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Fasion designer Andre Kim passed away at the age of 75, netizens: “Another star has left us”

World known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam) passed away on 12th August at the age of 75.

He was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia after being down with flu and on 12th August at 7.25pm he was announced dead. Even though there were reports recently about his health recovering for the better, his health was known to be deteriorating and he had to rely on a respirator. There were also speculations that the main cause of his health deterioration is colorectal cancer.

With news of his passing on, many netizens commented, “He had made many big achievement in the fashion arena. He will not be forgotten”, “I was worried about him since we did not get to see him recently, and knowing that he has passed away is just sad”, “Another star has left us” etc.

News of Andre Kim’s health deteriorating surfaced a month back in June. An official said back then, “Teacher has been hospitalised because of health issues”.

His wake will be held at Seoul University Hospital.

S: Mydaily

34 Responses

  1. […] known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam), who passed away on 12th August at the age of 75 has left many of his friends in tears and that includes his celebrity […]

  2. […] known fashion designer Andre Kim (Kim BongNam), who passed away on 12th August at the age of 75 has left many of his friends in tears and that includes his celebrity […]

  3. […] […]

  4. RIP.


  6. You would think taking it up the butt so much would have killed that cool-rectal cancer or perhaps that was it’s cause

  7. RIP

  8. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh…. T_T
    Nooooooooooo~~~!!!! He was an awesome man
    with such a unique style. T_T RIP Andre Kim.


  10. goodness…
    he was the first korean fashion designer that i knew…
    the netizen was right…
    Another star has left…
    you will not be forgotten andre kim
    Rest in Peace

  11. omg… Rest in Peace Andre Kim =(

  12. he will be missed by everyone..may god bless his soul..

  13. Whoa he’s 75? didn’t know. RIP.

  14. What a Great Loss! Rest in Peace Andre Kim Sonsen Nim.

  15. […] take a moment to give our condolences. *We will surely miss your over-the-top fashion runaways. © Kbites Please copy complete credits. Don’t hotlink anything. – HOTSPICYKIMCHI […]

  16. awww, my condolences to his family.

  17. Oh no! T_T RIP Andre Kim.

  18. RIP Andre Kim. Ah, what about his son?

  19. rest in peace Andre Kim
    we’ll miss u

  20. shocking news… RIP…

  21. RIP Taec’s dad

  22. R.i.p

  23. wow…that is a shock…but RIP Andre Kim!

  24. Omg… I can’t believe this… I’m so sad right now!
    I absolutely loved Kim, as a person and as a famous designer.
    I don’t care what people said about him and/or his work, I really appreciate his achievement, and I’m sure he will long be remembered.

    May he rest in peace in heaven.

  25. T_T Rest in peace…

  26. even thought his designs were kinda wacky
    but i always had a dream that there will be a futuristic drama with a prince and princess and he will be the designer

    so sad 😦

    and i loved the forehead kiss in his runways

  27. Such a sad loss. Rest in peace Andre Kim. Your designs will live on forever in the fashion world.


  29. Oh no =/ RIP !

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