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Rainbow reveals MV teaser to new song ‘A’

The teaser video to girlgroup Rainbow’s upcoming new album title song ‘A’ has been revealed on 10th August.

The song will be revealed in full on 12th August. The girls will also have their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 13th August.


54 Responses

  1. No actually, looking at the comments above, I think sayA’s are more pathetic now. lol.

  2. the video has been removed…=\

  3. i dont like it…it’s too sexy. But i’ll give it a turn ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. It looks like KARA concept :/

  5. so they disregard AST’1 and let them disband just for this girl group? gossip girl’s a FAIL and now let’s see if they can make it this time!

  6. Reminds me of fx Chocolate Love? :O

  7. Good concept… I think dsp make rainbow comeback because kara at this time there in japan..

  8. Oh pur-lees stop complaining about sexy concepts, this is mild compared to Japan , America (and even some of the other Kpop vids currently around).

    The song is sounding good though, i like what i’m hearing so far.

  9. it sounds 193810980980 times better than that gossssssip girl song.

  10. I see recycled concepts and ideas here and there but I honestly think (so far) that this is at least better than Gosship Girl so I guess I’ll still pay attention.

  11. the only way to be sexy = mini skirts/shorts

    lol korea

  12. it’s annoying that fail girl groups have to resort to selling sex in order to be “successful”

    and rainbow is an example of one of those fail girl groups

  13. the same old kpop stuff.

  14. […] Link: Rainbow reveals MV teaser to new song โ€˜Aโ€™ […]

  15. sexy i like the @0.22 part so hot can’t wait.

  16. I was just looking at the video when 0:29 just scared me. LOL. caught me by surprise. LOOLLL. but yea…idk i’m just not a fan yet, but it’s only a teaser so whoo knoowss. Although, I didn’t get a good first impression of Rainbow anyway, so I don’t think I’ll like them unless it’s like extremely extremely good.

  17. hmnn.. set looks like Fire mixed with i don’t care.. oh well. atleast they got rid of Goship girl.

    looks interesting tho.

  18. did they recycle 2NE1’s FIRE Space MV backdrops?

    • ugh, so many groups have used similar backdrops before.

      kara’s pretty girl, for example.

    • LOL 2NE1????? who???

      Rainbow, all the way <3333

      • @TTL what a loser.. MissA is the best Rookie girl group ever.

      • @…

        Lol. That was so random but yeah, i totally agree.

      • sorry but im not bashing Rainbow.
        (which you assumed i am. cause u began stanning)
        im just saying that its looks like the they

      • i meant *look like they did.

      • @missaforever….no doubt you’re a Pathetic Attention Seeker Delusional miss a fan. just by the way you comment is all full of Ignorants, Bitcheness and Sarcasm…*sigh* I feel pity of your group who doesnt even have a little achieve of those groups you are bashing!…*sigh* we pity you miss a fan.
        after miss a debuted and won a single award you showed up yourselve here on this site and brought your bicthness…how Stupid of you and the rest.

        we Sympathy PITY miss a and fans.

    • sorry but this teaser is waaaaay better than 2NE1โ€ฒs fire mv ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @susymin: it’s just matter of preference, but whether you like 2ne1 or not (which i think the latter), you cannot deny they started a trend, and now is the most anticipated group to make a comeback by both fans and otherwise. This year’s newbies, even a few have achieved some popularity, have a lot of catching up to do. No newbie has set the KPOP industry on fire like 2ne1 did last year, and it’s OK, you deny it as much as you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. looks a little bit like 2ne1 fire space version MV??? lol

    • ROFL . BlackJacks are PATHETIC

      • I couldn’t agree more.
        for them everything looks like some 2ne1 mv, song, clothes, photo.. -_________-

      • You said it blackjacks pisssh they think they can compare their precious 2NE1 with anyone even if they are completely different.

      • @hyomin54

        I think 2NE1 and their fans are pathetic.

      • AGREED! 2ne1 & blackjacks are just pure pathetic. But hey, all SM & YG artists are so I’m not really surprised about that.

      • If weโ€™re so pathetic, then what about you guys basically bashing on 2ne1 & Blackjacks?
        The guy just merely pointed out his opinion and he wasnโ€™t even bashing in the first place and he might not even be a 2ne1 fan for that matter and you guys just automatically assume that because it had 2ne1โ€ฒs name on it. wow.
        But yeah, Iโ€™m actually quite excited for Rainbowโ€™s comeback. I honestly am hoping that they can redeem themseves annd show people just how talented they are!

      • I detest a large group of Blackjacks, but you look pretty pathetic yourself. I bet you bash the fandom whenever the opportunity arises, just like a lot of other commenters on these news sites. Tsk.

      • ^
        “I detest a large group of Blackjacks”
        really… this is a ignorant thing to say.

      • THIS just WOW me so badly im not a blackjack and i cant deny that sometimes blackjacks can be annoying as hell and i would’ve said the same thing as @van_3 but it just wow me so much that you guys would label all blackjacks as pathetic just because one person said it looks a bit like Fire mv? are u guys stupid or something? oh yes i forgot trolls have no brain… anyways @missAforever if you want to give Miss A/Say A a bad name atleast change your name because who would be stupid enough to not realize that your a troll that TROLLS on every single articles like cmon if you hate Miss A that bad that you want to give them a bad nameput some effort in to it…. –_–

    • They’re having a comeback & you would at least think they can be a little original?
      lmfao. what did you expect from a bunch of snsd copycats.

      Also, 2ne1’s MV sucked anyways. I dont understand why rainbow would even copy it.

    • Lol. You just had to be the first comment. :))
      If we’re so pathetic, then what about you guys basically bashing on 2ne1 & Blackjacks?
      The guy just merely pointed out his opinion and he wasn’t even bashing in the first place and he might not even be a 2ne1 fan for that matter and you guys just automatically assume that because it had 2ne1’s name on it. wow.

      But yeah, I’m actually quite excited for Rainbow’s comeback. I honestly am hoping that they can redeem themseves annd show people just how talented they are!

    • whoah…reading this comments bashing 2ne1 and Blackjacks! makes me think you people need some time to RESPECT other groups and fanclubs.

      Its just Prove Miss A fans and non- fans are Totally the Bitches of all the Bicthess!!! newbies on kpop and old one’s I guess people like You does not need in kpop world.
      Please Grow UP People! ALL FANS ARE PATHETIC!!! even YOU would hella compare other groups to other groups. Dont generalize Blackjacks .

      even b4 the newbie miss a fans and other bashed 2ne1 and blackjacks Is just simply showing of their Arrogant, Ignorant, Brainhead pigs, the Idiots, the Morons and the Dumbass!!! and If I see some bashing on 2ne1 or the BLackjacks no doubt you people are more deserving to be called on that WORDS!!!
      Geez!!!! Look at Yourselves are more the Pathetic one’s.. makes me laugh!
      the Idiot’s first comment above is actually bashing 2ne1…geez cant you Read?!

      • mm.. a lot of people know 2ne1 is overrated and Blackjacks are pathetic.

      • Poser! are they the only groups overrated?! i dont hink so, Please open you eyes there a lot of them nowadays.
        and are you sure blackjacks fans are the one’s saying those words. so what if blackjacks praise thier group But there are a lot of haters/antis/ and posers like you who writes negatives to them and make look 2ne1 bad.
        what do u call yourself then? a pitiful brainhead ignorant fan. I guess so.

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