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Co-Ed gets one more member and will debut as a 10-member mixed group

Ahead of their debut, it has been revealed that NamNyeoDongHak (Co-Ed) will debut as 10 members instead of 9 members.

This is according to their agency Core Contents Media on 4th August, “Initially we wanted it to be a 9-member group, but we have added one more member. We have added another male member, who is currently a middle school 3rd year student. Even though it hasn’t been long since Co-Ed is formed, the members are able to collaborate well, and they will be able to show a even cooler group.”

The revealed members of Co-Ed includes SeeYa ex-member SooMi, Ryu HyoYeong, ‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon, KwangHaeng, JungWoo and InWoo.

The group will debut in September officially.


14 Responses

  1. 2 things/or 3 wrong here:

    1-Too young it’s ridiculous.
    2-Too many members, it’s ridiculous.
    3-Too many groups PERIOD its ridiculous!!!

  2. ughhhhh.

    a 3rd year middle schooler?

    do they no longer prioritize education now and only entertainment? -_- the future looks bleak

    • im not really “mad” just shocked

    • I thought that Korea is going into entertainment too much too and most of them are very young too. Korea need to consider education more too…

      • I get a feeling that I will be liking this group for some reasons. HOPE TO SEE THEM! HWATING!

  3. Wow, im excited actually.

  4. WHOA, why are there so many members in groups nowadays?
    They’ll hardly get any chances to sing. 😐
    But whatever, I can’t wait to see this group!
    It’s definitely a nice change from the same sexes groups.

  5. The guy with glasses is hawt

  6. omg 10 is alot!

  7. I hope they will debut with a song like TTL

  8. as much as im excited about a coed group.. i’ve lost track after the twin girl

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