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After School UEE caught in ‘belly fat’ embarrassment once more

After School UEE is once again caught in a ‘belly fat’ embarrassment.

Photos of UEE at a recent event uploaded on various online portal sites have been garnering the interests of netizens. Seen in black hot pants and a red short top, a little belly fat was seen on UEE.

It has been known that UEE has been putting on weight for her role in upcoming drama ‘Birdy Buddy’ where she plays a golfer.

Netizens commented, “If so, she should wear something that fits her size”, “Can she breathe in those tight clothes” while some commented, “She looks more amiable and approachable”.

S: TVDaily

37 Responses

  1. What i think is that people dislike her because:
    1) she became the most popular one from the group
    2) she played yoo he yi in “You’re Beautiful”
    3) her “expressionless face”
    Personally i think she is a sweet girl

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  3. […] UEE was under criticisms after photos of her ‘embarrassing belly fat’ showing from her performin… were […]

  4. […] UEE was under criticisms after photos of her ‘embarrassing belly fat’ showing from her performin… were […]

  5. she is eew nuf said

  6. duuuuuuuude it’s the shorts/skirt
    she’s not fat

  7. Okay, she is not fat. But she does gain weight compare to before. And the second thing that i don’t understand is why she still wears that outfit while she knows it will show her belly ??? Don’t tell me she didn’t know because whoever didn’t realise it was a real fool

  8. UEE dont care about the crazy netizens b/c u are amazing

  9. That looks like it was from the recent sundown festival held in singapore o.O

  10. thats just 2 bad shots.
    she looks okay to me in real life. not so wide like the pics too.

  11. shes putting on weight for a drama role, as said in the article.

    “If so, she should wear something that fits her size”, that person should worry about what they should wear instead for theres a reason why countless people stalk UEE and not that person.

    but im not a real big fan of leather shorts or anything like that so w.e

  12. She’s always pretty =)

  13. Well..in my opinion..Uee herslef are aware that she getting belly fat..but then she doesnt embbrassed to show to the people..for me..Uee have the perfect body..i know she will shut up the netizens that critize her when she finally lose all the belly fat..Uee is beautiful as she is..those are just her antis..-_-
    And beside i rather to have her body than Yoona & Sooyoung..its not than im their antis..its just than their body is too skinny for their height…hehe

  14. she gained weight. period.

  15. i think it’s cute. it’s not even THAT flabby. it’s just a little skin above the tight pants. she has gained some weight since the beginning of Bang promo, but it’s not by that much really. who cares really? i still want her figure.

  16. shit. im almost as skinny as she is and i still have belly fat..okay so what, she has belly fat everyone gets it. its not a big deal atleast she can pull it off.

  17. I agree with dottop!
    I stiil want to take her body:)

    why do people bash about her fat when people who are commenting aren’t as fit as she is (or as good looking as she is).

    *~ “Don’t bash about netizens for bashing too much. your one of them.” stated by Hosung~*


  19. She’s fine as she is.

  20. *pokes her belly*

  21. She looks like the devil

  22. Even extremely skinny people can have belly fat 😀 Not surprising that UEE, who’s not always the stick thin type, have some belly fat as well.

  23. … i still want her body haha

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  25. why not to they let her to wear somthing better than this shit!!
    i hate this clothes so much it didn’t fit her body ..
    i’m not saying she’s fat or skinny to hell but everybody
    should wear a good clothes to fit his image and
    appearness .. :\

    • well for the limited times she actually performs, she only has the premade clothes that fits the concept available to her. since bang promotions are over, the company isn’t going to spend more money to get new clothes for her if she gained weight since when they were first made for her. she can’t just wear a different outfit compared to the rest of the girls. i’m guessing all her bang outfits probably don’t fit her anymore so either way she’ll have a muffin top since the outfits would be too small compared to her size now and her size when the outfits were made for her. she might as well not be there. but i’m guessing it’s part of her contract to appear at least once in a while for the music performances.

      is she done filming her drama now? personally she’s not fat in my opinion but just bigger than she was when bang first came out. it’s funny how people bash her but never bashed bekha even though she’s always been the bigger one out the group.

      • Its probably because Bekah was embraced for being the biggest one, but Uee was like, the cute faced, hot bodied girl in After School.

        And to those wondering why netizens are being stupid….
        Although she’s filming a drama, unless they explicitly told her to gain weight, and someone announced that the production company told her to gain weight, then I don’t really understand why she gained that much weight. :/
        Not trying to sound really obnoxious, but she knows that until they comeback with a new song, new concept, there is no hiding from her Bang! stage costumes. Nevertheless, people have different ideas about sexy, and even though muffin tops/belly fat is not something typically viewed as very sexy, it does make her seem more humane… 🙂

  26. She has never been skinny
    more in the curvy size and pretty normal
    but those tight clothes really does not do good for her good figure. It’s for a drama I know but they shouldn’t make her dress like that. But I’m sure shell lose the weight once the drama is done and all will be good

  27. What’s soo embarrasing about that -.- ?? Stupid netizens!!!

    • she’s not fat but for girls exposing your flabs is embarassing. most people try to hide it not flaunt it. they should have let her wear something to hide it a bit. its a bit awkward to see someone (most especially celebs) in those flabs exposed. i only see comedians who makes it a funny to expose their flabs.

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