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Jung Yonghwa states, “I really hate playing pool!”

YongSeo Couple’s Jung Yonghwa had revealed, “Pool, I am fed up with that.”

In the episode of MBC ‘We Got Married Season 2’ broadcasted on the 7th, the story of Jung Yonghwa and Girls Generations’ Seohyun, who both failed the retake of the driving test was shown.

The couple reassured each other by saying that “This is the slump moment from failing the driving test,” and when they decided that they should do something in order to change up the mood, Seohyun stated, “I want to play pool.”

Then Jung Yonghwa, who only showed the sweet image suddenly cringed his face and stated, “I really hate playing pool.” Seohyun said back, “I never played bowling or pool. I want to play once ~”, however Yonghwa’s answer was a “no” once again.

He stated, “I was in the pool club when I was in 8th grade, but since then I never played” and added, “Pool or pocket ball, I hate it all.” Along with that, he didn’t reveal the reason behind it to easily. The reason behind Yonghwa’s hate for pool will be revealed on the next episode of ‘We Got Married’.

S: Newsen

18 Responses

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  2. yonghwa doesn’t like seohyun. he should just quit pretending cos its too obvious, no offense to goguma fans, whom im sure would take one. :l

  3. @ mango …it only means you tried to bash here just to promote khuntoria…as much as i want to say something but better not ( it not my nature)..for me goguma couple is the best…

  4. what an ass

    • Wow… and where does this kind of comment come from? Shows what kind of person you are… -_-

    • in what why he’s an ass..he said no in his cute childish tone
      have you actually watch the episode?

      • Yea I watched the episode, I still think hes an ass. If a girl said she wanted to try at least once, youd say “ah I dont really like playing, but sure we can try it for you’ or hell, even just say, sure lets go play bowling. His awnser makes him seem like he has a prince complex therefore hes an ass in my book

    • you’re an ass. in the next episode, they’ll go play pool. so you’re the ultimate ass here.

      • lol trolling fangirls make me laugh this couple is boring as hell to watch anyways, KHUNTORIA FIGHTING

    • Wow, so you bash Yonghwa then later you bring Khuntoria into this? Seriously, there’s no need for that.

      • trolling Khuntoria fan..you bring bad names to the other fans..if you like Khuntoria,there’s no need to bash other couples..
        he doesn’t like playing pool but still Yonghwa went to play coz hyun wants it..he’s accommodating and always follow what hyun’s wants..if he’s an ass,he’ll ignore whatever hyun said and do things his way..

    • no doubt

  5. mmmm….

  6. opposite from Hongki who really like playing pool xD

  7. Both Hyunn~ and Yong~ failed the test again?? 😦

    The driving test is really strict, ne…

  8. oh ok.

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