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SS501 Park JungMin to move to new agency CNR Media

With the contract with agency DSP Media coming to an end, SS501 Park JungMin will move to a new agency.

Park JungMin relayed through SS501 official homepage on 10th August, “The place I’m going to work at now is CNR Media. It is a company set up by Taiwan Comic-Ritz and Korea Roy Media.”

He added, “Was troubled over it and after giving much thought and discussion, I’ve decided. Now I’ll continue anew from SS501 as Park JungMin (Of course I’m always SS501’s JungMin. JungMin in SS501).”

” Even though I’m very worried and nervous, let there be strength for JungMin who is going to take his first step. I will continue to work hard and improve myself.”

Meanwhile, SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong also recently moved to Key East Entertainment. Currently other members Kim KyuJong, Heo YeongSaeng and Kim HyungJoon are preparing to move to their new agency.


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  1. Great Blog. Want to Link Exchange? Thank you

  2. even though they are no longer together as a group,they will always b ss501 in the fans hearts’..I hope each member will have a bright career ahead with their respective new agencies..I will still support the members’ activities in the future.. 🙂

  3. i am sure that oppa is a faithful member & will still with ss501 forever ..dont worry oppa we will support u ..we know that u made this decision after long thinking ..^^

    park jungmin..fighting!!

  4. they will be just project group if what they said is true about still staying as ss501.

    like shinhwa, only doing 1 project per year to make it sound like they are still together lol

    they still want their status as ss501 but in reality their solo activities will have the most priority.

  5. DSP announced that SS501 is not disbanding even though the members are joining different companies. Future SS501 activities will be under DSP.

    • Is that possible?
      I mean, they’re under different agencies but still working under DSP as well for SS501.
      I don’t understand this.

      • in fact, it is possible…
        the best example is shinhwa…
        they all come under diff agencies but still release shinhwa’s album under GOOD…

      • So, in other words.. They aren’t leaving DSP?
        It’s just that they also work with other agencies?

  6. Wow.. He looks ugly/creepy in this pic.

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  8. so.. i’m sorry. i don’t follow ss501 news, but are they dissolving or still together? probably not anymore noh, since it will be hard if they’re all from diff agencies. that’s sad. but goodluck to tehir new homes and career.

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