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JaeBum, “My comments on Korea, they were not from my heart”

JaeBum, who left 2PM after criticisms of his MySpace comments blew out of proportions last August, talks honestly about it after returning to Korea after 10 months.

JaeBum was featured for an interview held in a studio in Seoul HanNamDong on KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly on 4th August.

On the show, JaeBum talks about the criticisms as well as his honest feelings, “I am very sorry. The stuff that I wrote when I am still young and things that I wrote without much thought had cause hurt to so many people, I’m sorry about that. I want to say that those are not from my heart.”

JaeBum also talked about his feelings having to leave 2PM permanently and his thoughts about the other 2PM members. He said, “After I returned to Korea, I have not contacted the other 2PM members. I feel sorry towards the other members.”

During the interview, JaeBum also revealed some rap which he has been working on, as well as some of the plans he had for his entertainment industry comeback.

He also talked about his new song ‘Count On Me’ which is doing well up on music charts, “This was just a song for fans, and I was shocked that the response for it was better than expected,” relaying his gratitude to fans.

Recently, JaeBum had signed with entertainment agency sidusHQ for his entertainment industry comeback on 16th July.

The show will air on 7th August at 9.05pm.

S: TVDaily

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  2. […] JaeBum, “My comments on Korea, they were not from my heart” (via K Bites) 08/08/2010 dyehlah Leave a comment Go to comments JaeBum, who left 2PM after criticisms of his MySpace comments blew out of proportions last August, talks honestly about it after returning to Korea after 10 months. JaeBum was featured for an interview held in a studio in Seoul HanNamDong on KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly on 4th August. On the show, JaeBum talks about the criticisms as well as his honest feelings, "I am very sorry. The stuff that I wrote when I am still young and things that I wrot … Read More […]

  3. the antis of 2pm are so stupid hahahaha xDDDD!
    i’m glad that they aren’t fans of 2pm now, 2pm don’t need people like this haha

    but i feel sorry for Jay, he got the worse fans ~ he deserves more than that poor people who says “2pm sucks” D:

  4. Maaan. Comments are hella funny. This is better than having those “stfu you ignorant people, we all know they suck, don’t blame blabla fans, don’t blame the group, blame the company and shit” :DD

  5. watever!i hate him for saying those but let’s move on…people make mistakes and learned from it…stop hating on 2PM or Jay cuz its not their fault…well started form jay’s myspace supposedly netizen cnt get the meaning of MY SPACE and freakin hacked his acc…so actually its the antis fault y this happened in da first place and the one who hated him den love him cuz dey missed him?wth?

    • did u know it was Wooyoung’s personal fan who dug up those comments…yep unbelievable right?

  6. to me 2pm sucks.. sorry 2pm.. i used to like 2pm n that’s bcoz of jay..

    jay fighting!! wish him all the best..

  7. I’m a spit a rhyme for you guys but I gotta wait for JYP to write it first ok brb in a jiffy.

    • Eh Yo write your own lyrics don’t you know how? I write and produce do me a favor don’t call yourself a rapper or I’m have TOP set you straight aight playboy

      • you guys shouldnt call yourselves rappers either

      • Tablo I’m let that comment slide since your wife is in YG aight foo

      • everyone know TOP doesnt write his rap lyrics, and everyone knows Teddy is the brain behind BigBang

      • ehh yo what the fuck are you talking about i wrote most of my rapping parts in bigbang’s song/solo song.. if you dont noe much about me the STFU cuz bigbang is in the mother fucking building!

      • lmao

      • teddy is not the brain behind bigbang. teddy the brain of 2ne1 and bigbang smart ass is gdragon.

    • lmao haha

    • ^^hahahaha.. this was hilarious.

    • ok guys back with my rap here it goes::

      Yep, so have a seat
      this gon be a masterpiece
      I have to beef
      he look like a gorilla….but I’m the one with rabbit teeth

      hahahaha what you guys think JYP wanted to make sure he included himself and me in the rap…tight huh

    • whos is talking about my friend TOP like that…man I will Trot all over your ass…on a sidenote whats up Taeyang!!!! Im on Kbites its really fun here try to holla at the fans when u have time here

  8. Hey is everyone fresh and bouncy today? I have something to say. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR UH REE SON, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR UH REE SON..sorry if my rap sounds kinda of fobby I’m use to singing but its all for the Hottests because you guys love me no matter what….peace fresh and bouncy yall

  9. Hey guys if you need me to cry again on stage I will or I can rip my shirt off and rap something emo for yall if you want….COME BACK INTO MY WORLD COME BACK AND BE MY GIRL YEAAHHH!!!!!! (makes a stanky face)

  10. β€œI feel sorry towards the other members.” yep me too..2pm sucks !!!
    Jay Fighting !!!

