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Fans angry over collapsing stage platform on SBS Inkigayo

Even though SBS Inkigayo production team has apologised about our collapsing stage, the unhappiness of the TV viewers did not simmer.

Inkigayo staff has posted up an apology through their site forum regarding the incident. The production team, “Part of the front glass stage platforms have collapsed today during the show. We apologise for the worry caused to TV viewers, we promised to be an Inkigayo who take safety as priority in the future.”

But criticisms against the show continues even after the apology. Netizens commented on the forum, “How did they set up the stage?”, “Luckily no one was injured, I cannot imagine if any singer would get injured”, “Inkigayo disappoints”, “When I watched 4Minute perform, I was so anxious for them”, “I don’t know how to trust Inkigayo” etc.

Meanwhile, during 4Minute’s performance of ‘I My Me Mine’ on the show that day, the stage platform had collapsed in in great degree and member HyunA and SoHyun were seen shocked. Even though the 2 had appeared flustered at first, the group continued through their performance.


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  1. poor seohyun. she almost fell~! and jiyoon too. my girls are so pro.

  2. D: luckily no one was hurt! i am angry that the stage DID collapse in the first place… *FUME* however, 4minute handled themselves excellently. they continued with their performance and it was awesome ^o^

  3. dude, that stage was just pretty bad.
    hwanhee’s performance the whole front stage was messed up. it was like an obstacle throughout his performance.


    That’s a sign!!!! the stage can’t event stand their singing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. True professionals, man If this had happened to like a Western performer they’d be like F*** THIS!! F THIS SHOW IM OUT PEACE!

    • If it were to happen to Kim Taeyeon she would walk out and make a vicious comment about SBS to the media.

      • LMAO so true…

      • So true, that b*tch will complain like there’s no tomorrow.

      • Is it really necessary to bring SNSD’s Taeyeon into this?

      • yes

      • Agree with SONELF.

        Antis are always angry people, too, prone to sporadic lashings. :[

      • @laLALALA: LOOOL i cracked up at your comment. so true.

      • really?

      • Lol! She’ll act like like a spoiled brat that she is.

      • more snsd hate.

        its okay, theres a reason why theyre famous and youre not. they’re working while youre whining behind a keyboard about a celebrity you dont even know

      • Wtf? hating on taeyeon because she’s thinking about the welfare of other singers? lol.
        ok, there’s seriously no need to bring taeyeon into this problem.

        antis are confused fans, indeed.

      • oh she wasn’t thinking about the welfare of the singers. She was complaining that her microphone wasn’t working.

      • she said the earpiece was not working properly. if you’re going to complain about someone being unreasonable, you should at least get the story straight, you confused fans.

        if you were her, you’d probably do the same thing.
        or if it were one of your precious oppas, you would probably be saying “poor baby, it’s — fault.”

        and she WAS speaking for the other artists as well, if they provided better equipments for the artists, stages wouldn’t be collapsing. and whoever brought taeyeon into this is pretty darn immature. do you see her being mentioned in the article? no.

      • I don’t think lALALALALALA was trying to insult Taeyeon. I don’t like her but she’d have a right to complain cuz thats extremely dangerous and if I were in that position, I’d make a comment too.

      • alife speaks the truth.
        taeyeon just speak up for all the kpop artists bcuz your OPPAS have no GUTS to do it….get your facts right

      • and you ppl call taeyeon immature when you’re the one mentioning her in an unrelated article. yea way to pick a fight. i donno about you, but taeyeon never ‘said’ anything about her earpiece problem, all she SAID was to hope that mubank create an environment for singers to do better, or something like that. from fan accounts she showed displeasure in her performance and wanted a redo. i mean i compared her rehearsal perf. n broadcast perf. and her rehearsal definitely sounded better. who wouldnt complain when you sound better during rehearsal, special stage are always prerecorded thus not live, thus you have a right to redo, if it’s live, well you cant do anything about it. im not defending taeyeon, saying she did the right thing in this situation, she should have left things backstage. but then again if she didnt speak up about it, some of us wont know how much preparation was actually done for the artist. there are wrongs in both side. i bet 4minute complained about the stage problem backstage too, everyone complains, but not a lot of them are brave enough to speak up against it, knowing they could be heavily criticized. the good part about taeyeon’s speech, is that a) netizen will keep an eye on mubank thus mubank will be more cautious in their preparation for artists which = win for artist. and b) she only mentioned about better environment for singers = win for artist. either way, despite the criticism you have against taeyeon, she probably helped out a lot of singers. esp. the rookies. btw this case is a completely different situation than taeyeon, really hard to compare the two. taeyeon’s case, it’s hard to tell which is in the right. in 4minute’s case, inki is clearly in the wrong….man i ended up writing an mini essay…

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  7. luckily nobody injured. ><

  8. ahaahha when thee two fell. it was kinda funny.
    at 1:26
    ahahha im not hating but just saying.

  9. the stage started falling apart during Hwanhee’s performance…

  10. ^ LMAO! Yes! Korean netizen always angry!
    even the smallest things!

  11. Kpop fans are always anngry lol.

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