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The reason why BoA will not be appearing on variety shows

Coming back to the Kpop scene after 5 years, singer BoA will not be appearing on variety shows.

BoA said in a recent interview, “There are no plans for appearance on variety shows. Fans do not want it too. The reason is because I don’t have the confidence to give laughter if I appear on variety shows.”

SBS Strong Heart PD also talked about this through Twitter, “I met her as a reporter. Honestly she has no plans to appear on variety show with the fear that she will not do well.”

BoA said, “The BoA that the masses want is not the BoA on variety shows but the BoA who presents a good performance. It is priority that I work on showing good performances.”

BoA ended with, “Instead of doing variety, I will work hard on Twitter. I will communicate with fans through Twitter.”



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  2. So trust! I like her personality though I rarely listen her song. But now, I’m going to listen her new album. A singer needn’t appear on game shows and so on. She should only have good voice. That’s enough!

  3. @Candygirl89: why the hell would anyone want to plagiarize the Americas got talent theme on purpose, stfu.
    BoA is a great artist but she doesn’t need to appear on variety shows.

    • It’s not a matter of BoA wanting to, it’s a matter of whether the composer did or not. From the sound of it, the composer has some explaining to do.

    • stop crying. i posted the video so everyone can see it. therefore enjoy

  4. Well I believe she’s in that point of her career already to go on her own flow and make her own decisions when it comes to promoting herself and her music anyway. And she’s using her twitter account — I think it’s better; it’s more personal and direct to her fans.

    And anyway, there are others out there who do not participate in a lot of variety shows but still well loved, so. πŸ™‚

  5. I rather BoA not participate in variety shows too.. I have enough to look forward from her on the 3 music shows every week and I’m happy πŸ™‚ Don’t want her to worry about being funny or wtvr on variety shows. just concentrate on bringing us the best performance BoA unnie!!

  6. yes! BoA…
    it’s okay, if there’s no variety as long as theres Twitter~
    Just go with Twitter…. and talk to Eunhyuk oppa so you two can be close!!! I’d love that…

  7. some ppl just aren’t comfortable going on variety shows. Wondergirls are idols, but when they were in korea, they seldom went on variety shows. Instead they have shows that are focused on them & don’t necessarily aim to make people laugh…. Though ppl like to ee idols on variety shows, some rather focus on their music.

    • There r some people who don’t know how to bring laughter. Variety shows are difficult. It takes the right timing to crack some jokes. No matter how one follows the script n whatnot, it still takes a great sense of humor to execute it.

      WG are mostly quiet. They’re pushed by JYPE to join variety shows n talk shows but they’re just not good at it like how they admitted in Win Win. They just don’t have the personality that fits variety. Same goes to Big Bang, only Seungri n Daesung. That’s why they’re sent to variety most often.

      I personally think Boa has the personality that brings laughter. I watched her School of Rock ep back in 2005 and her cuts from japanese variety. She didn’t crack jokes but her boyish attitude made it funny. Really. she made me LOL with her I-DON’T-CARE attitude. I hope she’ll appear at least once or maybe in talk shows where she’s not obliged to bring laughter n only talk stuffs that will let fans know more about her.

    • even in performance, WG suck

  8. she shouldn’t need to.
    musicians (on any caliber) goes on variety shows to promote their album, get known, and increase their fanbase.. she doesn’t really need to do any of that. her album will do fine, she’s known, and her fanbase is a cult.
    she can go on radio shows, and hold awesome performances.. that’s all that should be required from a MUSICIAN. variety is just icing on the cake

    • I heard her album sold around 20K so far. Sure, it’s been less than a week but most fans pre-order their copies so I doubt her total sales figure will reach over 50K. BoA still needs people who are not already fans buying her album to be at least a mediocre success.

      • no its about 30k right now

      • im kind of surprised shes even at 30k already and i like her too. just don’t like the songs she perform rite now, she should perform like implode or her other songs

      • Her album is already a success. 30K may not seem like a lot to you, but she already sold more than Rain, Hyori, and SE7EN.

      • i know im not saying 30k isn’t a lot
        im very surprised and happy for
        it seems like many people missed her and wanted her back

      • @raina must correct you Rain offline sales for BTTB was 35k (check hanteo) & his pre-ordered sales hit 50k, place #5 as Top Albums sales for first half of 2010 (the only solo artist)

      • ^ Sorry if I offended anyone. I generally think success in Korea = over 100K. Over 50K for solo artists because it’s tougher for them.

        I make an exception for BoA and think she is unsuccessful if she doesn’t reach 50K for 2 reasons: (1) This is her 10th anniversary album and it’s obvious SM spent more money on her album, MV, and promotions than they did for their other artists (ahem, SuJu for instance). (2) BoA has the biggest fanclub in Korea after DBSK and Big Bang.

