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Victoria transforms as Vic-Jang-Geum for Nich Khun?

Victoria is Vic-Jang Geum?

Coming 7th August on MBC We Got Married, couple Nich Khun and Victoria will have a sweet meal together and do a camp fire after that.

The 2 talked about getting the nickname of ‘Khuntoria’. After which, they started talking about the things they couldn’t say, from their hearts, during the ‘Truth Game’.

Also on the show that day, Victoria transforms as Vic-Jang Geum whipping up 9 dishes for Nich Khun’s surprise birthday party.

The show will air on 7th August at 5:15pm.



13 Responses

  1. victoria is way too cute, nichkhun is a lucky dude

  2. Victoria is adorable . Love her to bits XD I hope nickhun something just as special back soon, hurry khun !

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  4. Wow where does she get the energy XD if it’s for nichkun u know everyone would do it.

  5. victoria u succesfully make your husband so happy after he join WGM,,,,hahahahhha
    i am so envy of your cooking skill…

  6. why do articles about shows come out before the episode even airs and tells you what gonna happen…same thing with strong heart and all those other shows…do they not care about spoilers?

    • It’s for ratings.

    • mmm.. you don’t know how K.shows and news work, right??
      well this ‘news’ are like new previews for the show.
      PDs public new info about the next episode in their official website (apart from the preview in the end of the last epi).
      In WGM case these news usually comes friday and make viewers excited and interested.
      [btw, sorry for my bad english]

  7. Seriously, both of them are lucky to have each other.
    Victoria has EVERYTHING as a wife and Nickhun possess the caring and loving husband material.

  8. victoria is so hardworking<3

  9. Khuntoria jjang <33333

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