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ChaeYeon, “The outfit which is not allowed on broadcast show, I wear them to sleep”

ChaeYeon reveals an outfit which she is not allowed to wear on broadcast.

ChaeYeon posted a photo of herself wearing the outfit on her Twitter on 8th August, “This outfit which was not allowed on broadcast.. I like it very much .. ^^ No choice.. I’ll wear it when I go to sleep kyaaa~~~”

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Pretty and sexy” etc. Meanwhile, ChaeYeon is recently back with her 2nd minialbum ‘Look At’ and is promoting the title song ‘Look Look Look’.


14 Responses

  1. lol cute.

    i know girls who do that, who seem to love an outfit so much they might as well wear it to sleep since its that comfortable.

    is that the outfit on the right? i know many girls if not all sleep bra-less soo you know, it works

    • omg who sleep with a bra o_O
      it’s not comfortable at all =|

      • Omg u sleep without bras on o.0

      • o.o are you a teen or a kid ? cuz usually kids during 9/10 arent used to wearing bras….. lolz just saying you’ll get used to it sooner or later..

      • Hey, sometimes I sleep without~ It’s so darn uncomfy. :'[

      • you guys didn’t understand me at all.

        @Lolz… i am 21 years old, so a woman.
        so it’s a question of getting used or not. it’s uncomfortable. some ppl sleep with it, some ppl sleep naked, etc…. not everyone is the same

        anywayz.. and yeah, i sleep WITHOUT a bra on like @kathy said. it’s uncomfortable… but it depends of the bra of course…

      • I agree with kiwii 🙂

        It’s bad for your bra and your breasts to sleep in a bra. Plus you don’t need to sleep with a bra…duh…

        Because it can cause breast problems (cancer) and its obviously more comfortable to sleep without it.

        sooo sleeping without a bra is good for you….

        And it’s even better to sleep without underwear… but it’s something else…

        @@Lolz : it’s pretty ignorant to say that. most women sleep without a bra cuz its more comfy. you should know that.

      • ^ thkx… well said…

        but typo :
        “so it’s NOT a question of getting used or not. ”
        sorryyy ~~~

        and when i said
        “it depends of the bra of course…”
        i was talking about sports bra ~~~

    • you know i didnt mean for this conversation to turn into…

      what it turned into when i brought up the subject lol

  2. omo I like her outfit..
    chaeyon unnie is so cute and sexy keke, miss her so much in Xman days.

  3. She looks great but her company is such an idiot.

  4. hak~! love the outfit (on her).
    chaeyon= s3xy icon for korea:)

  5. look delicous

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