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KBS Music Bank 06.08.2010 – SHINee wins #1 with ‘Lucifer’

Group SHINee wins their 2nd Music Bank #1 with their comeback title song ‘Lucifer’ on KBS Music Bank on 6th August.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts including BoA’s comeback stage.

32 Responses

  1. This certifies that Koreans are really into fandom. There are A LOT of better songs and performances than Lucifer. Most of them don’t appreciate good artists nor good music, they are just into fandom. Sad… but true 😦

    • If that was true, then solo artists such as IU would never win in these music shows. It isn’t just the fandoms that make you win these music shows. It is the quality of the song too. I believe IU won twice or thrice for her duet with Seulong. Trust me, IU’s fan base is not your usual kpop fandom.

  2. SHINee fighting πŸ˜€ ❀ !!!

  3. its me or there is no video?

  4. congrats 4 shinee….^^

  5. Congrats shinee!!hope u’ll win third..

  6. Boa’s ability to sing and dance is a given.. but her comeback song/choreo doesnt really show it =\
    she did well with what she had.. and i’m sure she’ll get lots of love for it.

    seven’s stage is absolutely refined. on music bank, he’ll always be overshadowed. but damn.. it’s sweet.

    congrats to shinee, these boys deserve it, and i’m glad they’re getting the light amongst the veteran comebacks.
    congratulating boa for her comeback is really sweet for jonghyun, and riding on their dancers’ shoulders just reminds me of adorably young they are to be so strong in what they do

  7. why the heckk didnt SE7EN won..aigooooo am not happy right now

    • Pretty sure it’s his first MuBank perf. only…pretty sure he’ll be bound to win later ^^;

    • Se7en needs better album sales to win MuBank. I think his digital sales is doing better so his chances of winning Inki is higher than MuBank.

  8. congrats to the winnersss

    thanks for the videos too(: its very convenient.

    BoA’s stages were amazing. i love how they paid tribute to her past accomplishments. its like how they showed GDYB’s past history when they had their stage. comes to show they acknowledge BoA’s status in the industry and how much shes grown, which btw, she really has grown and matured.

    i wonder why Hwanhee doesnt seem to get as much publicity for his comeback “/

    as for shinee acting arrogant or w.e, i think theyre just boys being boys. i dont find their gestures offensive, they just seem excited to win and share the stage with their senior that is BoA

  9. i wonder why se7en rarely wins in other music shows.. when he wins in mnet countdown… is shinee that good? or is it just a fanbase bias… i do hope se7en wins though.. he is really awesome.. but anyways congrats to the winners

    • i believe shinee is that good.

      whats “fanbase bias” btw? music shows should not prioritize certain artists over other artists. that isnt ethical. unless theres legal problems, which does happen but aside from that, they shouldnt. but i can be wrong about fanbase bias for idk exactly what you mean ):

    • orz to be honest..se7en is talented but that song….isn’t really a song. the only melody is at like the chorus LOL and it’s really autotune..That’s my opinion though.

      Shinee is really that good imo..MR-removed -they got praised for the singing and their dancing is good too

    • se7en is not doing well in terms of album or digital sales..he’s been absent from kpop way too long and there are a lot of new artists. yg really did a disservice to him when he was shipped off to the states without allowing him to release anything – cf or otherwise to maintain his visibility to korean fans.

      Shinee’s good and their fanbase is bigger than se7en’s so album/digital sales are definitely higher. I personally don’t think Lucifer is a better song that Better Together. Just that in these music shows, popularity helps a lot in getting awards.

      Not taking anything against Shinee because they’re a pretty solid group, but it also helps that they’re a group. Solo artists do not get a lot of love lately. It’s just that it’s an idol group era nowadays.

  10. Shout Out to SEVEN!!!!

    just noticed shinee is becoming “arrogant or got problem attitude”…just my opinion.

    • Why arrogant???

    • Lol how so?? Just because they won twice :S?

      I seriously loled when they got picked up like little kids by those people though xD

    • Bitter much that Se7en did not win?

      I love Se7en but neither Digital Bounce nor Better Together are the best vehicles to come back with after being away from kpop for over 3 years. I think his voice is wasted on these songs. YG should have known better.

      Btw, you obviously don’t know SHINee very well. They were being the dorks they obviously are – having fun with both their fans and dancers.

  11. Omg BoA <3!!!! Loved it!!!!!
    congratz Shinee

  12. i didn’t like how shinee acted with boa. Even if they are not close with her, they should have accommodate more generously.

    • they thanked her and hugged her. what more do they have to do ?!

    • are u serious??? Don’t u see Key moved to aside to made sure he wouldn’t block BoA? Jjong congrated her cb as well as Key in their speech? Minho hugged her 1st after they got award? What else should they do ? >.> and they r not close? gotta kidding rite?

    • excuse me what??? did you not see Key move aside to make room for her.

  13. For me MissA is #1 πŸ˜€ they are super Rokkies !!
    can’t wait for their comeback..

  14. super stoked that shinee won..congrats,guys..it was a well- deserved win..I hope they will make it 3 in a row..Even though there’s stiff competition from se7en & boa’s comeback,i’m positive about shinee’s winning streak..shinee,i know u guys have it in u.. =)

  15. ^yeah i think shine won on mubank last week too, this is their second.

    Se7en!!! πŸ˜€ This is his first mubank perf, right?

    BoA’s fan chants were epic.

  16. “Group SHINee wins their 1st Music Bank #1 with their comeback title song β€˜Lucifer’ on KBS Music Bank on 6th August.”

    I think u made a mistake here. It’s not their 1st MusicBank #1… its actually their 2nd…..they were #1 last week as well….

    Will they win their 3rd Music Bank #1 next week….? we’ll have to wait and see…

  17. congrats!

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