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KARA’s first live perf of ‘Mister’ on Japanese broadcast received lukewarm responses?

Girlgroup KARA had their first live stage on a famous Japanese program for their Japanese debut.

KARA appeared on Nihon TV ‘Sukira – Mariwood’ on the morning of 11th August after releasing their debut Japanese single ‘Mister’. The ‘Mariwood’ corner on the show is said tobe a popular corner introducing some of the biggest stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber etc.

The girls performed the song ‘Mister’. But the response for the girls’ live performance vocal capabilities is just lukewarm from TV viewers. Even though Han SeungYeon and Nicole did fine, the overall vocal performance of the group was said to be lacking.

The truth is that members like Goo Hara and Park GyuRi did well with their first verses, but it seems that the chorus part with ‘La la la~ la la la~’ had left the girls out of breath, which was quite a shame.

However, the KARA members’ special ‘butt dance’ and cute expressions, the girls did a pretty good performance overall. TV viewers also left comments online like “The members are cute and the idea of the butt dance is cute too”, “Even though the girls look good in their boyish image, I want to see them in lovely girlish concept” etc.


Meanwhile, the girls are said to be up #5 on Oricon daily chart with their Japanese debut album on 11th August. At the same time, the MV to the song ‘Mister’ is also up #1 on Japanese iTunes MV chart on 11th August at 9.30am.

73 Responses

  1. KARA is KARA stop trying to expect more than they can give
    besides it was their first performance in japan
    i’m sure they had nerves
    the back track was really loud as you all say
    they did sing live which i perfer
    they gave a good effort being in japan and sining in japanese
    you don’t like them then STFU
    I’m annoyed hearing all your rude comments on KARA
    I’m a fan and will support them
    geeze people grow up and shutup
    i do agree though that japan likes looking at their butts

    and about japan
    not all artists are all about looks
    to me its the young girl groups in japan that are all about the looks
    other than that most of the artists have talent and not just looks

    p.s don’t say shit you don’t know about
    that really irritates me the most

  2. I’m used to better performances from KARA but It wasn’t that bad. It was their very first japanese broadcast stage and they were probably very nevous…and It’s not easy to sing in a foreign language. They sang live and It was the most important to me.

  3. love kara bcoz of mister 😀

    c’mon.. it’s only their 1st jap single.. they got #5 in oricon chart.. it’s good enough.. all they have to do now is work hard.. it’s not easy to make it in jpop.. so yeah, good luck to kara..

  4. This is why I stop visiting kbite, all anonymous trolls are flooding this site. most of the comments here probably a few individual with may different usernames.


  6. Did they have butt plastic surgery ??

  7. Anonymous, I don’t know you are the same person or not but you’re like a pathetic trying to protect this group in every negative comment. What’s for? Who’s gonna listen to your explaination? We still hate Kara and Kara still sucks anyway ~
    Hope you brings those ugly butts come back to Korean soon Kara. Don’t push yourself too hard. Let’s 4min and SNSD do their job there !

    • just cuz you hate them doesn’t mean they suck. get a life. grow up.

    • Seriously now, how old are you? 10? 12? Grow up, and quick acting like a little kid.

      • *quit.

      • No darling a kid don’t act like this. Kids love Kara’s butt and support them. Pathetic and stupid ones.

      • Im a fan and I hate their mister dance, its look stupid, same lupin dance. im more into their honey concept, they actually gained popular and most fans during that time.

      • @suck
        Sweetie, why don’t you re-read what you wrote to Anonymous Here I’ll even post what you wrote for you to read:

        “Anonymous, I don’t know you are the same person or not but you’re like a pathetic trying to protect this group in every negative comment. What’s for? Who’s gonna listen to your explaination? We still hate Kara and Kara still sucks anyway ~
        Hope you brings those ugly butts come back to Korean soon Kara. Don’t push yourself too hard. Let’s 4min and SNSD do their job there !”

        Now tell me that’s not pathetic and stupid. Because one, people who bash other people are pathetic and two, people who have no idea how to use grammar in a comeback are stupid. You, my dear happen to be both.

  8. I support Kara! If they didn’t do so well this time, they’ll put on a better performance in the future!

  9. “But the response for the girls’ live performance vocal capabilities is just lukewarm from TV viewers” LOL they were never known for their vocal capabilities anyways.

  10. YUP. This was written by an anti reporter….hmmm must be a fan of other girl groups but when KARA’s charts appeared. #1 on itunes and #5 in oricon daily, this was gone!

  11. Well, just wish them all the best.
    Just sad to see all hurtful comments.

  12. They were nervous and you can tell as well. It’s their first performance on tv singing in another language of course they would be nervous.

    To debut with Mister and get it to #5 on the Oricon daily chart and to have their music video #1 on the Japanese itunes is pretty good for a new girl group. And the group happens to be from Korea as well. That says a lot about them already. Though it’s only the daily chart, for a Kamilia like me. It means a lot.

