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Narsha revealed in tears, “I still live in a mid basement rental room with my mother”

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha reveals that she is currently staying in a rental room.

Narsha had appeared on SBS Strong Heart aired on 10th August where she revealed, “I’m still staying in the mid basement rental room with my mother.”

This is the first time that Narsha revealed this on broadcast. She said, “Even though there are more people who recognise me now, there are times when I feel embarrassed.” She then started tearing, “In the end, I decided to move out with my mother and we signed a contract for a house bought on deposit.”

Meanwhile, Narsha previously released her solo album ‘Narsha’ and the title song ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ was very well received by music fans.

S: SeoulNTN

42 Responses

  1. It’s okay Narsha baby!
    You can come live with me :3

  2. I thought she leaves in a Dorm with the rest of the BEG members.

  3. or maybe Narsha saving a lot of money so she can buy the house that she want in her life… just a little more time Narsha! You and ur mother can live a happy life in ur dream house! Fighting!

  4. Maybe she had to use the money that she earned to pay back her company for the training fees, the plastic surgeries and other expenses she has incurred through the years.

  5. I really like Narsha, I think she is a great artist (cute and funny too). I just hope more people will support her. Narsha fighting

  6. Why is Narsha wearing so much make up outside her performances?
    She doesn’t need all of that.

  7. wow. so if you gain that much popularity and produce so much music. you can still be in a state of being poor in korea no matter what. ?

  8. I don’t think she was referring to money. Maybe she earned enough but who knows what kind of expenses she has to pay for her family.
    Not denying that the music industry is indeed shitty with all the piracy. Funny thing is some Koreans like to complain when certain celebs promote in Japan more. If they can pay more and stop pirating, I guess their celebs will not bother to penetrate other markets.

  9. Please support these singers and buy their albums!

  10. I think this is just half the story. It says she lives in a rental room, so maybe it’s just temporary until tey find a house. I don’t think BEG are that poor. I mean, when I watch Ga-in in WGM, she doesn’t come off as being that poor, and they probably make similar money…

    • Yeah and I thought she lived with Brown Eyed Girls because I remember in IY, it’s where they woke her up?

      Ga-in might have made a bit more money because I remember in the beginning, she was the only one being promoted in the group (unless they split $ for her individual activities). Narsha just recently got popular after appearing on IY.

  11. This is really hard to believe… They made ridiculous amounts of money off Abracadabra and even if they only got lik 1/10 of that money split up between them, thats still a large chunk of cash. Artists that are much less sucessful then her can afford to have decent apartments and such. I wanna see the apt she lives in. Half basements have a bad reputation, but some of them are actually pretty nice.

  12. Not surprising that most of the kpop artists actually make a humble amount per year compared to average salary jobs. Becoming a kpop artist isn’t all about making money…it’s more about living that lifestyle and making music(for a few).

  13. i find it weird that in korea musicians can’t even buy themselves houses.. here in the philippines even if your a regular person who has done a commercial around (100k pesos).. you could already put a downpayment in a car.. my bro who did a commercial before he was only 9yrs old he earned 20K pesos… actresses, musicians here can buy whatever condo,houses, car they want in a year or two of working

  14. The girl isn’t saying she’s poor and can’t afford a house, so why is everyone talking about money?

    Maybe she’s embarrased that the public knows her so she went to live with her mom instead? if it is because of money issues then i feel for her because even after having some success with BEG she still can’t have a better life, its sad.

  15. Narsha is a frugal responsible girl who is very thoughtful of her Omuni and doesn’t believe in living luxuriously. She doesn’t forget her humble beginnings or roots, but at last she can afford to live in a better place with her Dear Mum! More Power to Narsha! Yeah!

  16. now i read this…
    isn’t it werid that her company spent a lot of money on her customs while she was living in poor condition

    and it is sad that she need to say this on national tv

    • It’s very ironic indeed.

    • that’s why it’s hard to be idols. They need to appear good, glamorous, or fashionable on stage/off stage. Customs is like a must to idol. It’s like their accessories to make them appeal to fans. If not, companies won’t spend that much money on their outfits (for example SNSD case – SME spent so many Wons just for their stage outfit). EVen with just wearing regular attire, they tend to get compared with other idols. Thus, they need to come out with their own concept – which is = more money.

      being idol is hard… but sometimes, it’s hard to be a singer that only a few recognized. I don’t know. Maybe that’s how live is. You cannot have everything… the only thing we can do is, struggling for better life

  17. JaeChunSu used to live even worse than Narsha.
    the poor boys didn’t have money for nothing.

    • are you kidding me????
      they used to live in one of the best areas of korea. and they have enough money for even buy good clothes, cars, etc..

    • that was before they became stars and joined DBSK. After that they had money.

    • talk about people whose not related on the article.
      Irritating people like her.

    • There’s plenty of artists who’ve had that same struggle. Don’t even make this about JCS please.

    • lol Half of Korean population will kill to live their lives. Company cars or not they still got the luxury compare to so many other celebs in Korea. Being with SM was decent enough. None of SM artists live in a mid basement rental room. Even the trainees are provided with a dorm.
      Talk about being thankful. Stop trying to draw sympathy for JCS.

  18. wow. I feel bad. She deserves more.

    • At the same time wasn’t her company spending a lot of money on just her make up and stuff for her promotions. Maybe some of that money could have gone to her salary.

      • Agreed :’)

      • Not only that, since she is in the group her income in ‘Bbi Ri Bba Bba’ will still be divided equally among her and the remaining members even if they are not working..That’s one of the rules of companies when it comes in groups.. That’s why there are some members who are taking advantage with their solo fame by leaving the group to go solo so that they’ll get the whole fruit of their labor..

  19. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by aboutkpop and mai, João Alberto. João Alberto said: Narsha revealed in tears, “I still live in a mid basement rental room with my mother”: Brown Eyed Girls Narsha rev… http://bit.ly/91T7Nk […]

  20. This is so sad. I think the entertainment industry is too saturated with artists. Just this year, there were almost 20 rookie groups that debuted. Korea’s population isn’t that big and they tend not to spend their money on albums. This all adds up to artists earning very little, especially after their management takes its share.

  21. It breaks my heart to see such popular artists living in such poor environments…

    When will they get the treatment that they deserve ?

  22. just a random note but DAMN! Narsha looks GORGEOUS as a blonde and with short hair! Love her! K-pop needs more women like her.

    • yeah, i know what u mean! She rocked blonde for me. It’s like she wasn’t the first but i think she wears it best. Beat GD, Hyori, and etc.

  23. now i want to know how much of the money she earns actually gets to her and can be used…

  24. that is weird

    i was think she is live with her friends from her group
    & i really like her song , it is catchy 🙂

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