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GaIn, “I even get the illusion that I’m really dating Jo Kwon”

GaIn garners interests with her revelation that she has the illusion that she is really dating Jo Kwon, who plays her make-believe husband in MBC We Got Married.

GaIn had revealed that during her appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Birthday to be aired on 9th August, “Now that I’ve tried make-believe marriage, I getting the feeling that dating is childish. Marriage is about true love.”

She added, “I always feel sorry towards ‘husband’ Jo Kwon as I am one who finds it hard to express my feelings. So I would have a drink or two and then call him on the phone and show aegyo. At times like those, I have the illusion that I’m really dating Jo Kwon.

She continued, “The truth is even though my ideal guy is someone like my dad whom I can depend on, after trying out this make-believe marriage, I found myself depending a lot on Jo Kwon. It seems that the age difference is not important at all.”


7 Responses

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  2. i wish they were engaged or something
    JYP wouldn’t mind
    and all the boys will be jeolous though
    dont know how the fan girls will respond

  3. i really like them.. they are both cute,

  4. ahhhsss. shes soo cute.

    since you’ve already done a fake marriage honeymoon at BALI do a real one in SINGAPORE!!

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