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‘SM Siblings’ Onew, Jay, Dana and Sunday casted for ‘Rock Of Age’ musical

SHINee Onew, TRAX Jay, Cheon Sang JiHee Sunday and Dana are known to be casted in a muscial together.

The 4 are known to be casted for juke box musical ‘Rock Of age’ which uses 80s representative rock music in the background of California Sunset Strip. Onew and Jay will play the male main lead Drew who dreams to be a rock star while Dana and Sunday will play Sheryl who dreams to be an actress in the musical.

Of the 4, Onew and Dana have had experiences acting in musicals. The musical will start showing from 15th September till 30th October in Seoul WooriFinance Art Centre.


15 Responses

  1. wow wat’s up with idols all jumpin’ on the musical bandwagon?
    esp. SM it’s like alot of their idols/artists are now becomin’ musically actors/actresses.
    Well for CSJH’s case I’m happy as hell cause damn i swear they have been M.I.A for the longest.
    I miss my CSJH girls. So this Shapley is happy to finally be hearing news about them.
    I still miss my forever bias Stephanie.
    I hope CSJH will have their comeback.

  2. OMG!! LSM finally remembered about CJSH. Thank you!

  3. Onew :DD
    Jay has been in a musical too. Jay and Onew played the same character in “Brothers were Brave”.

  4. omfg, Dana and Sunday! I haven’t heard from them in forever! :’D

  5. ugggghhh No.. has anyone seen this musical in broadway?? they need someone with a really strong ‘rock’ voice for Drew, and will they be singing it in English? Cos unlike Spring Awakening (which they did a heaps good job of adapting into Korean) most of the original songs will be dificult to translate. And its ‘Rock of Ages’.

  6. ONEW!!!

  7. I thought jay also act in the musical Onew previously in?…

  8. Trax Jay is sexy but not sexier than Trax Jungmo! LOL jk they are both sexy along with Onew!

  9. wanna see Onew on musical >.<
    too bad I can't go to there and I don't understand Korean… ㅠㅠ

  10. Awesomeness!! SM Town sure has talented idols who can venture all entertainment fields.
    I miss my CSJH unnie-deul!!!!

  11. wow those two girls have been gone for so long

    im glad thera back


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