    I’m just proud of the girls and for their hard work!

  13. *rather than* this article

  14. ^ yep couldn’t believe Kbites had degrading to become more like Allkpop where articles with potential fanwar became favourite coz it gain more readers
    the ironic thing is even “anti kara” blog Allkpop make news about KARA’s accomplishment then this article
    Sad…sad Kbites

    • well come on, Sookyeong is running this whole blog by herself as her other writers are busy with their own commitments. I agree that there are many articles out there to translate but perhaps it so happens that she saw this instead.

      Noticed that she posted this article after 1am her time, that’s after midnight. She is blogging while at work to bring us the news and she stays up late at night to translate too. So please don’t compare KBites with Allkpop who has tons of writers but with some really shitty articles.

      I appreciate Sookyeong for her dedication in bringing us the Kpop news.

    • leave sookyeong alone you inconsiderate reader. at least you get SOME form of news without any biasness. if you like allkpop better then don’t come here. sookyeong always does her best to bring us fast and accurate news. and even though she has asked us time and time again to stop the fanwars and the hating and we don’t listen, she STILL continues to provide us with news we otherwise can’t get this easily.

      if you can’t appreciate that then your presence is probably not needed.

    • if u r disappointed with kbites than go away. nobody needs u here. >=P

  15. There were many Kara articles about their Japanese debut, why pick this one to translate? I see this same translation posted all over the other kpop blogs now and the KARA criticisms just keep spreading.

    I’ve always respected this site and trusted your posts because of the accurate translations and credits, I just hope that your writers will be more objective. I’m still a big fan of Kbites, but just a bit disappointed.

  16. The Korean reporter sounds ignorant. Japanese people don’t scream loudly when artists perform, they are more respectful. Maybe the reporter mistook the soft clapping as lukewarm, since most Korean audiences tend to do fanchants and yell more enthusiastically. Culture differences perhaps? The girls do seem nervous, it’s their first Japanese performance. Good luck to them.

    • Totally agree. Japanese audiences usually receive live performances very coolly. It’s a sign of respect that they are focusing on the performance rather than the disturb the atmosphere with cheering and such. They would never be like Korean audiences that chant group members names during the performance, not saying that is bad, but just a totally different dynamic working.

  17. This article actually taken from nate written by anti reporter according to a korean kara site, and after the news about kara reached 5 on oricon daily out, this original article was taken down by Nate
    So i suggest sookyeoung to be more careful picking up an article coz not all of them are legit

    • Stop being so blind. Just because someone wrote something fans didnt wanna hear, doesn’t the reporter is an anti.

      • Actually Nate is known for having many anti-reporters. Their articles tend to be bias n ignorant.

        But I appreciate Sookyeong for her effort to translate her own news. Better than AKP who stole news from soompi and added bias comments to create fanwars.

      • @… , okay i’ll try to stop being so blind, and YOU need to stop being a MORON!! i bet u didn’t even watched that show, i bet you didn’t know what Nate is (you probably think its a hot guy name are u?) . i bet you didn’t know that Sukkiri (the name of the program btw) were not a music show with all its standard requirement, and just because fans questioning the negative article didn’t mean it just based on blindness, i accept that KARA was not at their best performance yesterday, but on the other side the backtrack volume was too loud, and its not just because our blindness. My point is STOP BEING STUPID!!!!

  18. they are foreigner in japan, they should make an effort to impress the Japanese.

    but obviously they are just capitalizing on their looks

  19. I’m dissapointed with this performance.
    I was really expecting more.

  20. horny fanboys love the butt dance.

  21. mmm, honestly even in Korea Kara isn’t known for their singing habilities… but they’re cute.

  22. #5 on Oricon daily chart
    #1 on Japanese Itunes MV chart
    wow, 3000 fans showed up in shibuya to see them.
    doesn’t seem lukewarm to me.
    looks like japanese people like KARA enough to spend money on them.
    congrats to KARA on a strong debut!!!

    • Oricon daily chart?? LOL wait for the Oricon weekly chart.

      and about the jap. Itunes MV chart, well that chart is not so popular for japanese.

      • it’s still a strong debut and if they are top ten on the weekly chart, you will still have something rude to say about them. why hate them? they’re working hard to pursue their dreams. you don’t have to like them, but you don’t have to put them down either.

      • whatever. I don’t see 4minute having a better response than KARA.

        even if I’m a KARA fan, 4minute is showing a stronger concept.

  23. Well, the only one I could hear throughout the perf was the leader really well, and a bit of Nicole.

    Everyone else sounded a timid, I think they are still uncomfortable speaking and singing Japanese.

    They seem tired D=

  24. I think they are lipsynching, the backtrack is louder than their voices. It seems that this girls aren’t really prepared and everthing is rushed debuting to Japan.

