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BoA reveals full MV to ‘Hurricane Venus’

BoA reveals the full MV to her 6th comeback album title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ on 8th August.

Love it or not?


27 Responses

  1. boa is so pretty! I really love her smile

  2. obviously when you do a mv, you would want to showcase the strength of an artist. i love dance mvs as compared to mvs with a storyline. it (storyline) makes things all the more boring *roll eyes* or for the fact that i could be having a short attention span but meh.
    each to their own individual likings [:
    as usual BoA’s killing everything in the mv 😀

    • yeah. SK is a lot like you in that they prefer dance mv versue storyline mv cause a lot of the fans are 14s with short attention spans. Song and mv are good enough – like the mv better than the song but think both are just ok.

  3. People need to chill on the complaints about it being just a dance video. Some bands just film them singing and/or playing the song in their mvs. Atleast there was something to watch. Boa kills at dancing

  4. Boa’s outfit, makeup, styling and everything including this mv is becoming soo “JPOP STYLE”
    PLS Yeahh… it’s back to korea.
    And wassup with 6 different outfits? All the while the most featured was the dance outfit.
    Seriously no “upgrade” on her comback =/

  5. Boa’s outfit, makeup, styling and everything including this mv is becoming sooo “JPOP STYLE”
    PLS Yeahh…. it’s back to korea.
    And what’s up with 6 different outfits? All the while the most featured was the dance outfit.
    Seriously nth “Upgrade” on ther comeback =/

  6. a little dissappointed…and hated ‘dangerous’ – y is she even promoting that song?

  7. i like the song actually…what i cant understand is why i cant like the choreography..like i love rino and her stuff but am not feeling what she did for BoA on this album

  8. the song sucks ass!! sorry but it does boa can do sooo much better then this horse shid!…

    the only thing good abt the video is the dancing but i knew she was gonna rock at that…

    wth is whit SM writers and words that end in nic?!? like seriously learn so more english vocabulary, ones actually makes sense in a sentence.

  9. Most of SM’s artists MVs are turning into just pure dance MVs… whoever is SM’s makeup person, they seriously need to studie fashion again or somehting….They make Boa looks like a freakking old lady and Shinee boys like some girls…

    • Lol, 100% agreed. i can do makeup n outfitting way better than whoever is styling them. BoA still looks fierce though. I can’t help it though, i’m a biased fan and seem to like her whatever she does.

    • That’s very true, it makes the music vid more boring when I can already just watch the dance in their perf like inkigayo, mb. I like music videos with a story line or just doing something other than dance…just maybe keep it to a minimum =.=

    • I’m sorry but I need to completely disagree. I thought the MV looked beautiful and liked the dance (and didnt TaeYangs fans/or even others etc… complain about NOT enough dancing?) make up your mind people!
      & I also love her makeup (like i’ve said I love unique fashion). I dont see at all how it makes her look old?

      I guess you dont have to agree but that’s my 2 cents. -_-

  10. omfg, I hate how SM spent more money on BoA’s MV than on SJ’s. 😦
    But aside from that, yay! Boa<3
    She deserves to be called the Queen of Kpop instead of Lee Hyori.

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  12. why kbite upload late not like before.this teaser revealed on 06.Aug.2010

  13. that’s not a teaser but that’ s the whole mv.

    Anyway, didn’t like the song and this didn’t make me like it any better (unlike Shinee and Lucifer mv). Reminds me of several sci-fi movies I’ve watched – not a bad comparison since I like scifi movies. However, her album was good so congrats to her.

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