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BEAST’s Comeback Pushed Back to September

Beast has been announced to comeback in September.

Although originally planned to make a comeback in August, while adjusting the title song and album songs, BEAST’s comeback has been postponed. The reason for insistingly taking over the producers’ job was in order to establish a kind of album that belongs to them alone.

BEAST’s company, Cube Entertainment representatives told T-News “We carefully selected good songs to put into the album. However it didn’t feel like Beast’s personal style, and has a scattered feeling with a combination of several different styles. As a result, we are reworking the title song, etc. to make it represent Beast’s colours, completely.”

For this album, several songs of different genres have been compiled ranging from ballads to dance tunes. In particular, it has been revealed that the title song is a song that exceeds the level of their previous hit songs, ‘Shock’, ‘Mystery’, etc and will be a song that can clearly reveal Beast’s colours. Anticipation over the song is extremely high. In addition, the ballad song, of course, has been described as a song that reflects the singing skills of the members who remain strong even in MR (music removed) videos.

A lot of attention is focusing on BEAST who will be returning with improved abilities and high-quality music.


25 Responses

  1. I think it will be healthy competition for boy groups comeback..hope they will give their all and show the fans what they are capable of..b2st might b considered 2 b newbies but i think they can give big bang a run for their money..I’m sure big bang will put up a strong fight as well..As fans,we can give nothing but our full support 4 our beloved boy groups..

  2. can’t wait 4 beast’s cumbck..i’ve been anticipating 4 it since like forever..i have a feeling that their new album will b s daebak s ‘shock of the new era’..beast will not disappoint their fans..I’m sure their comeback will be smashing.. =)

  3. i still choose BB..
    i really miss them..
    so,its gonna be fun to see battle between most pop group in korea..lol

    • lol BB as in Big Bang? Beast against Big Bang is not battle.
      sorry but we we all know the winner there.

      • hey, no need to get all cocky abt it. this exactly the typa comments that give YGFam a bad rep for being too cocky. we’ll only know when the time comes. you can never tell. although i do feel it won’t be much of a battle cuz BIGBANG’s just awesome like that, but BEAST is pretty great too. they might surprise us. lol. maybe they won’t beat BIGBANG, but i have a huge feeling that they’ll come in second. or somewhere close to that.

        lol. actually i don’t give a damn abt so-called battles and whatnot. all i want is BIGBANG’s comeback! like right now~!

      • Obviously Big Bang will win a lot of awards. But it does not mean B2ST will flop. I’m personally looking forward to their interactions, since I know Hyunseung could of been in Big Bang. Good luck to all the groups coming back in September.

  4. yeah.. uhm, since when did BEAST become bigger/more popular then 2PM? I really don’t care ‘whose better,’ but I thought 2PM was still more popular then BEAST (even though their just dwindling these days)..

    I would like BEAST to win, cause they’ve had nothing but quality songs.. but guys, no matter how much you hate 2PM, their still 2PM. they still have a following larger then BEAST’s.

    correct me if i’m wrong, but don’t be an ass about it (:

    and 2PM is coming back in September? O_o .. so confused xD

    • i read it somewhere, can’t remember where *i think soompi* but they said it’s September. yes 2pm has a larger fanbase. i personally think Beast got better quality songs as compared to 2pm. Hopefully, things will go better for Beast this time round.

      • ahh soompi. and yeah, Beast does make much better music then 2PM imo. Bad Girl was my jam for a long time. I really hope Beast does really well, especially if they go against 2PM. not hating on 2PM, but i just like beast better.. LOL

        thanks for your comment 🙂

      • ^ agree with you. I love the two groups, but in terms of songs, I prefer Beast and I also that they’ll win some awars^^

  5. i will wait for BEAST forever!!!! doesn’t care or not!!!! BEAST surely comeback again!!!!! SO BEAST!!!!! i can’t wait they on stage and their new song!!!!!!!!!

  6. Though they might be not ‘yet’ as big as Big Bang nor 2NE1, but they got their own way…
    I personally like them. Their music.
    Looking forward for Big Bang and 2NE1’s comeback..
    B3ST’s as well…

    Good luck every one.
    I like it if competition gives variations on music.
    So that the musics can become more colorful.

  7. wait….. BEAST and 2PM are coming back at the same time?

    I was a fan of avid fan of 2PM ever since Idol army & wild bunny…but I’ve lost all interest LOl I still love Wooyoung, but Heartbeat was a flop in my opinion. Even though they won a lot of awards etc. etc. I’m just not feeling them anymore.

    I wonder when YG is gonna announce comeback dates.

  8. If Big Bang decides to comeback in september (cause they’re obvs. not coming back this month) beast will be trashed. but i doubt big bang is coming back in sep. too.

    honestly they picked a bad time cause 2NE1 might be back as well. they cant even compete against not so hard groups, i cant imagine them trying to compete against HUGE groups.

    • agree. okay im 2

      • *im 2NE1 biased. im just missing them badly huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
        but august, hmmm who’s coming back in agust? only 2PM? frankly both didnt have good album sales. so it would be interesting to see how they will compete with 2PM. n im curious to know 2PM’s concept as well. seriously please switch to other concepts other than dark,black,twisty,ripping shirt or i’ll smack JYP.

    • agreed. but who knows, a miracle might happened. maybe they’d trash 2pm. if they’re against 2NE1 and Big Bang, i doubt they’ll have a chance.

  9. oohhh 2NE1,bigbang is coming back in september too probably… and 2pm….. wow good luck to them

  10. beast is gonna pwn 2pm if they comeback at the same time

  11. this one make me sad :[

  12. It is going to be BEAST vs 2PM.
    Funny it is like real Beast vs Nickname Beast?
    Sep is a EPic mth. 2NE1, 2PM and Beast

  13. Awww I’m sad but I knew it would be in September. Shock off the era was an amazing album!! I loved all the songs! My expectations are really high for their next album and I can’t wait to see the concept!!

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