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WGM Khuntoria spotted shopping with their 4 ‘daughters’

We Got Married Nich Khun and Victoria were recently spotted with their 4 ‘daughters’ – the f(x) members shopping together.

Previously, they were also spotted together at the water amusement park. Go under the cut for more photos.

The last photo features the WGM couple with the own of the pension they stayed at for their newly wed vacation.

13 Responses

  1. are you all have the link of this video .. ???

  2. hey now now, Nichkhun deserves Vic-mommy. I swear. They are one of the cutest couples is WGM. As for the Krystal incident, let’s not make a scene out of it, totally unrelated. khuntoria forever!

  3. Aww, what about the 2pm kids too. Lol. Where’s amber?!?

  4. ofcourse khun wants to go shoping w/ fx or swiming because its not victoria she wants but krystal pfft poor victoria

    • considering Krystal is underaged, that’s kinda gross/pedo-ish, not that I mind because Victoria has heaps of other celeb admirers at the moment anyways. (:

  5. khun blonde againn……hmmmm
    they are so cute in the last pic,,,<3

  6. lol please keep khun away from krystal lmao 😀

  7. I think -> 3 daughters and 1 son

    hhehe, just kidding

  8. Victoria looks so kawaii~ keke

  9. haha Khuntoria what a name

  10. they are sooo cute !!!
    cant wait!!!!!

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