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So Nyeo Shi Dae to debut on 8th September in Japan with ‘Genie’

So Nyeo Shi Dae will make their offical debut in Japan on 8th September with the song ‘Genie’.

According to their Japanese label on 19th August, So Nyeo Shi Dae will debut with the song ‘Genie’ on 8th September. The song will be released in Japanese language but the title will remain as English title.

It was also revealed that there will be 3 versions of the albums to be released in Japan, including the limited edition. Currently the girls are preparing for their debut and promotional activities.

August and September will be a month of many Korean singers active and promoting in Japan – KARA will be releasing their Japanese album on 11th August while Big Bang will also be releasing one album on 25th August.



31 Responses

  1. SNSD Fighting!!!!!!!

  2. […] […]

  3. I wish nothing but success 4 2 of my beloved girl groups-kara n snsd..I luv both groups 2 bits so i’m hoping 4 a healthy competition..I’m sure both groups will give their ultimate best in winning the hearts’ of japanese fans..I’m pretty sure that japanese fans will shower them with luv n support s much s korean n other asian fans as well.. =)

  4. oh wow. nice day of debuting. 08/09/10

    and it’s a nice pick.
    They debuted in Korea in 05/08
    now in Japan 08/09

    btw, Genie is my most fave main track from them.
    Good luck SNSD!

  5. arent they tired of it…-.- they need a new song

  6. ahh, good luck! 🙂 i’m glad that they’re debuting in japan and all, but i miss them, hahaha. there just seems to be a lack of something that’s usually been there.. in this case it’s snsd. good luck anyway!

  7. So will they be called “Shoujo Sedai” in Japan?

  8. I wonder if they’re doing a whole new MV like what Kara did. :3
    I’m so excited for them. ^^
    I hope Kara and SNSD will do good over there. 😀

    • SNSD already filmed a new MV for Genie…Just for the Japanese market. I believe it’s in 3D.

  9. Well good luck. I hope Universal properly promotes them even though they’re also handling a million other kpop groups.

    Is Japan going to get tired of all the Korean groups that debut so quickly in succession?

  10. Great.
    i like Genie more then Gee.
    i thought they will debut in japan with Gee.
    I hope soshi and Kara will suceed.
    Since i love both groups a lot 🙂

  11. Eurgh that song is their worst song. As long as they are out of Korea idc where they go. Mwahaha

    • lol Laugh all u want know. They’ll come back to Korea soon and make u pissed again. lol lol

    • here is a perfect example of an immature comment….

    • Psh you’re just jealoussssss.

      Besides, I LOVE this song. SO MUCH.
      The MV was probably made to cater to the Japanese (as SM loves throwing his successful artists to the Japanese market to earn tons more money than in Korea… >:'( )
      as it great proportions of cute/adorable and chicness ❤

  12. Good luck to SNSD on their Japan Debut!!!
    I wish them great success and i hope they have fun and take care of themselves

  13. Same day as JYJ’s worldwide album.
    ICWUDT, SM >_>

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