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Nine Muses reveals MV teaser to ‘No Playboy’

The MV teaser to ‘model-dol’ Nine Muses’ upcoming debut song ‘No Playboy’ has been revealed on 5th August.

The 9-member girlgroup will debut with their debut single on 12th August. Love it or not?

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  1. […] listening to the song and the MV teaser, loving it so […]

  2. can we NOT judge these girls until they debut?
    What if they surprise us with good talent? Whether it be dancing or singing. Let’s just wait to see how they are before judging.

    And i’m tired of seeing miss a >>>>>> 2NE1 or
    snsd >>>>>t-ara or whatever they are. It doesn’t matter! it’s all opinionated, even vote-wise, it depends on your style. And a lot of groups are just fads anyways, when 2NE1 came out, people said they beat everyone, and then when SNSD came back, they said SNSD beat everyone and now everyone says Miss A. Can we stop these games. If you like a certain group, that’s great. But don’t try to put down other groups with your comments. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, i admit, but there are certain ways to express them. If you don’t like Nine Muse, just say you don’t like their teaser. Don’t bring in other groups, because then people take it out on all the group’s fans and sometimes the group itself.

  3. no, sookyeong shouldnt start managing comments. i thought about that, but that’ll become dictatorship.

    oh, this isnt akp and it isnt the same. this is a wordpress.

    i just think that people need to be more mature about this. stay quiet and let trolls troll because you know, and i know, and we all know, they feed off your rebounding comments. if you let them be, it’ll stop momentarily.

    and its not just them, but EVERY ARTICLE turns into a stupid debate about WHOS BEST. i mean seriously?

    grow up.

    as for the teaser, its okay. if theyre being marketed as models, i feel as if… they should model, lol

  4. Lol the ppl who are bashing have NO lIFE!!!

  5. Wow, it’s sounds like gaga voice for some reason. I can’t wait but it seems like this group is going for adults instead teens.

  6. I think Sookyeong need to start managing comments because its really getting out of hand all these people fighting defending their precious idol groups over what? in the end you don’t change anyone’s mind. Its a bunch of useless back and forth between fans and most of these fans always complain why kfans have wars but they join in on it. Am I not right?

    • Agreed. Honestly, it always seems like KBites is flooded by 6 year olds fighting over a toy or something -.-

      • I’m glad someone agrees with me they make allkpop users look like angels I mean who stuck a stick up their kahunas for them to lash out like this

      • LOL I dunno about allkpop users looking like angels (they’re pretty bad IMO)… we just don’t see all those comments because they’re by page and the posts usually have a lot more comments.
        I don’t even really even read allkpop anymore. I switched to here because allkpop has bad/biased writers and they don’t translate accurately. Plus (back then) there weren’t as many trolls on KBites.
        Now…the number of trolls has multiplied intensely -.-

  7. Kind of lame to bring other groups to one group’s article…
    Even if it’s for comparison, people shouldn’t dig too much
    Especially they are rookies, and we haven’t even heard the song
    Just sit, relax and enjoy the show ya?? ^^v

  8. Umm, it’s this article about Nine Muses? so why is the majority of this article about 2NE1 (and other groups).

  9. Yes, I can see Muse being my fav girl group. Alright, I see Seo In Young animal print dress from the ‘Vanity’ MV. Oh and all you haters. Stop.

    Just enjoy the music. Life is to short to hate on everyone.

  10. I like the teaser.
    Hope the actual mv and song will be good too 🙂

  11. Ok. Next.

    I’m sorry but we don’t need another female rookie because missA is already there kicking everyone’s asses right now like no other. They’re the best and the sooner you guys accept the fact, the better.

    But goodluck to this nine girls or whatever anyway.

  12. it’s reminds me of Jolin’s Real man or sth like this
    ” i want a real man~”

    • Haha I thought I was the only one to notice this.

      Anyways I can’t wait to see these girls in action.

      LOL @ the idol wars on here!

  13. Pathetic losers! HAHAHAH

    • I’m referring to all you guys bagging on groups because of their looks… who cares if they aren’t “pretty” it’s the talent that counts…. dumbasses. What are you guys like 13 ? Grow the fuck up!

      • LOL agreed. my god, the people here are ridiculous. k bites used to be troll free. wtf is going on these days? each group is talented and beautiful in their own way. only children argue over something so petty.

        can’t we all just get along? wait, this is k-pop, so thats unlikely :S

      • I’m laughing at all the

        “x>>>>>>>>>>Y” posts and “X is waaaay more prettier than y” post. Trolls are annoying but so are blind fangirls/fanboys who feed trolls by actually bothering to reply to their nonsense. Common sense folks.

      • @goldenGAZE
        I love how they think posting stuff like that actually proves a point or something XD

        Well…it seems like they really ARE 13. I’m just wondering if I ever acted like that when I was 13 though o.O I don’t remember ever acting like that

  14. Well then…

    …I don’t know how to feel about this XD
    Including a piece of the song would have helped. Guess we’ll have to wait~

  15. Can we all stop the arguing? At the end of the year cn blue and miss A will get rookie of the year for male & female. 2NE1 and big bang will win best male & female group of the year… There!!!

    • Who said 2NE1 will win the best female? If mama, Yes coz SNSD will not attend. But if other awards show, hell no. I am not a SONE but SNSD is the top korean girl group right now.

    • yea yea i hope 2ne1 and big bang will win that awards but for now i want their comebacks first,waiting to long~

    • LOL WONDER GIRLS are hella more beautiful and talented than 2ne1.… There!!!

  16. […] girlgroup will debut with their debut single on 12th August. © NineMusesEmpire (source) + Kbites Please copy complete credits. Don’t leave anything out. – HOTSPICYKIMCHI […]

  17. There’s nothing to comment on xD No music not even part of the song.

  18. Pls, once 2NE1 comes back they’ll blow all these 9 muses out of the competition as well as the other 9 plastics

    • MISS A >>>>>>>>>> 2ne1 any day.