      • who said Boa has the 2nd biggest fanclub?

      • only 20k-30k albums??? that’s sad
        poor boa.

        Super Junior sold more than 200 000.

      • Don’t worry, BoA will reach pass the 50k mark. It hasn’t even been a week yet and she already sold 36k.

        Sorry she already surpassed Bi on Hanteo. Just because his preordered sales was 50k, it doesn’t necessarily mean he sold that much.

        @ reese
        Wait what. I don’t get why BoA would be an exception. If anything I would expect more from the “King of Kpop” and the “Queen of Kpop”. It’s really rare for Korean artists to hit 100k in general. Heck, popular artists like Kara, Wonder Girls, 2PM, etc have never sold over 100k before but it doesn’t make them any less successful.

      • @lee: BoA has the 3rd biggest fandom based on Daum fancafe numbers: DBSK has 770K, Big Bang has 350K and BoA has around 330K.

      • @raina: BoA has more fans than SuJu, SHINee and SNSD. They’ve all had albums surpassing the 100K mark this year. So in terms of fandom size and active years in the industry and at her stellar history (past 3 years notwithstanding), it would be a disappointment if she didn’t achieve much higher than 50K for her big comeback.

      • Well, this is interesting. She’s the known queen of SM Entertainment and they are really showing that in how much they are spending on her….

        I understand though that she deserves a lot of credit. She is such a solid performer.

      • @tukkie13- Pffft thats cuz Suju have like 13 member and BoA is a solo artist xD. Its hard to be liked by everyone in the world since everyone has diff tastes. Plus divide that 200 album sales by 13 ^_^ Each member probably doesn’t profit much :d Thus…..YAY BoA!! πŸ˜€

  9. this is BS, I absolutely want to see her on variety shows. If she only interacts through twitter, everything can be scripted and contrived, heck it may not even be her. Variety shows give at least a little bit of chance to see into the real person.

    It’s great that she’s an artist and all, but that never puts you above being a normal person also. Asians love their idols not just for their talents, but for their humanity also. Ignoring the variety shows is just pushing the shallow production side of the industry (which is honestly where her music seems to be moving and it sucks).

    Good performances are necessary for the artist. But, taking SNSD for example, who are definitely not at the refined talent level of boa, but are greatly loved, largely in part because of their variety show appearances. SNSD is one of my favorite groups and I don’t even particularly like their music.

    Sure, I agree, variety shows aren’t really necessary for someone who is just an artist. Then only the performance and the music matters. But Boa, you are already way more than just an artist. Don’t downgrade. And even if you were downgrading to just an artist, at least get your production company to produce you better music that shows some inkling of musicality, not this production powered, auto-tuned, beat dominated crap that any pretty face could perform (or non pretty for that matter, but then no one would care unless they were somehow mentally handicapped like william hung)

    • just gota something about this part
      ‘If she only interacts through twitter, everything can be scripted and contrived, heck it may not even be her. Variety shows give at least a little bit of chance to see into the real person.’

      what? Some variety shows are scripted. and Her twitter is real (nor the US twitter, but the BoA_1105), she has an iphone, so she can update and whatnot. her USA twitter is managed by the company im gathering.
      Either way, if she doesn’t want to go on varieties, then she doesn’t, just like some YG artists. They hardly go on varieties apart from some.

      • notice I said a “LITTLE BIT of chance” Obviously, variety shows are scripted, but not all of them are 100% scripted. And even in scripting, people who can’t act, their personality will eventually come out. When not 100% scripted, their personality will come out even more

        Notice, I didn’t say also that her twitter IS fake, I just said it CAN be.

        But one thing about twitter is that you only speak when you feel like it. On a variety show, you’re there, you don’t totally get a chioce. If they edit you in, then you got editted in. Of course, yes, this means individuals portrayals can be highly influenced by the editors.

    • What? So you’re saying, twitter is fake & variety shows are real?? LOL… just LOL XD

      • not what I’m saying at all, try reading closer, but if you get a good laugh out of not reading, that’s cool too, laughter is good for the heart

    • how the hell is twitter scripted? if people told her what to post, what’s the point of having twitter? it’s not fun. dude, use your common sense. that is like even out of the question. her company can request her not to release certain matters but that’s just it.

      you say that boa is downgrading herself by not appearing on variety shows. that is just bullshit. you don’t know what’s a true artist/musician. they do not have force their value for the benefit of others by appearing on variety shows. look at american artists. they’re extremely WELL KNOWN throughout the world for their music like lady gaga, beyonce, usher, michael jackson etc. that is how a true artist is suppose to expose themselves.

      dude, don’t even put SNSD in this. they’re merely barbie dolls controlled by their companies that are forced to appear in EVERY DAMN variety show. there is like, not ONE variety show i have seen where a snsd member isn’t there. and you’re telling me, a TALENTED artist like boa is being shallow. I don’t even..

