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BoA gets all praises with MR-removed version of her comeback stage

Coming back to the Kpop scene after 5 years, BoA gets all praises for her comeback stage.

BoA had her comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 6th August for her 6th album ‘Hurricane Venus’ promotions. She performed the songs ‘Dangerous’ and title song ‘Hurricane Venus’.

After the performance, the MR-removed version of the performance was uploaded by netizens on online portal community sites.

Netizens who saw the video commented, “She is a singer who do not need MR removed video to proof herself”, “Where is there a need for a MR-removed video of BoA’s performance” etc praising BoA of her live performance.

S: MaxMovie

MR-removed version

Original version

38 Responses

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  2. The true singer + dancer is back ❀ I wanna see GAME performance btw 😦

  3. i think she looks good with more meat on her cheek.. she just too skinny.. she dont look so good skinny.. i like her wayyy back before she’s cute.. now she looks older like in 30s

  4. She looks like all the idol’s auntie. Haven’t see BoA in long time, she must be 35 at least now.

  5. amazing, only this!

  6. she is an established singer that has done numerous live tours. in each tour she has to sing more than 10+ songs live. i don’t get why she needs MR to prove her abilities.

  7. haters all over the place.

  8. she must’ve smoked too much..her skin condition is not that great anymore…too bad…oh well

  9. these songs are no good, blame it on the production teams not boa, I just don’t like their style, boa can do so many other better things

    and also, she does look kind of old… not like bad old, just older, probably just stress and makeup, that or we’re used to her look from 2-3 years ago

  10. Her song suck big time.

  11. *her live

  12. wintermelon usually have the good MR ones. I can still hear the backtrack. still can’t determine YET. but there’s really no need to doubt, i’ve heard live japanese performances a while ago, she sung pretty well.

  13. lookin at her pics she’s lookin old for her age.

    • Okay what does your comment have anything to do with this topic? Jealous much she does not look old at all you probably look worse.

      • Have a break, have a Kit Kat πŸ™‚

      • chillax man, it’s just an observation. i kinda agree aswell, i hope she isn’t working herself too hard – she looks really tired.

    • probably just her hair because some people tends to looks more older when they have blonde/brunette hair EX(G.NA)…

  14. this MR is so bad, I still hear playback voices.

    in dangerous, BoA lives well, but in venus, it’s so dissapointing.

  15. How is it MR removed when u can still hear music when she’s not moving her mouth?

    • obivously people are limited in this technique when they are just taking the clip from the internet/tv. they dont have the original recording. so best that can be done is lowering the MR as much as possible.

    • they call it MR but in actuality, they just tampered with the compressed video/audio file. raised, lower equalizers and used other programs such as audacity i believe to achieve that “music removed” effect.

      it isnt actually removed, they just edited the file which can in turn, affect how the singers voice actually sounds so it isnt that reliable.

      but people find it amusing so yeah

  16. Can somebody tell me what they mean with MR-removed version ?

    • They removed the song so that only her voice can be heard. Often, with idol singers that lack vocal talent, you can hear that they barely sing, or sing badly. But with some of the better ones, they sing decently. Of course, Boa has awesome vocals. There’s a reason why she was able to debut so young. Cuz she was a good dancer & singer.

    • “music recording removed version” so basically all you should hear is their voice.

  17. BoA jjang. She’s proved herself long ago. ❀

  18. umm sookyeong can u find better MR removed videos for BOA’s comback cuz that video of there was done poorly i can still hear the backgroup music..

  19. Come on, it’s boa
    of course she’s fricking amazing

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