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SNSD fans put up large scale advertisement to celebrate the group’s 3rd year debut anniversary

Fans of girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae put up a large scale advertisement with a congratulatory message in Seoul KangBook KangNam to commemorate the group’s 3rd year debut anniversary.

Fans have put up congratulatory messages and videos on KwangHwaMun Korea Building and NonHyunDong Metro Building up to 100 times for the whole day for 5th August.

The advertisement uses images from the group’s ‘Run Devil Run’ promotions. And the message in the advertisement goes, “Surpassing Korea and advancing into the world market, congratulations to So Nyeo Shi Dae on their 3rd year debut anniversary. Sβ™‘NE will forever root for So Nyeo Shi Dae.”

So Nyeo Shi Dae fandom is known for putting up advertisements, be it on buses, billboards or internet, when it comes to occasions like members’ birthdays or debut anniversaries.

Advertising agency Ad Y commented, “At first when we received the proposal from the fans to put up the ad, we were shocked. But being a SNSD fan personally, and furthermore they are Korea’s representative girlgroup bringing in profitability, so we went ahead with the advertisement execution.”

Meanwhile, SNSD debuted in August 2007.



33 Responses

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  2. congratsss<3

  3. Happy 3rd anniversary SNSD!! Wish them good luck in Japan!

  4. 3 years already? Wow!

    3 years ago I hate them so much I wish all of them won’t make it big in the industry.

    Boy, I was wrong. They are EVERYWHERE now. In fact I’ve started to like them and I don’t even know why. Although I still don’t consider myself as a fan, it’s amazing to see them stronger than ever despite all the criticism/hardship they’ve gone through in 3 years.

    Happy 3rd anniversary, SNSD ❀

  5. I’m a SONE hahah and proud too

  6. These are the voice messages that SNSD girls were updating us hourly.

    [Eng Subs] 100805 SNSD 3rd Anniversary a voice message for SONEs

  7. how i wish if time can stop so that soshi & sones can beο»Ώ together forever~

  8. OMFG, this is so cool! πŸ˜€
    I never expected fans to go this far!

  9. “For 3 years, we have made many unforgettable memories.
    During this wonderful time full of happiness and tear, there are only us who always believe in each other.
    Our hearts are together. Our dreams are the same.
    Thanks fate for bringing the girls together.
    Thanks destiny for let us found them in this world.
    With all our hearts, we greatly appreciate everything you bring to us.
    Our own fairy tale.

    cr. snsd on Vietnamese newspaper.

  10. yay snsd i wish you all the best

  11. Happy birthday SNSD.
    these girls are truly filled with amazing talent and energy. i’m totally looking forward to their overseas plans and promos in japan.

    β™₯ Jigemeun SNSD β™₯ Apherodo SNSD β™₯ Yongwonhee SNSD

    ‘‘‘ SNSD, Saranghae !!!

  12. μ§€κΈˆμ€ μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€ ❀ μ•žμœΌλ‘œλ„ μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€ ❀ μ˜μ›νžˆ μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€


    S9 + S1 = Soshi + Sone = μ†Œλ…€μ‹œλŒ€ + μ†Œμ› = <3333

  13. Happy 3rd Anniversary to all nine angels:

    Kim Taecyeon,
    Jessica Jung,
    Lee Sonkyu,
    Stephanie Hwang,
    Kim Hyoyeon,
    Kwon Yuri,
    Choi Sooyoung,
    Im Yoona and
    maknae Seo Jo Hyun.

    SNSD will be forever 9… the group that introuce me to the world of Kpop…the group that makes me laugh everyday. I’m so pround of to be a SONE.

    Right now, It’s SNSD; tommorrow, It’s SNSD and Forever, It’s SNSD πŸ˜€


  15. Not a fan… but.. HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY SNSD!

  16. I wish they’ll come to my country, just like what Wonder Girls did last month in Indonesia..
    Girl’s Generation,, you girls have so muuuuuch fans in Indonesia…
    SONE Indonesia Loves you all……………………………..
    Saengul Chukae……

  17. Shoulda done it in Japan… to help them you know

    • LOL! Quite true actually πŸ˜€

      Although it’s pretty awesome that they have such supportive and dedicated fans, the economical part of me can’t help but think all that amount of money could be better spent elsewhere. Ultimately though, it’s still their money.

      • Fans are doing that already right now.
        We’ve different projects, like Charity Water.

      • I’m not saying that fans aren’t doing anything else, just that I feel that money for this part of celebrating via billboards could be used in other ways since ads aren’t cheap at all ^^;

  18. i have a question.
    wat does SONE mean?
    i know its SNSD’s fanclub name and the fans are called SONEs but like, wat does it mean? does it stand for something, like Ever-Lasting-Friends, or maybe its a korean word or the name of one of their songs, like Shinee World?

    • I think it’s supposed to be pronounced like ‘sowon’, Korean word for ‘wish’? Like SONEs are SNSD’s wishes, lol.

      • aaaaa~ okay~
        actually i’ve read that somewhere before, that SONEs are SNSD’s wishes. but i know that wish in korean is SoWon. so i kept wondering where SONE came from. so it’s actually pronounced as SoWon? Cool! hahaha~
        Thanks a bunch Tifa88 and LOL

        (I feel like I’m on a quest to understand all fanclub names or something, lol. first, ShaWol = Sha-i-nee Wol-ld and now, SONE = SoWon. hahaha~~~

      • SO ONE ==> SONE

        But its actually S ❀ NE with the O as a heart rather than just an O haha

      • Wish in Korean, μ†Œμ›

    • Sβ™₯NE > SONE > So One > Means that SNSD and their fans are one.

      As the person above explained, Sβ™₯NE/SONE is pronounced as “Sowon (wish)” in Korean. It means that their fans’ wishes is SNSD and vice versa.

      Sowon is also the Korean name of their song Pefect for you/Honey. πŸ™‚

  19. That’s amazing !

  20. YEAH!! SONE!!! WOOT!!!
    HAPPY 3rd SNSD!!!!

  21. One thing about SONES…They are a creative bunch.
    Much props to SONES all over the world.

    • That’s one thing I feel wow! about SONEs. They are like having all good skills + committed people. SNSD is seriously lucky having them.. and yes, honestly, the love for the girls made SONEs do this, but the hatred towards them made SONEs committed to do everything them. I wanna thank the fan, and the antis.

      Not gonna lie, antis made me a SONE, and antis made me stay loyal to them, to keep supporting them, to keep spreading the love about them. If not I won’t care about them, like any other artist. SNSD is my one & only artist/singer/idol/group I ever love.

      and to SNSD, remember, if there is hatred, there is love vice versa. You may find reason not to live because of the hatred, but you have the reason to stay alive – for the beautiful love. SNSD, happy 3rd anniversary~

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  23. SNSD Sone = 1
    Happy 3rd Anniversary girls! #Forever9SNSD

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