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An average age of just 15 years old, GP Basic is set to debut as youngest girlgroup

With an average age of just 15 years old, girlgroup GP Basic will debut.

‘GP Basic’ consists of 6 members – 1 still in elementary school and 5 members in middle school. They will join the inflood of girlgroups active in the Kpop scene as the youngest girlgroup.

Their agency GP Basic Entertainment revealed that the girls spent 2 years training in terms of singing and dancing. Even though they are young, they are set out to show their unnies that they have the strong girl power too.

The group will debut next week with their debut single release.


59 Responses

  1. […] of GP Basic’s new video, whom with an average age of just 15 years, are easily Korea’s youngest. Is it as bad as that? See my posts Reading “The Lolita Effect” in Korea and Ajosshis […]

  2. […] At an average age of just 15 years old, GP Basic is set to debut as Korea’s youngest girlgroup. As Extra! Korea aptly puts it, “Stop the Madness“, and notes that he is not the only […]

  3. I do not think that their age is a problem. In fact, in Hispanic culture there are a lot of today’s singers and actors who started as early as 10 years old (check out actress and singer Lucero). These actors and singer are the best and still are working. The thing is that they did not come out looking older than they are, not wearing super high heels (this must deform their feet so bad since they are so young!!!). I think the bad thing is having young girls dress older than they are and put make up (this gotta be bad for your skin). I think they chose wrong image for these girls. VERY WRONG!

  4. so.they are 97er?and that one is 99er?
    Damn it! Im 94er.last year i feel proud to be young and fresh girl but now i feel really really old.
    Teentop,20star bla3.they’re younger than me! Damn it!!

  5. Did everyone seem to forget that BoA debuted at 13?

    • i didn’t . but i think now the world have changed for kpop . i don’t know why but i think BoA is more mature . and when i saw they say 12 years old internationally age i was like IM 13 and she 12 ? are you sure ? .

      i don’t mind if they debut at 15 or 16 but 12or 13 is too young . too much make up on face will really make they skin spoil . .

  6. […] Filed under: music,rapid cultural change,youth — extrakorea @ 3:17 am According to K-Bites and AllKpop, a new girl group named GP Basic is set to debut next week. Since you can`t swing a […]

  7. okay, so i understand both sides of the story.
    The entertainment companies want younger people so that they have more time to spend as a singer. They’re exposed for a longer period of time and as they get older, they’ll get better, bringing in more profit. It makes sense.

    But the fact that the girls are so young is also not good. This is their time to figure out things about themselves, and have friends and fun. The fact that they’re throwing that away is sad, not in a disgusting way, almost like a pity. It’s not that each individual is young, it’s the fact that the whole group’s average is only 15. That’s my age. And they have six members. And elementary is too young for a child to debut. Her voice is probably not even developed slightly.

    Sure Korea is looking for fresh faces, and young people, but there are people who think that voices matter. If you’re that young, you can’t possibly have a matured enough voice. They should train them atleast one more year (maybe two for the elementary one).

    But then again, they might surprise us. We’ll just have to wait and watch then judge them.

    It seems like Korean entertainment companies are in a race to see who can debut the group with the youngest age average…. sigh

  8. Too young!
    And I don’t like cutesy themes either D=.
    The best they can do is …a kiddy rock theme I guess.

    I just hope they don’t go all “Sexy” on stage. Cuz at that age…it’s just .. not right.


  10. What is this?!
    I’d rather watch older mature girls who have already dealt with puberty than extremely young girls.

