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miss A Min is prettier in her fresh face

Girlgroup miss A Min is pretty without her makeup in her fresh face?

Recently photos of miss A Min at a radio show posted on various online portal sites garnered much interests from netizens.

On the radio show, Min was seen different from her usual features on stage. She was without her makeup, showing the pure and cute side of her.

Netizens commented, “She looks better without her makeup”, “I hope she will show us her bare face more often” etc.

Currently miss A is promoting their debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’.

S: TVDaily


9 Responses

  1. I think that a lot of K-pop girl groups have plain faces to be honest because most of them look like the people that I see in my school everyday. I think it is like a bandwagon effect, if a person thought this person is good looking then suddenly others jumping in agreeing because it is a “cool” thing to do.

  2. her bright smile makes her beautiful..

  3. are these the same netizens that said that miss A were just plain faces and that they don’t even look like idols? haha.

  4. really pretty! Miss A fightign ❤

  5. Yes.. she does look much prettier without make up.. she looks much much younger…

  6. She’s so pretty!

  7. she looks younger

    so cute ❤

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