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GP Basic debut song ‘Game’ MV teaser revealed!

Going to be the youngest girlgroup in the Kpop scene, upcoming girlgroup GP Basic’s debut song ‘Game’ MV teaser has been revealed!

Looking at just the MV teaser, are you anticipating the girls’ debut?

19 Responses

  1. one of them looked like Kim Yuna.

  2. […] They’ve released the video teaser for their upcoming debut single and video (via PopSeoul, K-Bites, and Seoul Beats). Unfortunately, it seems to confirm many of my worst worries. Three of the […]

  3. I think we should give them a chance, talent comes in all shapes, sizes and ages, so why not (just don’t let them do chest pumps and booty shaking TYVM.)

  4. please go back to school!!

  5. This- is disturbing.

  6. omg!!! i’m really disappointed!


  7. STOP pumping ur chest it’s disturbing!!!!…go back to school! damn SK music industry is messed up!

  8. janey is so cuuuuuuute 🙂

  9. OMG…..why debut now?! They still have that babyfat in their faces…it’s scary to look at seriously…

  10. I like the teaser. But I need to listen it without looking at them LOL. The 12-year-old-gal really distract me

  11. some people said they are kid go to school when the song revealed oh i like it i like it.i very bored

  12. little kids please go back to school

  13. Hmm, I like it. Aside from their maknae who is 12, I really don’t think it’s a big deal that the other members are only 14. Young groups like this are pretty common in jpop.

    • reminds me of the excuse “everybody’s doing it!” that doesn’t make it right.

      When do we start seeing the 8 yr old girl groups

    • “pretty common in jpop”

      I see something wrong with that by the fact that this is in KOREA. And I have a problem with their company because they should be spending this time in their life doing better things. And for example, most of the idols who are 15 right now, most of them debuted quickly for legitimate reasons. MOST. Not all, but for example, SM’s Sulli and Krystal. Sulli is realllly pretty *O* and obnoxiously tall XD and Krystal… kind of tagged along with her sista D: but her acting is funnnnnny

      Kara’s Kang Ji Young. Realllllly pretty as well and she can hold her notes fairly well. Her voice is very soothing too.

      2NE1’s Minzy, she is amazingggggggg at dancing and singing! I would’ve hated on her more but she has a great and steady voice so I cannot complainnnn 🙂

      Oh, and Shinee’s Taemin is 16 or 17? now, but he debuted at 15 BECAUSE he is extremely talented at dancing AND singing! So…….. yeah. I will dislike this 12 year old not only because her company debuted her so early but also because she became a trainee even earlier than at age 12 … O_________O

      • By the way, the song sounds like it was made by Brave Brothers or something. Maybe not them, but someone else sort of famous….. The style is familiar.

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