’ in such things than some adults.

      • sorry … i meant to say … “just because an 8 years old wouldn’t know anything wrong with what’s up on the stage, it justifies letting them watch such performances??!”

  45. lol no surprise here guys. It’s THE 2pm we’re talking about!! Showing off bodies is what they are best at, not their talents. That looks so disgusting to see them with the female dancers humping and thrusting each other like that. And srly 8 ? You guys can’t just really put all the blane on JYP because 2pm has to be responsible for this too and this is their concert after all. I bet Yaec and Junho really liked this kind of stuff…..

    • I’m pretty sure the blame lies solely on the management. I think your confusing BB with 2PM – 2PM doesn’t have much control over their music now their concert (esp. not their first concert). Even BB – a more established group with a more free company still has to follow what management says.

      • 2pm is also responsible I guess. The artists actually have a say. If they refuse to dance like that, the choreographer will surely made adjustments. i remember how in Win Win they said that they planned the choreo for Heartbeat ending together with the choreographer. That means they have a say.

      • @anonymous

        That may be true but I don’t think they had anything to do with the concert rating or if that was even on their radar. Seeing the pics and fancams 2PM danced like 2PM always danced with only a slight raise of the bar. Knowing 2PM, management should have rated it at least 12+ (since that was the old music show rating), probably 15+ since that’s the new music show rating. However rating comes down to management – not 2PM. You give the boys too much credit.

      • I replied to u coz u talked about the control over their concert.
        If it’s about the problematic perf n choreo then yes they have a say.
        About the ratings I dunno. This can be forced as a strategy to get more attendees coz I heard it wasn’t sold out or something. Who’s in the right mind would rate 8+ for a concert full of boys n girls in some provocative actions plus a naked boy (Chansung’s solo) hip thrusting?

        They could have avoided this issue in 2 ways. Increase the rating or adjusted the choreo. So both 2pm n the management are at fault, more blame on the management though.

  46. ugghhh
    theres so much double standards going on
    but still i hear tons of girls screaming…………..

  47. The problem here is the age rating. Whoever organized the concert gave it an 8+ rating. So I don’t blame parents for bringing their kids along, since according to the rankings it says 8+, fooling the parent into thinking that it will be ok.

    If this gets by without any issues, then that would be a double standard by the korean government (considering what GD had to go through).

    btw, I can see that girl’s panties in the last picture. Whatever happened to safety shorts?

  48. not even gonna deny it….i’d like to see them go through the shit gd went as well!

    • like if they didn’t get enough shit?

      • not for this they’re not. their other shit that they got is unrelated to this incident. for this incident, i say, no. they’re not getting enough shit. you’re the idiot here.

      • @kiwii are you for real? gd got shit for supposed plagiarism, he gets shit for his unique style and he got shit for his concert. so no they haven’t gotten enough shit to be honest.
        and whatever shit they got in the past they brought it on themselves.

  49. 2pm is pathetic now a days. they are just relying on their “bodies” to get people to be interested because as a whole, their talents are not going to get them far.

    • word

    • Sadly I have to agree. My respect has gone downhill ever since Heartbeat and the ripping off shirts craze. I dunno whether it’s a direct effect of one talented member quitting or JYP just ran out of promotion idea.
      They’re no longer the beastly idols. They’re more like strippers… Instead of practicing their vocals and dances, they kept on buffing their bodies. They should just be models n body builders.
      Although I don’t like Junsu, I pity his talent for being wasted in this group. Fortunate for Kwon for being pulled out of this group and put in 2AM. Less popular but more respected.

    • agree!

    • @sup and @anonymous..i couldn’t agree more! even though i’m a HOTTEST i still feel the same as what you guys have said..i feel sad for 2PM though..i wish them goodluck with this controversy..kinda similar to GD’s case but at least GD got YG’s back and was with him all the time..GD felt like hell with all the negative words thrown at him when in fact the humping accusation wasn’t really that sexual as what other netizens claimed..i would really be pissed if the government won’t take any action on this one..i just want them to be fair! T_T

    • although i’ve never been a fan of 2pm, i must agree w/this statement.

      in all honesty, i hope they give the concert planner and such a hard time about this as they did GD. imo, the audience is much younger and i find these are worst than w/e they accused GD of doing @ his own concert. it practically looks like they’re fingering those girls. and those dancers, their asses are hanging out all over the place. it’s just inappropriate.

