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Amidst Tablo’s education certificate controversies, Mithra Jin reported for army duties away from media attention

News have came later that Epik High Mithra has enlisted into army on 3rd August.

A representative from Mithra Jin’s side revealed through a phone conversation with MTStarNews on 3rd August said, “Mithra Jin has reported for his army at ChoonCheon 102 centre today. Mithra Jin has report for active duty in the army.”

The rep said, “Because of other member Tablo’s education certification controversy which had made so much noise in the media, Mithra Jin had wanted to report for army quietly.”

Epik High’s last album before Mithra Jin reported for army was ‘epilogue’ released in March, and he will be serving the army duties for the next 2 years.

S: MTStarNews


7 Responses

  1. awwww. hwaiting tablo. hwaiting epik high! 🙂

  2. awww….so that leaves Tablo on his lonesome!…

    anyway i’m glad MJ gone to the army cos the sooner they get that over with the more time they can spend on making awesome music!

  3. I feel kind of bad for Tablo. Both members are away in the army, leaving him to face the unnecessary controversies alone.

    • his not alone tho…his got his fam and his wife.

      • Yes, I understand he still has his family and his wife with him. What I mean is, in terms of their music career, he is alone now.

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