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Mnet M!countdown 12.08.2010 – G.NA wins her first #1!

G.NA won her first #1 with the song ‘I Will Back Off So You Can Live Better’. Secret as well as Seo In Kook also made their comeback stage today. Also, Nine Muses made their debut stage today too.

Go under the cut for more performance cuts.

More updates coming up! ^-^

Secret with ‘Madonna’

Nine Muses with ‘No Playboy’

Seo In Kook performing ‘My Baby U’

Jo Sung Mo with ‘More & More’ featuring Electro Boyz

Chang Min and Lee Hyun performing ‘Homme’

Zia with ‘Laughter’

Teen Top with ‘Clap’

DJ Doc with ‘I’m A Guy Like This’

Honey Family performing ‘South Korea’

Girl’s Day with ‘How Do I Look’

Rottyful Sky with ‘No Way’

Hong Jin Young performing ‘My Love’

HwanHee with ‘While Doing’

Ϻσre & Ϻσre Feat. Elɛctɾσ βσγz

29 Responses

  1. i really liked secrets perf today. honestly the song is amazing!
    and nine muses, i like the song. and there are a few girls that actually have good voices.
    G-NA!! i’m soooo glad that she won. i don’t even care if mnet is a rigged show, the fact that she won is great. She’s such a cutie too! I wish her many more #1s in the future. she deserves it. 🙂

  2. I only enjoy secret’s performance but some of the parts are all autotune cant hear their live voices and which part they arent singing.
    maybe I’ll wait on Music bank tom.

  3. Yay! Congrats Gina on your first #1!! She looked totally surprised & unaware that she actually won! I’m happy for her! 🙂

    lol @ DJ DOC and their apples “sagwa”…I had a feeling it was their way of apologizing hehe.

  4. seo in kook stage style irritating. the hair, the sleeveless shirt, the bag, wtf..

  5. Well….

    Secret : I LOVE the performance, and the song<333
    I think i'm the only one who prefer "Madonna" to "Magic" lol^^

    Nine Muses : well… they have nice legs. I only liked the rap part. And honestly, I feet bad for some girls because of their voices =|

    Seo In Kook : haha he was adorableeee! not a fan of the song but i love his voice^^

    Chang Min and Lee Hyun : Two beautiful voices and a good song, one of my favorite of the show<3

    Teen Top : I only watched the beginning, they are okay for me =P

    Honey Family : love them! and their energy! but the crowd is dead lol

    HwanHee : my love ❤

    and Congratz G.NA^^

  6. boa, seven, and shinee dont even waste their time on this ridiculous music show. their results are almost ALWAYS biased & not true to the charts

    • who give a crap about an M Countdown Award its worthless…how come, no offense artists like MBLAQ, BEAST, and other newbies won there but never on Music Bank or Inkigayo. Yeah they pretty much hand it out to whoever so everyone can say they won one

    • se7en has performed on mnet. SM doesnt perform on their in general because there are conflicts btwn the tweo companies

  7. Omo! Congrats to G.NA!!! She was so adorable during her award speech. T^T <33333

  8. BoA? Se7en? SHINee?

  9. Seven?

  10. Secret comeback was decent.

  11. Nine Muses get out of Kpop right now!!!! That was effing horrible and sing louder. Since this is their first performance i’ll let them slide so they better bring it their next comeback performances or their MR performances are going to ripped apart. The only part that sounded good was the chorus and maybe because they didn’t even sing it. Ok 9 Muses bring it next time. Other than that I have no complaints

  12. rottyful sky’s jacket looks like taeyang. and she sings….. nice! =)) that girl deffo works out. =)

  13. last time i checked g.na is a flop on mnet digital and album chart

    • well, is Mnet M!countdown !!!
      everybody in korea know this music show is totally biased.

      Music bank at least show the score of their categories (and they match with hanteo and digital charts..)

  14. all i see in the nine muse vid are legs.. i couldn’t really pay attention to anything else xD

    G.NA is adorable when she won.. congrats to her!

    secret… magic pt. 2.. i think.. i like magic more.

  15. Well done G.Na! I love her debut song and it does well to showcase her vocals.

    Nine Muses were bad but not terrible, their dance just looks like strutting across the stage and they were all whispering. I like their outfits though, sexy.

    Secret were amazing, i think it’s the song, it just packs energy and you can’t help but dance along. JiEun and Hyosung were soo strong vocally. I love their song the most.

  16. gna’s shocked face was epic!
    congrats to her~

  17. Honestly with the whole Secret-NM-Rainbow thing going on. Secret destroys 9M here, they sounded great even with the crappy MCD mikes, where as the “Model turned Idols” proved why they should stay as models.

  18. Wow xD
    G.NA’s a scary rookie 😀
    her album’s incredebly good ❤

    somehow I only see Nine Muses like a bunch of long-leg girls xD They can't sing 😐

  19. Congratz G.na!!

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