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BoA to UKnow YunHo, “Soccer king Yoon-dol ah, have strength”

A day ahead of her comeback, singer BoA reveals a photo taken together with junior from same agency Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo.

BoA posted on her Twitter on 5th August a photo of her leaning on UKnow’s shoulder and wrote, “The face I met and is happy to meet at the company – soccer king Yoon-dol ah!! I’m tired from practice for my first broadcast performance… Yoon-dol will start practising fromㅋㅋ Have strength Yoon-dol ah^^”

Meanwhile, BoA will have her comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 6th August with the song ‘Hurricane Venus’.

S: MyDaily

12 Responses

  1. yeah .. in him drama “NO LIMIT” ..

    he so cool ..

  2. u-know is the soccer king ..

  3. what’s wrong with “boa” ???

  4. Yanho, he used to be my fav from DBSK. It has been a while. He has grown to be a Man..haha dun get me wrong he look v v mature now. I miss DBSK as a group

  5. @Anonymous
    6th not 5th :L

    Havent seen something from dbsk in a while, its good to see yunho 🙂

  6. 5th of August? isn’t that today?…but isn’t today Mnet Countdown?

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