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BoA’s 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’ revealed!

BoA’s comeback 6th Korean album ‘Hurricane Venus’, 5 years after her previous album, has been revealed on 5th August.

It is also revealed that the album will be released simultaneously in 8 other cities like Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, HongKong etc from 5th August.

Check out the rest of the tracks under the cut.

Love it or not?

20 Responses

  1. is she trying a Katie Perry and Lady Gaga fusion?

  2. BOA MADE MY DAY! *____*

  3. […] BoA released her 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’ on 5th August and she will have her comeback stage on 6th […]

  4. i was okay with hurricane venus, but other than that i dont think i liked any other songs in her album. i guess SM’s song is not my type. I’m more into YG n JYP’s song

    but then, sometimes SM can give me something so addicting— its not my type of song or anything but i am just addicted to some of SM’song maybe bcs of their cute n cool dance moves.

    but above all, i think the reason why im not feeling boA’s album is that bcs i’m into YG’s n maybe some of JYP’s

  5. I not a fan nor a hater so I think I’ll be pretty fair in my judgement. I only really like 2 songs, Implode and M.E.P. and about 3 others are ok and t he others I’ll skip. My problem is maybe I’m not really into ballads (unless they’re really good like Implode) and she has quite a few ballads here, however I’m not feeling the dance tracks either. I actually prefer SHINee’s album to this and I’m not a big SHINee fan myself. Since she’s considered the queen I expect a little more I guess.

  6. i see that there are a lot of people talking about SM’s control over their artists music… and that’s the issue with all other companies… unless your G Dragon… but you have to prove to the company you can succeed… and BoA is definetly at that point in her life… she said that this album was her… from the start to finish… the many aspects of her… and i enjoyed every little bit of it… and as a fan i’m happy that’s she’s putting herself out there… listening to implode i got to see a glimpse of a vulnerable and raw BoA and it was very emotional. I LOVE YOU BOA YOU ARE AMAZING AND FOREVER WILL BE A LEGEND IN THE KPOP INDUSTRY… you may not be as popular as some idol groups, but your always NO. 1 too many fans. =) so find yourself and do what you want to do with your life and don’t forget to SMILE, because you’ve lost your smile… we’ve missed you.

  7. Love it. Though, unlike what seems like most people, I still prefer Hurricane Venus above everything else, with adrenaline coming very close to my favorite as well. 😮

  8. for a non fan. all songs are Good to listen to. adrenalin and dangerous are my choice but theres something lacking whenever Im listening to all sm’s arstist songs,I guess it would be a feeling of ‘passion or choice of music’ its like you just put different kind of something inside the box to fill it and make it look heavy.
    Dont get me wrong its Just a feeling.

  9. […] BoA released her 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’ on 5th August and she will have her comeback stage on 6th […]

  10. Way better than her American album, maybe almost at the same level as her last Japanese one. Overall, pretty good Korean comeback album, I liked Implode, too!

  11. […] BoA released her 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’ on 5th August and she will have her comeback stage on 6th […]

  12. after being disappointed with her 3 other songs

    implode is totaly good.
    implode is daebakkkkkkk

  13. ughmmm idk i kinda liked the songs but theres not a single song in the album that makes me want to put it on repeat all day… it is just missing something….and this is coming from a nonfan so yeah i dont mean to bash or anything ….. but i’m still looking forward to her comeback stage cuz i noe she is really great performer….

  14. better than shinee’s album, not better than taeyang or se7en’s album. just my opinion

    • i agree, SM songs are well made but theres something about them that doesn’t make me want to listen to it all day or not all memorable like they used to be….not bashing cuz I loved Boa’s songs No. 1, Atlantis, and My Name…,just an opinion

  15. hmm even though i disliked all three songs that was released but however IMO her album is actually really good it had a variety of many genres… Ballad/Pop/Electric Pop/etc my fav song is M.E.P. it is such a refreshing song…. the best album released from SM this year!(followed closelyby SHINee’s Lucifer).. cant wait to for this week’s music bank it is gonna be EPIC! BOA Hwating!

  16. This album should be nominated as one of the best albums of the year 🙂 Love BoA!

  17. after failing to like Hurricane Venus, i gotta say, her album is great! implode is beautiful, romance is so classy, adrenaline and dangerous are some of my favorites.

    one of the better SM albums i’ve heard this year.. in fact, its my favorite SO FAR for album of the year. I’m glad BoA is back. so many groups debuting every week that i want to go back to the good ol’ days where there were more soloists and idols didnt hold down everything. go get em’ BoA!

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