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Super Junior ShinDong, “My girlfriend is not a sa-saeng fan”

Super Junior ShinDong talks about his girlfriend whom he wants to get married with.

ShinDong wrote regarding the questions and misunderstandings about him getting married on his Twitter on 11th August. He wrote, “Please stop asking when I will get married. There are people who congratulated me on that, but there are also many people who had made things hard for me on this issue.”

He also clarified on misunderstandings on his girlfriend, “There are also people who asked if she is a *sa-saeng fan, she is not. Who started this rumour? I got really mad when people say that the story about her as my college junior is just scripted for broadcast.”

He ended with, “I will work hard to answer and clarify all the misunderstandings. Until the happy day comes.”

S: MT StarNews

*Sa-saeng fan: An extremist fan, one who invades into the private life of stars


61 Responses

  1. Too many trolls here who can’t read and don’t even know the whole story.

    All they can do is shoot off their mouths and yap like dogs.

    Go crawl back to your cave trolls.

  2. shindong need much attention, thuing thuing thuing

  3. that pic is adorable.
    i thought he just meant that’s the only question people ask him now.. he goes on a lot of shows, it’s annoying if that’s the only thing they talk about when he’s on.
    like how it’s annoying that people repeatedly asks tae yang what it’s like not having dated before.. it gets old answering it over and over again.

  4. THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF REVEALING YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO PUBLIC! To all idols: If you have one, keep them in secret! That’s how you protect them, not trying to clear every single thing on internet! Stupid.

    • He did not reveal his girlfriend to the public. Some fan outed her. Know your facts before saying stupid shit that makes you look ignorant.

  5. Is Super Junior that pathetic that you have to get more attention for them, pig ?

    • Why are you bringing up the rest of Super Junior? What do they have to do with this? Just gtfo you troll. You know nothing.

  6. hahahahahaha…muda banget siih girlfriends ny shindong,,,en mau married lagi,,,ak ajj gk nyangka ternyata shindong punya cewek cantik en imuttttttttttt banget ,,, hebat ????
    mana girlfriends super junior yg laenya,,,,tunjukin dong mssa kalah mha kakak shindong…
    oppa siwon , oppa sungmin en semunya deh ………..
    apalagi oppa leeteuk udh waktunya married malah gk mau law gtu mha ak ajj ak bersedia kok

  7. Seriously to all the haters and bashers. Why do you bother coming here reading news on Shindong if you’re so tired of hearing about him? You all call him an attention whore and pathetic. Well news flash most of you guys aren’t any better. So go read some news about stuff you do care about or GTFO! I’m tired of most of you trolls and haters tainting the name of this site. I’m usually a quiet reader, but after reading so many stupid and pointless comments recently, I feel like I need to say something. So one last time. F*** OUT you trolls and antis!

  8. @Luffy You’re pathetic if you can’t read an article correctly.

  9. ….. looking for attention now that you’ve got it you’re not happy about it?

  10. all you ELFS need to stfu stop being so butthurt all the time

  11. All the trolls here need to stfu.

  12. lolz, the look like twins

  13. Stupid Shindog needs to stfu.

  14. All of the people here bashing on Shindong, all need to get a grip and learn how to read.

    He said to stop asking about WHEN HE”S GETTING MARRIED. He’s fine if you ask about his relationship, but not about when the wedding is, because he have said many times that the he will not marry right away.

    So no he’s not being an “attention whore.”

    Plus whoever spread the rumor about his girlfriend, needs to get shot.

    While the rest of you people need to read more books.

    I tire of coming onto this site and seeing people bashing, when it could’ve been avoided if they would take the time to read and comprehend.

    • Totally agree with you. Most of the trolls here are actually butthurt, not Shindong.

    • wow needs to get shot??? talk about going overboard a little crazy are we

    • but wasnt shingdong the one that said that he will/wants to get marry soon?….. anyways i just find the whole issue so stupid like he said that he was gonna get marry soon then a few months later he was tired of people asking when will they get married i mean what does he expect ? dont tell me he is that stupid enough to not noe the consequences …….. -_-

      • he said he wanted to get married soon, but then said that due to the circumstances, he will not marry right away. Again, he’s fine with people asking about his relationship, but not about when he’ll get married,cuz he explained many times that it will not happen right away.

        This article is not even that hard to understand.

      • ooooooooooo……. i seeee….

  15. What’s with the rude and hateful comments? Most of you seriously need to learn how to read. He said he won’t talk about getting married. Yeah I know he said he didn’t want to talk about it. But if people were spreading hurtful lies about his girlfriend, doesn’t he have the right to defend her? Don’t most of you trolls have better things to do like working on your homework, read a book, or doing your chores? And if it bothers you so much why are you even reading news about him?

  16. enough of this fat ass and his gf

  17. this man is sick

  18. It’s just a lame trick to get an attention! If he didn’t want to be exposed, then he shouldn’t started to bring his gf… he’s weird! pffftt

  19. ughhhh ShinDong, again with your ‘My girlfriend…’ thing.
    at first it was ok ,but now is just pathetic.

  20. He is always bringing her up, then ask people not to talk about it.…

  21. i agree..when did ppl even ask about his gf? instead of asking us to stop asking abt his so called marriage, he should just stop talking/messaging fans abt this topic @___@

  22. Yeah if you want people to stop talking about her why do you respond to questions about her. >.> attention whore

  23. Why does he keep bringing up his personal life when he doesn’t want to talk about it?

    • i know seriously….he brought it up so officially on tv and now he asks that ppl stop talking about it….he wanted attention, he got it and now he doesn’t want it lol

      • not only that but he keeps asking people not to talk about it yet he brings it up like once a week. He needs to stop bring it up and being butthurt about it.

        -Is this even a big deal in S.K. cause I don’t think it is. It’s been months, no one really cares.

    • Exactly. I just find it hard understanding how he thinks everyone is so interested in his personal life? I personally don’t really care at all.


    • because shindong SUCKS !!!

  24. Sa-saeng fan: Groupie fan

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  26. Is this his gf? She is so lovely….and young..

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