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Introducing GP Basic leader Hannah, lookalike to f(x) Sulli

Going to be the youngest girlgroup in Korea, GP Basic leader Hannah’s individual photo revealed.

Hannah is currently a 2nd year middle school student at SeonSeo Middle School and is known to be lookalike to f(x) Sulli. She is also said to be a model student always getting 1st or 2nd in class.

Hannah is known to be gifted in dancing, taking part in various pro ama dance sports competition since she was in elementary school. She also won 3rd prize at the Asian Pacific Dance Sports Competition and 2nd prize at the MBC pro ama dance sports competition.


34 Responses

  1. Miley, French teen star Agnel, land Euro simming gold…

    Interesting post. I’ve added a Trackback to it :)…

  2. she looks more like victoria than sulli loll

  3. She doesnt look like Sulli and she’s in 8th grade btw.

    at least she looks older than other girl from the same group. oh gosh, i find this so disgusting.
    can u imagine ahjussis and their perverted thoughts over these little girls/? its so inappropiate. and you can call them amazing singers, but they’re only kids. No 8th grader is gonna have a deep developed voice, they’re gonna sound like they are hitting puberty (cause they are) just like teen top.

    i will nvr take them seriously. im sick of this kpop era. the old days around 2004-06 were the best honestly.

    • I agree with you. The thoughts of seeing these kids shaking their butts in inappropriate outfits and caking on make up is disturbing, to be honest. They’re like preys for the pedophiles. Couldn’t they at least use someone who’s in high school? This group is a fail to me because no one is going to look at them as ‘serious’ singers.

  4. She’s prettier than Sulli imo

  5. question, does Korea have child labor laws? Like here in the states a minor is only allowed to work a certain number of hours during the day before they have to stop and wait til the next day to work again.

    The idol life is one of working almost 24/7 with constant traveling to one venue to another, it would almost be too much for kids at that age to keep up for long.

  6. she’s not at the age for debut …

  7. … honestly, sulli only debuted last year, why are so many girl group members trying to get famous by trying to look/act like her? :S it’s really only getting them bad publicity, since sulli has the purest image in the industry.

    • was it the same person or you did copy someone’s comment from allkpop lol, just asking though.

  8. everyone looks like Sulli nowadays -don’t really see it. Cute girl though.

  9. I’m confused~~ Allkpop stated that her name was ‘Hyena’. @.@

  10. which company does this group under ? and how old is she? because middle school in Korea is different from other countries. In my country that means she is 13 years old

  11. I don’t see the resemblance.

  12. I don’t think she looks like sulli…….

  13. she looks like victoria and sulli together no?

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Cassandra Tho and João Alberto, mai. mai said: K Bites: Introducing GP Basic leader Hannah, lookalike to f(x) Sulli http://bit.ly/8X20F8 […]

  15. She looks more like Victoria than Sulli imo.

  16. for a girl who is good at school…why the hell her parents allowed her to debut at young age?????

  17. She doesn’t look like Sulli.. at all.

  18. ah no

  19. Middle school? She looks like a baby faced college girl to me…the make up is too much!

  20. she looks cute but no she doesn’t look like sulli

  21. oh hell nah. she is in MIDDLE SCHOOL.
    what the hell?
    come on…-_-

    • She looks like a 22 yr old lady and no she doesnt look like Sulli.

      • Seriously. Way to PR to one of SME’s pets, Sulli.

        Besides, Sulli is probably way prettier than this girl.
        But, thats just an assumption…. hehe XD

      • 22year old? i dont mean to be rude but are you crazy? she does look like a middle schooler. her baby fat is still noticeable

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