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SHINee Key does a perfect dance cover of ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

SHINee Key does a dance cover of miss A’s debut song ‘Bag Girl Good Girl’.

Key was on MBC ‘ShinDong Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTaPa’ aired on 4th August when he was seen dancing to miss A’s recent hit. He had promised to do the dance cover on the show and he carried out his promise in the end.

He was seen dancing till the end of first verse without any mistakes. Key said, “I didn’t practise this for even once. I only watched the choreography like 9 times every week. Once I hear the music, I just know what actions will follow, it is all in my head now.”

S: TVDaily


17 Responses

  1. All hail Almighty Key..! =p there’s no stopping him.. can’t get enough of him dancing 2 girl group songs..I gotta say that he danced better than some girl idols..Maybe he can do more girl group dance with Heechul..now,that would be 10x daebak.. =)

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  3. i keep LOLing when i saw the vid.
    key’s really good in imitating girl group dances. really really good. 🙂 and take note, he didn’t even practice dancing. >__<

  4. It seems that you dance very good.Abercrombie and Fitch clothing

  5. i love key. :)) i know he was holding back here. i can really tell he was trying not to be all too girly with it. but still kudos to him! he learns choreography fast by just watching. i envy him. keke

  6. he is good ❤ and I don't see anything wrong, Jo Kwon is much sicker

  7. wow~! i find key dances better than miss A man! he danced so seamlessly

  8. I’m like Key XD
    When I hear some korean songs, I start to dance! ^^
    And I didn’t practise the dance at all XDD

  9. Lol..

    Work it, Key ! XD

  10. kekekeke MinHo sings some part there

    • yes, he did. cute! :)) thanks for pointing that out. i didn’t notice that the first time i watched this.

  11. of course only he would sit around and teach himself girl dances.

  12. Key is such a diva! LOL. ❤

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