  11. wow…how long did that take to write! damn

  12. Exactly, what is the big hooha about 15-year-olds debuting? And they have to be labeled “jailbaits” just because they are following their dream? Yes. Not many may succeed I agree. There are tons and tons of bands these days and there are even more coming up. Only the good few will remain and they are inevitably Wondergirls, SNSD, Super Junior, TVXQ and maybe SHINee etc. The rest ar considered average bands but does this stop Korea the idea of implementing a new group? NO. One group may fail but within the same agency, they’d be planning to debut another new group within the week. Korea these days ONLY believes in bands. Soloist are long out, for the only (really) well-known ones are Bi Rain and BoA Kwon. So agencies out there all believes that debuting a younger, fresher group, will enable them to learn while in the process of debuting, and getting famous over time. That goes the same for Super Junior who debuted years back. Why did it take so long for netizens to agree it’s a good idea of having such a large group? I believe when forming this above GP Basic group, the manager was thinking that, “Over time, I believe people would come to understand a fresh and young face will succeed”, though no gurantees were made. Also, the 20star group which is aiming to beat Super Junior by having 16 members. Although as much as ELF may wail about Super Junior being their “one and only large group they’d ever listen music from”, one day when Super Junior gets older and one by one have to get into enlistment like what fellow-member Kangin is doing now… Trust me, many of them would turn to 20star, the young newbies who’d be groom into the next Super Junior. Like I said, no guarantees were made, but what agencies want to do these days is to duplicate successful bands, but lowering their ages. Hoping that they would be the next XXX (inserts whatever famous group’s name) group, just that they would have a longer time to stay in the industry guven their fresh age.


    How many would succeed like those who have already succeeded?
    We’d have to wait to see.
    I only know that:
    1)Korea now wants to form as many bands as possible.
    2)Of course, the younger the age the better so that they’d be able to stay for a longer time in the industry before getting old and haggard (for girls) and getting into enlistment (for boys).
    3)Korea also wants to duplicate as many successful bands as possible. Hoping they would also acquire the same fame XXX group has acquired BUT will be able to earn their agency more $$$ for the younger you are, the more sellable you are.

    That’s all about Korea these days.



  13. i’m sorry but isn’t minzi just a year older then girls minus the elementary kid…no 1’s making a big deal abt her.

    whats the big deal idol GG in SK get younger and younger…in 3 years time they’ll have a bunch of 10 years old doing this ish.

    • yea, but she’s just one girl, balanced with two older women of ages 26. this softens the blow. not to mention we hardly ever see minzy anywhere. this group is a whole bunch of em. like BAM! SIX! count ’em, SIX 15 year olds, shakin it up on stage. i might be appeased if they’re super talented cuz then i might believe they’ve earned and deserved it. but otherwise…. just go back to school ladies. come back when you’re 18 or something.

  14. Elementary school? Damn. What on earth is going on? How can a kid manage all that stress? Furthermore, K-Netizens are known to be ruthless. Tsktsktsk.
    -Shakes head-


    Noooooooooo. D: Shouldn’t they be in school? I know many people would like to achieve something bigger and get famous, but just because they’re really going to debut doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stay in the entertainment industry for a long time. Maaan, so many, no, in fact, TOO many groups are debuting I feel like kpop should put a limit on the numbers of debuts per year. come on, we’ve got Chocolate, Co.ed, GP Basic, Nine Muse, Free Star, 20star or something, and there’s probably more to come.

    This is sad, really. I remember how people used to be EXCITED when new groups were going to debut, like 2NE1, Beast, MBLAQ, even 4minute, but now we’re just getting sick. In GP Basic’s case, they just appeared out of nowhere (I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard of them before, or maybe it’s because I’m not in Korea) BUT BAM! They’re already going to debut next week…

    ..ENOUGH ALREADY. I doubt people would actually know the names of the members.

    ..Korea, I love you and all, but at times I reallly, reallllly, don’t get you.

  16. wow so many girl groups debuting next week

    wonder who will come out on Top?

  17. lols….one more girl group again- –
    korean will flood cause by girl group
    nowadays..girl groups become more and more since last year….just stop it..i think that is enough for girl groups – –

  18. elementary school?? what the fuck…
    I am so sorry for them..

  19. gross.

    i dont want to be harsh or mean but

    i hope reality smacks them and the idiots hoping to make an ez dollar, in the face. so yeah, they spent two years training… doing what? dancing in their spare time and singing pop songs with compliments from who? people within their own agency whom, obviously will praise them.

    idk, but i find it obnoxious. not them, im sure they have dreams and aspirations to become famous, but please, these agencies seem to lose rep and respect by the day in hoping to bring in some ez cash by sprouting pop groups left and right

    • oh and btw, at 15 or so years of age, how do they even know that stardom is what they really enjoy? music artists thrive when they devote themselves and their passion for the art. at such a young age, i doubt they even understand what passion is. not to say i do, for im still searching for my career of choice, but goodness… idk.

      whatever (: its their ticking time bomb

    • haahaa if all they did during their two year training was dancing in their spare time and singing pop songs i’m ready to debut as a singer considering i’ve been doing that for the past seventeen yrs 😉
      but yeah, i do agree with you , the agencies seem to be rushing it with new groups debuting every week or so.