      • first of all, I didn’t say boa is shallow, I would never believe that. But the new releases like hurricane venus are musically shallow. And if you notice, I specifically blame it on the production company, not boa.

        how the hell is twitter scripted? I can’t even validate that question with a response.

        What’s the point of twitter for an artists? uhh, it’s called marketing. That’s essentially what the variety shows are also, which is one reason that of course variety shows will never be completely real.

        okay, I admit, ‘downgrade’ was the wrong word. And if you reread, I said, “variety shows aren’t necessary for someone who just an artist” but what I’m saying is that boa is more than that. You can’t compare korean and american singers because it’s completely different in so many ways. Lol, if you take the top 5 earning artists in the US, they make more than like the whole korean pop-media industry. even small american artsits are more famous than top korean artists. Ask Se7en, he had a rough time trying to debut here saying it was “humbling.”

        As it is, the korean industry doesn’t really produce that many pure artists, for better or worse, they’re producing performers and idols. My point is that boa is more than just an artist. She’s more than just a singer. And her fans want to see more of her. The life of a famous person can be stressful, you win some you lose some.

        and please, no bashin on SNSD

        And just to reiterate, I’m not bashin Boa in anyway, I adore her, but I despite the direction her production company has been pushin her and the way they handled the US debut, it was terrible.

      • Umm….haven’t you heard of ghostwriting? Just GOOGLE ghostwriter and twitter. It’s a well-known phenomenon and typically, the celebs or entertainment management companies who have that kind of money to burn on public relations control will do it.

        Of course, not all celebrities do it. But…for an artist at a big Korean entertainment company (correct that – the BIGGEST)…it’s highly laughable to think that a Twitter account by that artist is not going to be at least HIGHLY MONITORED.

        Smart ghost-writers will try to match the voice of the celebrity, including vocabulary and such. But honestly sometimes…you can still tell if it’s a bit fake. E.g. it’s just cutesy positive stuff with perfect spelling and better english (though with proper slang) than you really heard that celebrity use (this is with k-pop stars). Not that anyone needs to go making accusations…but if you don’t at least raise your eyebrows a little, I have to question how much gullibility you approach life with.

      • Just to follow up – obviously, twitter is not scripted in the sense that an artist is forced to type something, like he or she may follow a script in front of live TV…but it may still meet the definition of “scripted” if someone else just types it instead.

        Helps to think a little more broadly sometimes. You’d be amazed what you find out.

    • Dont u people know how korean variety shows work nowadays? How do u think BoA would be treated as a 10yr debuted singer? There are too many hoobaes( those who debuted later) and of course it would be uncomfotable . Sure, Hyori and Bi made (not many but some) appearances on variety shows. They mostly went on shows that had people they knew or are seniors to them instead of shows such as star king, star golden bell, or such which are swarmed with hoobaes. They wouldnt fit in. Its not like variety shows are the only way to show ur fav artists’s personality. BoA has already recorded radio appearnces, appearnce on KJE chocolate, the guerilla date,and probably more to come and she only made her comeback a week ago. BoA doesn’t want to let her fans down and if ur a fan u should understand. Teehee^^ as u can tell im a major BoA fan and satisfied with her comeback and hard work =D As much as I love variety shows and want to see my much loved artist even more, I don’t want her to strain herself. She already has a hectic schedule =\.Hwaiting BoA!!!

  10. It’s a smart decision on her part because she doesn’t have the personality for variety shows.

    • Totally agree with you.
      she is cool and all but honestly Boa is boring.

      • really how is she so boring if u haven’t seen her on shows

        lee hyori only got big because she went on shows and got people to see her “cool personality”

        why can’t boa have a chance?

  11. lol she prefers twiter instead variety shows XD

    • I think this is the second incidence of plagiarism in her album. The first one is for M.E.P.’s intro’s similarity to Nothing on You.

    • your trying to p ost on all website or somethin?

      keke u try tohard.

    • I’ve noticed that plagiarism claims against BoA are all hushed up. Usually, AllKpop would be all over this news. It was also posted on Seoulbeats but they’ve taken the article down and closed comments. Is SM sending out the big guns? AKP has always been suspiciously pro-SM. Wouldn’t be surprised if SM is an investor in their website.

      • hmm i dont noe but i’m pretty sure allkpop writers already noe about that news cuz it was in the allkpop forum but i guess they didnt want to post it up? i dont noe if they have a speacial relationship with SM (i highly doubt that) but all i noe is when some other artist have plagirsm issues they posted right away(Hyori,G dragon,Son Dambi)…

      • everyone will play the route of maybe they got permission. some excuse to not post about it. i already tried submitting my entry to a live journal famous blog site. my story got rejected about this.