    • no, they’re not lipsynching, but i agree, the backtrack is too loud.

      they’ve been planning their japanese debut for sometime. there was a segment on arashi’s shukudai a year ago, where gekidan hitori appeared and basically the whole segment was about kara. kara had a press meet/mini showcase/hand shake event in may of this year with 4000 fans. they started their offical japanese fanclub in may as well. they’ve been studying japanese and though they are not fluent, they are trying their best.

      i chalk it up to nerves. it’s their first live perf in japanese and it’s not a musical stage, they basically performed with the mc’s sitting right behind them.

      kara taped their mister performances for “happy music” and “music station,” which will be aired within the week. i know they will appear on music station on 8/15, not sure when the air date is for happy music. they will also perform on mtv japan this friday.

  25. It’s their first broadcast singing in a different language. They’re probably nervous as well.

    You can’t expect them to be 100% perfect. I applaud them for a good performance.

    • AND YEAH

      “Even though the girls look good in their boyish image, I want to see them in lovely girlish concept”


  26. in all honesty this is one of their better lives. KARA isn’t known for their singing. Love them though.

  27. the title and the way this post is written is like a back handed compliment.
    kara debut at #5 on Oricon daily chart and are at #1 on Itunes Japanese MV chart. they performed to 3000 fans at a guerilla concert in front of the shibuya 109 building. they are expecting at least 10,000 fans for the handshake event on 8/14.

    why can’t we just say congratulations to kara and leave it at that. i feel bad for kara, even when they do well, people always insult them. as far as i can see, they are very popular in japan and are appreciated there by men and women of all ages.

    again, congrats to kara on a successful debut in japan. best of luck to them.

  28. I couldn’t hear their live vocals at all when I watch the performance yesterday…. They’ve always been known for their cute image and dance anyways so…

  29. and here i thought japanese audiences are used to girl groups without top notch vocal talent. they should know. their girl groups aren’t exactly oozing out with vocal talent either. heck they even ignore groups such as tenjochiki with awesome vocals and dancing. so what’s up with that?

    anyway, i guess #5 on oricon kinda erases that lukewarm reception doesn’t it?

    • Agreed with everything u said 100%

    • japanese reporter did not write this article blame the korean reporter and there no news about this on Japan.

    • #5 on DAILY is nothing. Wait for the weekly to judge.

      • Totally agree.
        well, KARA should show japanese some talent.. not their butts.

      • To do well on the weekly chart, don’t you have to do well on the daily charts too.
        It’s a good start, better than not charting at all or charting much lower.

      • Depends on who your competition for the daily chart is.

      • “KARA should show japanese some talent.. not their butts.”
        I couldn’t agree more..

        I’d be proud if japaneses people recognize them for their talent and not for their butt.

    • I hate AVEX because the way they promoted Tenjochiki in japan, it was really bad 😦

      Avez SUCKS with girl groups.

    • But if you want to go to other countries and earn money there, you should the skills to back it up. But whatever, I’m sure Kara will have other qualities that Japanese fans will like.

      • Have you actually seen Jpop artist!!

        90% eye candy 9% fan service 1% talent.

        Nothing wrong, since it’s what works.

      • @goldenGAZE.

        its their homeland so its ok. They are japanese making a living on their own country.

        foreigners like koreans should give something more authentic and good quality if they want to be respected in japan.

      • @goldenGAZE are you stupid or what>? jpop is not always about the looks ….. they are alot of talented jpop singers/groups…. –_–

      • actually i’m gonna have to agree with him/her and their comment.

        but likewise, it’s their japanese homeland, and if ANY artist hopes to make it big especially korean artists, they have better be not just good, just just great, but DAMN PERFECT.

        why else did DBSK or Big Bang made it finally after all the blood, sweat, and tears…

      • goldenGAZE:

        I’m sorry, but where did you get that assumption? I’ve been following Jpop longer than Kpop and while they do have their shallow (and maybe shallow-er) things here and there, what you’re saying isn’t exactly true. Well at least you could have been less generalizing with that comment of yours.

        Anyhoo, I say ignore this article because from what I’m seeing and hearing, KARA is doing quite well for starters.

    • the reason why jpop girl groups don’t seem to sound as good is prob because autotune and heavy backup vocals is very rarely used, it’s mostly their raw voices singing no lipsync of any form. Hence why they sound so inconsistent. I have heard plenty of decent singers in jpop girl groups but talent in jpop groups isn’t the most important, cuteness is, so all the good singers don’t always get the deserved attention. (wait, isn’t it like that in kpop too?). Tenjochiki’s concept was too sexy and Japanese people can’t stomach it.

  30. c’mon wotas will not care if they perform bad they still fap for them nice start for being #5 but is only on daily chart i wait for weekly chart.

  31. Well KARA is not known to have the best vocals but they deliver great music and that’s all that matters. I watched the performance and they didn’t sound exactly terrible. It was ok.

    I still love them ! I think they did great and they still top many Japanese girl groups talent-wise.

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