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Lee KiKwang, “To the BEAST members who were backdancers… I’m sorry”

Joining as new MC on KBS WinWin, BEAST Lee KiKwang reveals his apologies to the other BEAST members.

Lee KiKwang had expressed his apology to the other BEAST members who had appeared on the show aired on 10th August to congratulate him on his MC debut.

Known to many fans, Lee KiKwang had debuted before the rest of the BEAST members as solo singer AJ. And during his solo days, BEAST members Yoon DooJoon, Yong JunHyung and Yang YoSeob were promoting backdancers. There was also an episode where, as backdancers, Yoon DooJoon and Yong JunHyung were in a situation where they have no dormitory to stay and held each other and cried.

Lee KiKwang said, “After I end my promotions as AJ, I began to understand the things that my colleagues went through. I am really sorry for understanding my friends who had danced, rapped and helped me quietly behind me late.”

He added, “BEAST are friends I cannot do without. Really thankful to them.”

S: MyDaily

38 Responses

  1. i saw doojoon and yoseop in his mv dancing shoes.

  2. I wanna hug them… Yoseob and Doo joon..
    the topic here is different from what the comments are.. ow.

  3. o_0 I didn’t know there are people thinking of GiKwang in this way. Poor GiKwang! T-T…
    He is just a human being. He works his best to amuse people through variety show. Now he got blamed.
    Will B2ST be completed without GiKwang???

  4. Well AJ debut sucks anyway. BEAST saved him.

  5. i think he’s saying that when he was a solo the beast crew was his backdancers. so, the others had a tougher time than he did. when beast was created, he finally know what the others had been through. just a thought! 🙂

  6. In Asian countries, making fun of non-ethnic people(blacks, whites, red, brown etc.) and sometimes of different Asian races(non-Korean, non-Japanese, non-Chinese etc.) is quite prevalent and not made a big issue of like in America and Europe. In other words, LIVE WITH IT or do something to CHANGE it, like taking people hostage and shooting innocent people that you perceive as “racist”!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • oh shut up. they should learn by themselves then.

      and why do you write “Ke Ke Ke” at the end of each of your comment…. it’s creepy dude.

  7. Err i don’t understand this either… First see the head photo i thought about something fun, like yeah, the backdance members all have weird expression. I thought kikwang apology because the camera toward him accidently cap their weird faces… What is all about the ‘no dorm to stay” problem and the blackface case ? anyone please expain ?????

  8. Yoon DooJoon and Yong JunHyung were in a situation where they have no dormitory to stay and held each other and cried.

    How gay is this. They can go to the sauna and sleep there

  9. what. wait. he apologised because he debuted first… lol
    or he feel sorry for them… ?

    the other boys cried because they had no dorm…. or because they were stuck being backdancer….

    The fuck. ?

    i just don’t understand the story.

  10. Did any one notice that all of the members have a dumb looking face in the pics.

  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, João Alberto. João Alberto said: Lee KiKwang, “To the BEAST members who were backdancers… I’m sorry”: Joining as new MC on KBS WinWin, BEAST Lee Ki… http://bit.ly/b96TkW […]

  12. lol kiki is so kind 🙂
    he can’t live with other members
    guys please live well :’)

  13. how about instead u apologize for insulting black people? That I would like to hear.

    • what?

    • huh? …

    • ehh they probably havent heard of the blackface case yet.. -_- but it wasnt really kikwang’s fault was it?

    • what? who?do you mean Kikwang?

    • except it’s not being brought to attention in korea.

      • ok then .. when did he insulting black people?!
        did you mean that pic when he wore a wig ?!

      • @Sara, it was on mbc hot brothers episode 11. he was in black face a wig and big hoop earrings. he also did a watermelon cf. plus on top of that he acted stupid while eating the watermelon. while everyone laughed as if it was some joke.

    • how about people loosen up a bit. i swear no one can make a joke these days without being hounded on.

      • How is doing blackface a joke?

      • You should blame the PD and scriptwriter.

      • it might have been just a joke to u, but to other ppl it was racist and demeaning!…plus it wasn’t even funny! it was just lame…

      • exactly people see it as racist, because they are always uptight. i mean my friends makes asian jokes all the time, but i dont get all pissed off because i know that they arent racist people, and that they like asians.

      • @yargh! your ridicoulous….

      • @yargh!… the fact that ur trying to justify this is beyond comprehension…u tellin me u don’t no abt the racism in Korea towards BP?..u think the person who came up with this sketch wasn’t trying to make bp look stupid or isn’t an ignorant racist ?!?…..

        if so then i dare u to re inact everything he did in that sketch in a room full black/white/asian ppl…. and we’ll see if ppl are just bein “”uptight”…or it is like it is!

    • Neither did SR..

    • lol i knew people was going to bring it up on here. it is very hard to have a article about this beast member without people bringing this up. i guess all those views on allkpop forums was many people looking at the article.

      anyway i agree with others he should apologize for the black face skit. it was bought to people’s attention in korea. it was posted on some daum cafes and blogs. it is just mbc decided to be bitches and pretended it never happened. that is why mbc was deleting the pics from the twitter and was removing some of the videos uploaded on youtube of the episode.

      • but he will never apologize.
        i’m not saying that i don’t find it racist, of course not. but many before him did the same thing and they didn’t apologize. i remember yuri (in strong heart). so personnaly, i don’t really except to see him apologize :[

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