  20. seriously guys,
    just go to school

  21. So young. . – .

    First time hearing of these girls.
    Named after their Ent company or what? -__-;;;

    “inflood of girlgroups” = FLOOD is right.

  22. why would the parents let them children to have such a heavy make up? this is insane. education is the thing that will guide you through ur lifetime, not the mature look.

  23. this is getting so sad. i thought teen top was already young. aren’t their avg age like 15 too?

  24. i smell exploitation. period.

  25. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?! i shall create a toddler girl group then……… -.-

  26. I’m tired of all of these kids trying to debut as ‘singers’. The kpop scene has been centered around talentless idols nowadays, it’s kinda sad. I wish they’d at least stay in school or train some more, polish up those skills and debut a few years later. Because really, who the hell is gonna take you seriously if you’re only in elementary school? Ugh.

    • IKR?! The agencies seem to be rushing things its not even funny. Do they not understand that having an artist under their name does not mean just train them and after a few years let them debut? Gosh.

  27. This is disgusting. They are too young to dress like that.

  28. wtf??? are they seriously dressed like that…hell naw…stay in school kids

  29. But they look good, don’t they? At least I think they have real talent and cool image. Not like 9 muse or Chocolate or whatever – their – name – is girl group lately

  30. … this is really wrong 😐
    honestly, i liked kpop because i thought that it wasn’t as pedo as jpop – like, at least there weren’t twelve year olds bouncing around in high heels in kpop, right? great. just great.

  31. Shouldn’t they be in School? Sigh ;(

  32. Okay! They’re way too young! What’s next a bunch of babies dancing and singing?

  33. I’d feel like a grandma next to them…even when I was 15 >_> (me would never wear those kind of clothes even though they are pretty and no high heels). What are they doing…the kids should be full time at school.

  34. OMG O.O seriously?? ….pedo alert! anyone xD

    poor girls i dont know if this is good or bad O.O

  35. u knoW it’s cool to see more young groups but education is far more important :/

  36. Oh no. I remember the days when ppl would joke about how elementary school kids would start popping out of kpop scene in no time, and now it’s actually happening. I don’t know if I’d just laugh or cringe about this.

    It’s just frightening to see kids like these to crash and burn (at some point) at their prime.

    • Totally agree! And they wanna show “they can have girl power too”..then they’re not doing it right! Young girls aren’t suppose to dress like that so they’re sending the wrong message.
      It will only make more girls self esteem go down to think they have to look like that even though thats not what normal girls their age are suppose to look like.

      They dont have to be all “cutesy-cuties”, just be real and hopefully dont start to dress like sluts.

      • i hope they´re not b****es, especially since they´re ´singers and they´re famous and stuff´.i hope they don´t show off at school and then get anti-fans and totally deflate

    • its just too young and they are sexualizing kids at such a young age
      i can understand say krystal, ui and t-ara ji yeon since all their concept so far has been tamed, (maybe not ji-yeon since she has done the breaking heart mini-album promotion) (and krystal for showing some tummy in nu-abo) but they initially promoted these young artist as young starlets, not sexual jailbait

      i guess there will be fanboys and ahjussi looking up at their skirt in the front row and it doesn’t change the fact that they are wearing stuff which are a bit older than their age

  37. One sixth-grader and five eighth-graders? Isn’t this too young? Whatever happened to the importance of education? Don’t understand how their parents can allow them to trade education for fame.

    GP Basic…GP = girl power? Well, we will see.

  38. wow i thought i-13 was youngest lol

  39. this is not good. i mean come on they just a kid.what is wrong with their parents??elementary school??!

  40. 1 in elementary…? ._.;; wow lol

  41. This is sad.

    Seriously sad.

    I guess they really want to throw their life away, huh?
    The packed schedules, the heavy makeup, the anti-fans? Its way too much to handle at such a young age.

    And during middle school, you’re supposed to really develop yourself, who you are, your friends, your personality! But apparently, these girls are willing to escape the horrors of middle school to be famous…

    Well good luck to them, only if they can actually sing. If not, they can fail for all I care if they are just debuting for the heck of it. (Which I slightly doubt, but you never know……..)

  42. jailbait. no thank you.

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