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Big Bang spotted filming for new MV in InCheon SongDo… Why?

Idol group Big Bang was spotted filming for a MV in InCheon SongDo, causing great interests and curiosity.

According to a representative on 3rd August, Big Bang were in InCheon SongDo on 2nd August to film for a MV. Even though the boys have been busy the earlier half of this year promoting and doing public performances in Japan, this will the first time after so long since all 5 members have gathered at one place together in Korea, causing great interests as to what they are filming for.

With that the representative commented, “This is not for their Korean comeback, but for the MV off their upcoming new album set to be released in Japan. The members all worked hard at the MV filming.”

Meanwhile the last album the group released in Korea was ‘Sunset Glow’ their 2nd album in November 2008. There are plans for the group to have their Korean comeback later this year.

S: MTStarNews

13 Responses

  1. Actually crossing fingers real hard, wishing that it’s for their Korean comeback!

  2. as much as i miss them being korea, i just support them with whatever they’re doing right now. venturing out to other places in asia. :))) hwaiting bigbang! i will patiently await the day you comeback & start promoting in korea again. ❤

  3. just like most fans, i do miss to see them active in Korea … coming out with a new album and promoting it. but, rather than nothing at all, i’ll just be thankful with whatever they come out with (or else i’ll stress myself out with frustration). i believe the fans’ patience and loyalty will be paid off handsomely by YG and Big Bang. *praying*


    (and before you ask…. yes. the caps are necessary. it’s almost 3yrs korean hiatus. we need our BIGBANG back pls.)

  5. Wow in Korea again? Man thats a lot of traveling… I mean in less than 1 week, TOP and Taeyang went from: Promoting singles in korea (top with se7en), to starting promotion for Beautiful Hangover in Japan, to filming the MV in korea…. Very busy indeed.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and mai, João Alberto. João Alberto said: Big Bang spotted filming for new MV in InCheon SongDo…Why?: Idol group Big Bang was spotted filming for a MV in In… http://bit.ly/bB9qhR […]

  7. Seriously, comeback already!!! It’s so tiring to see YG, himself didn’t mentioned ANYTHING about their comeback!….

  8. unbearably miss them…

    of course a new MV is great, especially when their new single is awesome ❤ but please remember that you guys have to come back to Korea!

    • Why do people keep saying come back to Korea when they’re STILL making music…just that it’s in Japan?
      It’s not like you LIVE in Korea, so why do you care? (Unless some of you really do live there then disregard this message, lol)

      Well, as a VIP, I dont care as long as I get that awesome music and get to see them perform somewhere. ^_^

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