      • allkpop claims that if it is not in the korean media they more than likely wont post about it. last i checked i seen nothing about this in the korean media.

      • lol U’re totally misled. AKP is JYP pro. They’re affiliated with JYPE. Nothing like special relationship with SM. If they really have special relationship with SM, they wouldn’t generate hate for SM artists, no?

      • u surely dont know anything.
        u dont know that JYPE is official sponsor for that site- allkpop.
        yeah. not Sm but JYPE

      • AKP is pro-JYP. they promote WG activities in USA (they even make
        exclusive interview with them and gave free packs with albums and all
        signed by WG), promote JYP(gorilla) concert (gave free tickets to the readers)

        also, AKP is related with se7en .. he used to write posts in his own corner
        that AKP gave him.

      • please stay on topic everyone. πŸ™‚

      • U guys forgot that allkpop posted that Shinee said hi to allkpop viewers last time…to me, the only company allkpop is trying to bring down is YG…the rest, they’re friends with although they did interview Se7en in the past….I wouldn’t be suprised if SM pays money to shut all of the plagiarism issue up since they’re just dirty like that….The two songs sound exactly the same to me! BoA’s song just have lyrics to it…

      • well i checked and did not see this being reported at all on korean media

      • I’m sure a corporation as big as SM is can call in connections within the Korean media >_<. SM already shows that it's willing to boycott and cut off business when it's pissed off about activity that threatens its revenues.

        It's the benefit of working with basically a big force of nature within the industry.

  12. it is funny that “SBS Strong Heart PD” said that after what happen…
    is he trying to clear his name???????

  13. But she has appeared in many variety shows in japan.. Speaking of irony..

    • – inserts wonder girl’s ‘Irony’ –

    • she just appears in music shows in japan. u cant find many talk show of her, dude.
      just go youtube and search, how many talk, variety show she has appeared through many years in there.
      before talking about sth, u need to check. dont speak out so carelessly

      • she has attended alot of talk shows in japan i’m a fan of her japanese activities.. youtube has deleted most of her talk shows in japan.. SO.. before u said anything and trying to prove yourself… CHECK FIRST..

    • plus, variety shows in japan are different with Korea’s.
      korean shows support to bring out the laugh.
      japanese shows have the different feeling.
      that’s the cultural difference.

      • lol you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about…. honestly, when you don’t know, don’t say stupid things, okay ?

  14. but at the same time…
    i feel like you don’t really get to know the artist all that well (i.e personality, etc) without them going on variety shows….

    • i dont understand that..
      what does personality have anything to do with a good musician?

    • @silent yes personality have nothing to do with a good musician but as a fan we want to see more sides of her not just as a musician’s side but her funny sides…… to tell you the truth probably 50% of every kpop fans likes kpop not just because of the music but becasue of the VARIETY SHOWS that how we fans get to noe our idol better….

      • yeah but she said she isn’t confident in being funny…
        She doesn’t want to disappoint and i respect her for that. It means more time to practice and give an even bettter performance on music programs ^^
        But at the same time i agree with you ahah

      • BOA knows she is not funny.

      • yes.. i 100% agree.. i like kpop because of the VARIETY SHOWS

    • errr…aren’t they all basically scripted?

      I’m sure there is a chance to show charms…but if she thinks that would fall flat….well, that’s a good reason to just focus more energy on what she does well, I think.

      I really doubt though that any less famous artist can get away with not doing variety shows though. I’m sure that the management companies would basically mandate it as a good way to promote.

  15. Even world star Rain appeared in variety shows..

    • Rain is funny and interesting… BoA, nope.

      Super Junior are the Best in variety shows πŸ˜€

  16. But she appeared in many Japanese variety shows.. So what’s the diff in appearing in the Korean ones…

  17. She shouldn’t feel the need to. She isn’t an idol she is a real artist.

    • but who said idols are the only ones that appears in variety shows?!!

    • and wat does being a real artist have to do with going ot variety shows?.. BOA is just like any other Female singer….

      • Most idols go one varities to prove to garner attention to make up for their lack of music ability. Haven’t you noticed the trend? BoA doesn’t need to go on these variety shows to prove anything she has the ability and sing who cares if she doesn’t have a personallity. And that is the truth.

      • um no idols go on variety to promote themselves. thats what all guests are for.

    • “she is a real artist” ROFL nice joke.

  18. β€œThe BoA that the masses want is not the BoA on variety shows but the BoA who presents a good performance.”

    so true πŸ™‚

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