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Mnet M!Countdown 05.08.2010 – Se7en kiss hello to his 2nd #1

On Mnet M!Countdown live broadcasted on 5th August, singer Se7en won his 2nd #1 for his comeback song ‘Better Together’.

Go under the cut for the other performance cuts.

13 Responses

  1. Congrats, Se7en!

  2. Congrats to Se7en!!
    Just a question though, why did Se7ven perform 2 songs on the show today? It’s not his special comeback… Or because he’s promoting both?

    • I just realized the same thing for 4minute and MBLAQ… Probably because they don’t have enough performers? Sorry I sound bitter but apparently not, just curious :D.

      • 4minute’s doing promotions for Superstar K as well, so that’s why they’re singing Superstar.

        MBLAQ and Se7en, probably just to fill out time.

      • it’s mblaq’s goodbye stage this week, so they are doing both songs. and they actually cut they songs so that both of them added together only makes up 3min+.

        like eltoshen said, 4 minute’s doing promotions for superstar k so they’re doing both songs. but i supposed they will stop soon? since they will be promoting in japan, right? (correct me if im wrong)

        not sure about se7en though. i was wondering abt that too.

  3. love the arm thing se7en does at 1:58 in better together ❤

  4. yes for the second time!! congrats SE7EN!!!

  5. a teary CONGRATS!!! Seven. you must win on mubank or inkigayo FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

    good vocal Infinite.
    Likin the other performances 4minute, my boys Mblaq.
    nice song and comeback Hwanhee.
    not likin the miss a song.

  6. congratz se7en he really deserve it
    keep doing a great job 🙂

  7. 4minute has been promoting for a while? when are they gonna say goodbye

  8. Congrats SE7EN! ❤
    Flawless performance!

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