  50. Well duh you have a male gigolo group who keeps ripping their shirts off for practically every performance of course they’ll be sexual innuendos.

  51. I miss the old 2PM to be honest!

    since Jay left, everything about 2PM is just different and i don’t see any acrobatic moves from them anymore.

    • stfu bout the overrated jay

      • thank you!

      • first of all as a big 2pm fan i would have to agree, their performances have lacked since he left. i don’t think it is because of him, he didn’t make or break 2pm, it has just changed after the comeback and any 2pm fan can admit that or they are lying to themselves.
        heartbeat at least still had a bit of energy now they just rely on being beastly or whatever is happening in those pictures.

  52. this is totally crazy..8+ and above..lol
    don’t they learn from the “bed scene”??

  53. wow the age requirement is 8+, wooooow! seriously…8-14 are still little kids, how are they gonna show them all this and on top of that their parents are with them! IT IS SUPER awkward, when i watch like a kissing scene with my parents and i’m 17! it’s just uncomfortable! their concert is INAPPROPRIATE, and since people were making fuss about G-Dragon oppa’s concert too…this is a BIG ISSUE as well.

  54. eventhough I love 2pm if they are not as harsh on 2pm as they were on GD i’m going to get mad, because seriously .. GD did it way more stylish lol xD

  55. Just shows how the ministry has double standards against GD/bigbang. If they let them pass so easily, just proves what VIPs said during the height of gd’s issue. If it was another artist as in this case, not gd, they’ ll do nothing. Oh well. Law should be fair. Gd and VIPs went through hell

  56. Of course parents would bring their kids there. LOL, if it is rated 8+, parents would expect things like this not to happen.
    They should have raised the age rating.

  57. I like 2pm, but you can’t even ARGUE this one. Plain and simple, it is inappropriate for 8 and over. 13+ 15+ maybe.

    It doesn’t matter how much you like the group, but if you’re going to put an age range on your concert, then keep it at a content befitting what is appropriate for that age to view. It’s not rocket science, and a dancer’s face by a singer’s crotch is not exactly something I want my 8-yr old viewing. I assume no one on here at allkpop is around the age of 8, so it won’t look “all that bad” to us, but if I was a parent who brought my child based on the age range of the concert and saw this, I would not pleased.

  58. arguements are going to be the same as GD’s concert controversy.

  59. i blame poor parenting and 2PM on this.

  60. Was I the only one laughing at Taecyeon’s hair?

    Netizens, get over it. According to you, everything that idols do is “wrong.” -___-

  61. MY EFFIN GOD.. when i saw the pics in allkpop i thought it was not that big of a deal…. but now…. just …. i wouldnt blame the whole thing on 2pm but they alteast have a little responsibilty since it is their concert… and you guys cant blame the parents either becasue how the hell do they do noe that 2pm was going to perform like that just to remind you guys JYPE and the Gmarket gave out free tickets for when you buy over $50 in the market…. so since it is free ofcourse the parent will bring their child in there…… but yeah i blame JYPE/2pm for this whole issue… l

    • Were they really giving out free tickets? I’ve heard rumors of that but I didn’t know what to believe.

      • yeah, they were…some even said that the stadium looks kinda empty from above especially the standing area…

      • wow that’s sad. GD was able to fill Olympic stadium twice and tickets sold out in a matter of minutes. Honestly I feel a little sorry for 2PM, JYP is managing them badly and I don’t think the boys deserve that. However, this concert was irresponsible and I hope that the government or whatever comes down on JYP after the mess they pulled with GD, threatening jail and everything.

  62. I would have loved to go to this type of concert when I was 8! lolol.

  63. i don’t defend 2pm or any thing like that but instead shoyldn’t they say something about what children wear and how they dance in star king…that what i find real problem

  64. Gosh… 8 years old and above ?! They must be kidding ! When wil they learn from past mistakes? i’m not talking about 2PM of course, they’re not at fault, they’re just doing what they have to do.

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