    • Jay please stop acknowledging that fail ass group…when u said Khun’s rap was fire we all knew you were being too nice LMAO…come on Jay..those fools ignore you like you never existed in their band so don’t pay them any more attention or else they are just going to use you again for their next concept like they did the last two times.

    • I said stop the hate, but my fans wont listen…

    • @the fake 121 reading ur comment just made me laugh lol and btw I read so many comments u wrote and I promised myself to ignore u since u are nothing but a coward but after reading this pathetic comment about 2pm I couldn’t help myself to not reply lol u say u feel sorry towards to 2pm!!! (look who is talking the freak who is pretending to be me) but guess what I feel more sorry for u b/c in each hate comment u wrote so far u proved that u are a pathetic loser who dont have any interest in life except me lol in some how it makes me happy to know that u are actually spending so much time and effort on me u are like my first fan lol the funny thing about u are so coward that u cant even use ur own username to face me but instead u hide behind my username lol why u are so scared just tell me? ?!! but yeah I know u wont reply since are too scared to face me ^_^

  11. I won’t even get into these arguments regarding the other comments left on this article. I’m sticking to the issue which is Jay. To me Jay has apologized countless times for this incident. He shouldn’t have to do it anymore and its time to move on. 2PM and Jay fans or fans of both its time to move on almost a year has past are we going to keep dreading on it for the rest of our lives?? Sometimes I feel like people don’t want the issue to fade which in reality is a shame.

  12. I still think they had it way out of context it was an American thing some people (not myself) have used the whole “gay” saying in conversations mainly ignorant people have said it, but not in the actual meaning of the word.

    Anywho it’s in the past Jay should had put his message in privacy and I hope Korea would forgive and give him another chance as a solo artist….still I wonder what the reason he got fried from JYP Ent. I guess we have to wait til he decide to talk about it.

  13. let bygones be bygones..it’s time 4 jay 2 open a new,fresh chapter in his life..I think he has become more matured and wiser now..his comments should be erased from everyone’s minds..glad that jay has moved forward and turned his back on the past..no matter what happens,jaywalkers will stand by him always.. πŸ™‚

  14. “I feel sorry towards the other members.”

    he should be. 2pm is turning into a flop without him. JYPe’s strategy of having the “sexy” concert didn’t even work. They planned to use it as a strategy to give them more publicity. It didn’t even work Nobody even gave a shit. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! kNetizens only hate artists who are worth hating on and 2pm isn’t even on that list. They’re too irrelevant.

    • Also, I forgot to add how they gave out free tickets to the public and lowered the age restriction just to fill the seats and it still didn’t work. sucks for 2pm.

      • And stop posing as a missA fan just to act like an ass and get people to hate on them, you scum

      • @Bah: Well, I wasn’t really trying to. I like them and Idc if people will hate on them because of me. Fans will still continue to like them and non-fans will still continue to ignore them. Simple. I’m not gonna change my name just to point my harsh opinions.

    • That’s why they get so much cf’s

      Because they are irrelevant lol.

      Stop getting your news from 2oneday you pathetic person

      • Amen to that, seriously if 2pm was irrelevent why the hell are the on bloody all the Variety shows? They’re on those shows not because JYP imposes on the producers to force them on, its because they are requested to be on the shows.

      • Seriously. If you compare them to their glory days, they are flopping now. They are not as out there in variety shows like they used to. I mean Family Outing was a flop. Taec & Wooyoung left Inkigayo & Wooyoung left Win Win. Back then, they had around 5 or more CF’s and now, the only one that was worth being reported was their Cabi CF and that was because SNSD was part of it.

      • Oh cmon what group is active all year round? Just because big bang hasnt done anything does that mean they are flopping?

      • if we’re gonna keep it real… well stop getting your news from allkpop now WHAT!! everyone and their mama knows allkpop and JYPE have a “special relationship” maybe thats where u get your news from…sucka!!

      • Is that way jay did a video for allkpop?

      • most of allkpop giveaways are JYPE related…cds concert giveawaysy and their backstage access is always JYPE bands and always bash YG artists whats up with that??

    • yea that’s why they continue to have a lot of fans and continue to do well on the music charts. I believe they were voted as the 4th (?) best male group? maybe it was third. I just know DBSK and Big Bang was first and second, with 2pm following closely behind.

      • If they have alot of fans why didn’t their concert sell out?? why have their latest album only sold 29,000 copies? Shinee sold 100K they pawned 2PM…where are all the so called 200K fans in the daum fancafe? Best male group 4th in terms of what talent ? singing? we all know thats not true. What else do you want me to say? These are basic facts.

      • Its called general public and digital charts.

      • I’d say Shinee comes third.

  15. I still have lots of unanswered questions about Jay’s situation… at least it answers some of them

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