      • T-ara is way better than miss a and 2ne1 together.

      • @boram.kawaii
        No one f*kin cares about t-ara. They arent even considered a top female group, but maybe in your dreams-

      • T-ara is everywhere in korea nowadays.
        they even have a lot of useless news..
        T-ara is daebak <333333333

    • Shut ur tramp, soshi>>>>>>2NE1 any day! Only dara has the looks, the rest are fugly

      • Agree 100% lol

      • btw I have a sone friend who’s open minded.
        and she said to me, for Japan debut, some of your 9 girls get their face done again…
        most korean girls get plastic surgery, you’re just an idiot, try to receive the fact, and stop saying others fugly, I am not 2ne1’s fans, but I am sick of sones who always said snsd is good looking and never get plastic surgery

        get you fact straight, before becoming a kpop fans

      • trolls r everywhere am i rite?let’s talk about talent rather than look shall we?beauty can fade away but talents r lasting long u know that~but good for u if u like them~

      • every time somoene mentions park bom and plastic surgery in the same sentence, theres always some dumbass blackjack that insists that park bom never got surgery.
        what a hypocrite.

      • ^ THis x 10. Park Bom is so plastic that I will think of her as a doll if I don’t know PB.

      • ^ok fine so what ur point is?lol,good for u then~

    • mmm CL’s eyes continue to creep me out and last time I checked park bom redid her face so she can barely open her mouth and the other members are just ugly except sandara but she’s not that hot either.

    • @Bommie
      You always try to bring 2NE1 in many article, not in a good way. You must be realise by now that every time you pull down someone, there will always be someone who will bash your idols. This is just pathetic way of showing support to 2NE1

      • @Bommie… I wish those people saying that this girls are ugly, untalented etc, (to all kpop group who mention now)… can see themselves first before saying anything.?.. they talk too much without thinking…. I’m pity those people saying that negatives comments, atleast this artist has a big dream to achieve and they want to make it happen….

    • @bommie im a BJ as a fan of 2ne1 plz plz stop make a fanwar statement like that or maybe u just a troll?

  19. wow supermodel legs… they wearing hot pants too …and those… stockings thingo…lol i dont know what its called… they are totally going shekshi concept

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by João Alberto and mai, aboutkpop. aboutkpop said: Nine Muses reveals MV teaser to ‘No Playboy’ http://bit.ly/boGalm about_kpop […]

  21. Teaser video:

  22. snsd has a competition in terms ‘nice leg’ @@

    • Oh please, everyone knows soshi has the most beautiful looks in kpop today. These muses got nothin on my girls!!! AND soshi will only be the best 9 forever!!!

  23. okay, i guess, i have absolutely no idea how the song will sound judging from the teaser
    actually the teaser kind of scared me
    it reminded me of the ring

  24. no offense, but WHAT A LAME TEASER, the only good in this teaser is the guy.

  25. teaser was kind of freaky in the first half imo. you’d think they’d play at least the instrumental or something.

  26. errrrr … where is the song? i mean, at least add the song to make me excited

  27. WTF !! I thought this is a teaser? the only thing we can hear from that video is that lame voice saying ‘no playboy’ until the video ended.. they should have included a bit of their song.. it doesn’t seem like a teaser to me, it’s like they’re just reminding us that they’re just a bunch of “supermodels” who gets attention by showing off their hot bodies and pretty faces.

    • The teaser has done it’s job. It has teased you. Left you anticipating what the fuck their song is gonna sound like. Don’t bash a newbi group for something soo stupid. How many other well established artist have teasers with songs that they are not even promoting or just random beats. They’re just advertising the groups, TEASING you hence the name Teaser…sheesh…

  28. Judging from the vid, it seems to be sexy and this group is all about LEGS. Not only they keep showing off their legs in the teaser but they also keep reminding us of the fact that they’re a bunch of tall super models through their statements. Well, let’s hope they don’t sing with their legs as well..

  29. wtf is with this idol groups teasing people with such pointless teasers?!!!! Aren’t they suppose to promote their music and not their looks and whatnot, how come lately these teasers are getting really pointless by the day??! Come on, if you’re planning to promote a song, give us singing in your teaser and not with all of these BS.

  30. I expected some section of the song in the teaser but they’ve got nothing. What’s with the auto-tune talking? It doesn’t tell me anything about their singing. This kind of teaser sucks

  31. nice teaser for rookies!

    • Miss A is the BEST Rookie group this year.
      Nine muses and their teaser SUCKS !!!

      • ROFL who wants 4 ugly girls????? people like models.
        Nine muses, all the way !!!!

      • missA the rookie of the year??!! LOL sorry but CNBlue is waaaaaay better.

      • “who wants 4 ugly girls????? people like models.”
        totally agree 😀

        that’s why I don’t like 2NE1 or miss A… because T-ARA and nine muses are PRETTY AND TALENTED.

      • @hyomin47: I couldnt agree more..
        MissA n 2ne1 are Overrated. btw, this’s man candy.

      • Only one girl can really sing in t-ara and thats soyeon. The rest just sing mediocrely and rely heavily on looks like snsd

      • CNblue is THE rookie of 2010
        2ne1, MissA and nine muses are mediocre,
        and this teaser is Meh, it doesn’t even introduce the song.

      • CN BLUE IS the ROOKIE of the year! Miss A comes close.

      • lol koreans loves Miss A .. for them MissA IS the ROOKIE of the year!

      • @hmm
        they aren’t that pretty too.

      • i cant believe you guys are saying nine muses all the way blablabla even the song hasnt come out yet.. only the teaser..geez

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