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SBS Inkigayo 08.08.2010 – SHINee wins #1 with ‘Lucifer’!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, SHINee wins Mutizen with their comeback title song ‘Lucifer’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.


23 Responses

  1. Cheers to SHINee ^^ ❀

  2. The floor in the front totally broke first during Hwanhee’s perf before 4minute’s incident. You can hear the tiles fall in and even see Hwanhee look at it but he walked on it anyways LOL…to make it seem like it was supposed to be like that?
    These stars are quite professional dealing with such mishap. Props to them.

  3. u know.. when i first heard lucifer.. i kinda like.. wth with this song.. its soo bad.. poor shinee.. then after hearing it for 4th time.. i kinda like.. hey this song is catchy.. it keeps roaring inside my head when im eating, shower and driver.. so i think they deserve it.. CONGRATS SHINEE

  4. where’s g.na

  5. … i still feel like showing whoever produced “queen” the back side of my hand. UGH, theyre throwing away talent with a song seems to fix its core audience to that of people age 10. sounds like idk, a childrens rhyme or something i guess. the chorus is somewhat catchy, but when you think about it, its like no more than 10 words that spans across 30 seconds.

    i like her, just not people managing her i guess.

  6. hmmm why didnt SE7EN won again?? hmmm
    4minute damnn ..look how they handle it like pro πŸ˜‰

  7. Congrats SHinee.
    I hope se7en will win next week.
    Does anyone know why se7ens tattoo is gone or is it covered with makeup? Why?
    Great performances today..

  8. omo poor 4minute 😦

  9. yeah, the stage broke on 4minute. its a good thing no one was hurt. but you can clearly see they were distracted. what could have happened to the stage?

  10. hwanhee<3

  11. Nana’s bow has a life of it’s own, it’s grown so big it had to move to her back and grew a little on on lizzie now too πŸ™‚

  12. why did miss a and g.na did not perform?

  13. congrats to shinee =D

    every one looks and sounds sexy as usual.

    i really think boa could do better than what her choreo/song is letter her show though =(

    • also; tmax performed! should link it too
      ❀ tmax .. it was beautiful
      i wonder why they perform so rarely =(

    • i feel the need to add..
      this is really pissing me off.. and i don’t know who to blame.. i’m not even a big fan of theirs..

      shinee is visibly and audibly tired.

      but i can HEAR the tiredness in their voice. especially the lead singer. he’s doing great, but you can hear the strain.
      they’re dropping like flies with the choreo too..

      i just don’t think.. they’re a group that can afford getting weaker now.

  14. The stage broke on 4minute! Lucky they weren’t hurt.

    • yea, i realised that too!
      glad they weren’t hurt. they could have sprained their ankles or something. D:<

      could see that they were really shocked, but im glad they adapted well and finished off their performance.

      • you can see hyunah continuing to stare at it like “WTF”

        i think it was sweet she moved jiyoon over like ‘no you just stand here’ πŸ™‚

        i’m impressed at how smoothly they continued. i actually didn’t notice until i saw bae hae hae’s comment about it!!!

    • yeah. and they were on heels. good thing so hyun was able to hold on to jihyun. though you can clearly tell they were all in shock afterwards. but they still performed it well. go 4minute.

  15. BoA look so old and she only 24.

    • I really think its the hair though. like the color and its short hard to style .. im thinking. I wish she hadnt cut it. anyways Her stylist needs to be Killed immediately .. she looks horrid in those clothes and hair.. But her Performance was GREAT :p

    • everyone is trippin out about her looks.

      she doesnt even look that old. im POSITIVE its just because we’ve been seeing the wave of YOUNG, idol stars left and right and are just psychologically comparing the contrasts of looks.

      its sad too, too many people comment on her looks whereas they leave out what really matters, her performance.

      i HONestly think it is so easy to see her experience when she performs. she shows such a calm expression, and many different facial expressions when performing. i dont mean to compare, but she is lightyears ahead in experience. not in terms of debuting earlier, but knowing shes performed around the world, facing culture shock and still progressing. idk, i guess i admire her accomplishments and not to mention, im always blown away by her performance. its very powerful in terms of dancing and vocals, even if the song isnt a ballad

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